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100% Verified PAYPAL Account

100% Verified PAYPAL Account

Try our PayPal payment service in Pakistan (We pay for you)


paypal payment pakistan

We provide verified PayPal account on very affordable prices. If you want to have your own Personal PayPal account to use for personal payments or shopping. Or if you are working as freelancer than PayPal is the first thing that you need to get the orders from the foreign countries. However all the major sites fiver, odesk , freelancer are accepting paypal as payment medium.
We are providing verified PayPal accounts as there are two type of verified PayPal accounts we provide one is 60% Verified paypal account and other is 100% verified account.

Which Accounts Available Now?

Currently we have only Personal accounts for freelancers which you can use for sending & receiving payments or you can also shop from different websites using this account.

  • You can’t use this account on Ebay for selling your goods / product.
  • You can’t use this account on your Own website for receiving payment as merchant / payment gateway.

Why 100% Verified Account?

So the user’s question is why 100% verified account in Pakistan and what is the benefit of it? answer is very simple. As you need PayPal account to buy or sale things on the internet. So the issue is that Some website allowed you to pay them if you have 100% verified PayPal account and if you don’t have 100% verified PayPal account they will not accept your payment.
Some time same issue happen when you want to withdraw from any website & they need the 100% verified account from your side, so than they withdraw your amount.


Features of 100% Verified PayPal Account

  • Bank Verified
  • Card Verified
  • Phone Verified

Price for 100% verified account is : Rs.10,999 / Per account. We need 7 Days to ready account for you.

Note that Card not physical available to provide you. Kindly don’t call us just for asking about PayPal card. No Hard Card will be provided to you.
Even we don’t provide any card of PayPal.
Bank & Phone Will be verified through USA, no any Pakistani bank will be added or nor you can’t add your Pakistani bank account.

What we will provide you after verification of account?

After account verification that account will be your & you will able to use any where . You will be able to change the Email & password of Paypal after getting the details from us.

we will provide you following things after verification of your account.

  • PAYPAL Email
  • PayPal Password:
  • Credit card used in PayPal
  • Bank details used in PayPal
  • Date of Birth used
  • Name, address, Security question & further all the details.

Note:  PayPal account will not be connected with any bank or card of Pakistan. There will be no connection of PayPal account into your Pakistan bank or card. All the linked card & banks will be from out of country.

How to use this PayPal account in Pakistan?

For using of this PayPal account we provide USA Based VPS, you will not operate this account from your local Pakistan’s IP. You will connect to VPS from your own computer & start using PayPal account on your computer. VPS Is same computer as you using.  You will have access remotely to VPS.
Some Screen shot of Remote Desktop Protocol. We will Provide VPS for first month free after that you will have to pay Rs.1500 / Monthly for VPS


Now we are Logged into the VPS


How to Withdraw PayPal Dollars in Pakistan

After all the provided details now your next question is how to get the paypal $ withdrawal in Pakistan? Kindly note that in our Paypal accounts there is no physical bank or card will be added or provided to you. Paypal account can be use only for sending & receiving the payments, There is no way to send the direct payment from PayPal to Pakistan . So to get the PKR against the PayPal dollars in Pakistan you will be need to use the Exchange Services . You can sale your dollars to us & get the payment through easypaisa or Local Bank transfer in Pakistan.

How to Add Fund / Dollars into PayPal

Now the next question is how to add the fund / dollars into your PayPal account. So the same thing in this that we not provide any physical card or bank. You will be need to use the exchanger services to add the fund into your PayPal account.

You can get PayPal account on your own name or any Business name. So why you are waiting get your PayPal account & start receiving & sending money through PayPal.
Rs.10,999 Per 100% Verified Account.

We do not provide any warranty of PayPal accounts. Once the account is delivered to you and if you will use the account according to our provided guide than your PayPal will work for long time. Avoiding guide might put the limitation on your account and unfortunately after getting limitation/banned we will unable to do anything for  you or your account. When we finally deliver PayPal accounts, We do provide complete guide about using it.


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  2. Good Day Sir,
    Which account type should I apply for? I am confused. I need a 100% verified account, though. I will be registering on survey companies so they will pay me. Considering this, is it best to apply for a freelancing account or personal use one?

    1. You can get personal account in start at low budget, than later as your work grows, you get 100% verified.

  3. hello,
    am from kenya. can i use verified accounts from your country?? or its not possible??

  4. I need verified PayPal account with guarantee that it will not be limited in future. You must also provide proof of address. Replay

    1. We do not provide any guarantee of PayPal accounts, But we provide guide for using PayPal account, so if you use account according to guide there are less chances of getting limited, But still we do not offer any guarantee.

  5. pls i need 100% verified US paypal account and what is the price for it and method of payment accepted by you?

    1. Price, Payment method and all the information is already mentioned at our page, Take your time on reading to it.

  6. i need UK paypal noy usa and would like to add my Uk bank account on it , how can u help as my paypal in uk is suspended permanently

      1. hello iam bilal from pakistan i want a paypal account with paypal card 100% verified i have to use it in purchasing please guide me and tell me

        1. kindly take your serious time on reading all the page, Once you got it , You can contact us again for PayPal account.

  7. Hi I need 100% verified paypal. Please let me know what is the procedure that you will give me 100% verified paypal account. Let me know how to contact with you.

  8. Please can i buy a verified paypal email from you from Africa here? What are you available payment options and price too

  9. please tell me following things, can i attach my payoneer card with it? or this is already payoneer verified accounts??
    and the second this how i’ll get my $ into pkr in my bank or easypaisa

    1. 1. NO the paypal is not verified with payoneer
      2. You can’t attach your payoneer card or payoneer bank
      3. If you received the dollars from any website like odesk, fiverr into your paypal than we can buy the dollars from you & we will pay you PKR into your local bank or through Easypaisa, UBL Omni, Mobicash etc.

      For selling your paypal dollars to us you can read the page here :

  10. Dear Admin,

    Need your guidance:
    I need 100% verified business Paypal account. As i wanna use that paypal account in my website where we will receive payments from customers. Furthermore, I have no foreign bank account as well as CC info. Please guide.


    1. Yes you can use 100% verified Business account on your website, You can also integrate it with the billing systems like WHMCS.

  11. salam
    bhai VPS servise chahye paypal ke liye procedure kea hai plz guide aur is se account block to nai ho ga

  12. Hi there I need your guidance please let know can I get paid on my 60% completed paypal account?

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