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We can pay your invoices / Monthly payments / Subscription on any website or direct on accounts, and We have many payment wallets available like Paypal, Skrill, Webmoney, Debit card, and others.

Mostly users over the internet are worried about paying through online payment mediums as linking and sharing the Pakistani Debit/Credit Card on the websites, or Online Wallets is really a challenging and tough job. So we are making this easy for you, Suppose you wanted to buy any digital product and services in Pakistan from any online website, And you do not have the payment method that the site accepts.
Paying monthly invoices or fees for services like any digital services provider company is difficult for you if you don’t have a PayPal account or other payment wallet in Pakistan.

Well we are here for you, If you don’t have your own PayPal account or any other payment medium to pay on websites, we can direct pay for you through any available payment gateway at our website, you have to pay us PKR against that.

PayPal in Pakistan?

Yes, we can pay for you through our PayPal account, We can also provide you credit in your PayPal account, You can top-up your PayPal account in Pakistan using our services. As PayPal does not allow Pakistani users to create and use the account, So it becomes a trouble for users when they have to make payments with PayPal or they wanted to buy anything online from websites.

We use to manage our PayPal through virtual services online, so we can quickly pay for you on any website. We can also send direct PayPal payments on the email for your freelancers, worker, or PayPal email of any website for buying digital products and services online.

The minimum we can pay for you: 5$
Our PayPal Email to Email Sending Minimum limit is 30$, And for paying on the website Minimum limit is 5$, the Thirty dollar limit is only for paying on PayPal email, and for paying on any website, we can pay the minimum of 5$. Wanted to pay now? Do submit your Order here.

Want to pay less than 5$?
If you wanted to pay less than 5 Dollars amount on any website, You would need to get your own Verified PayPal Account from us, which you can easily use in Pakistan.

  1. Get your own verified PayPal account
  2. Add minimum 30$ in it using our services.
  3. Use it to pay little amounts like 2$, 10, 20$,25$ on any website that accepts PayPal.

What info did we require to pay for you?

You need to provide us the details about the website where you want us to make a payment for you to purchase any software/services or Product. Login details of the concerned site with instructions are also required.
After receiving the payment and the transaction details from you, it almost takes an hour to proceed and complete your transaction.

What is the procedure?

You have to pay us PKR against the dollars we will Send/Pay/Transfer for you, and you can pay us through Bank transfer or EasyPaisa. You can get these details by submitting the Order on our website after making an account, to get the fast response you should mention all the details while submitting the Order. We do quote you the amount in PKR after checking the invoice/website or details about your transaction.

  1. Submit your order, Choose “Pay for Me” option while submitting order here. You need to Register before submitting order.
  2. You will receive Our Concerned Payment details in order ticket reply.
  3. Pay us by following your Concerned Payment Method.
  4. Provide us Transaction information for verifying your payment. We ask for the required information along with the same email where we do provide our payment details.

How much time required

After receiving your payment and the transaction details, it took only an hour to complete your transaction.

PayPal Payment Service in Pakistan

There are a lot of websites where we are already adding funds or buying services for our clients, and many of our customers are sending payments to their freelancers through PayPal using our services. However here we are going to mention some of the services/payments that we can do for you,

  • We can Buy software with PayPal for you
  • We can pay your Web Hosting fee
  • we can make payments to freelancers with PayPal for you
  • Buying word press themes for you
  • We can pay to eBay for your shopping
  • We can buy Skype credits for you

the list is never-ending, you can contact us for paying anywhere using PayPal or any other payment medium available at our website.

We can pay through following payment gateways.

  1. PayPal
  2. From our Debit Card
  3. WebMoney
  4. Skrill in Pakistan (Moneybookers)

We will pay for you

The whole process of making payment for you is very easy.
All you have to communicate with us and provide us the details where we can pay for you, we charge very nominal fees for the transactions with our daily rates usually updated at our website here on right side widget.

Add us on Skype or Submit Order
You can also send us the details on email or for any further question you can also Contact us.