Withdraw Somevisits, Somevisits.com is Fraud?

Somevisits is Paying or Not, SomeVisits.com is Fraud?

With Reference to Emoneypk.com, we are receiving daily calls and emails from the clients that they want to withdraw the $ from somevisits.com,
Some of our clients asking us to provide the verified Paypal account so that they can withdraw from the Somevisits.com, Before saying anything else and providing you the necessary information i would like to inform you that SomeVisits.com is Scam & Fraud Website Being Manged by Pakistan’s Scammer (not any USA company)

How We can Say SomeVisits Is Scam?

Yes I am here to provide you full proof to prove that somevisits is real scam website.
First of all we take look at the whois record of the domains. The contact information is totally wrong, number is not active even you can’t dial it,

After the whois record second now see the ads on somevisits.com , they are showing that the big brands like hostgator , Aibaba and TripAdvisor,  Totally fraud,
Here is the response regarding the Alibaba ad’s on somevisit from on of Alibaba marketing department.

somevist scam

So you still think it’s not scam?
Ok don’t worry , Somevisits claim as USA based company and they are working from USA, that is totally false the website is being managed and operated by some Pakistan’s group.
On somevisit facebook page they have update some status, kindly take a look that USA based company is working from Islamabad, and Shabir is the name of an americal person :)


SomeVisit Is Giving Us option to Withdraw,

Some users is asking that somevisit giving option to withdraw your dollars through paypal in Pakistan, when you will got the paypal in Pakistan than they will redirect you to get a card from eprepaynow.com to withdraw your earning.

What is eprepaynow.com?

eprepaynow.com is also being operated and managed by somevisits scammers. And this is just another type of trolling you.


What is Finally now?

So finally somevisits.com and Eprepaynow.com both are scam website. Don’t wast your time in these sites for withdraw or if you are going to deposit or purchasing any of plan from them than stop to avoide the scam.


Withdraw Somevisits, Somevisits.com is Fraud?
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