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A disclaimer of our responsibility

A disclaimer of our responsibility: We deal in very limited quantity of fund for different E-Wallets, you can do transactions with us by following the limitations,

  1. You can buy Vouchers/fund of different E-wallets in limited quantity only for the purpose of shopping online, Spending online on any website wherever the concerned E-wallet is being accepted as a payment gateway.
  2. If you want to withdraw your earning from any of your payment medium, the source of your money should be from any Freelancing website, Earning Website or any authentic company website where they pay you against the freelance work you have done for them or for selling any digital product online.
  3. We do check source of your fund through Team Viewer or Skype live screen sharing, for verifying the original source of your money.
  4. Please note very carefully: We will not able to provide you services if you will ask us about websites like,, Onelife or any type of Online Investment websites which are fake websites and working illegally in Pakistan.
  5. Do not contact us if you wanted to hide something about your transactions from us.
  6. Do not contact us if you wanted to do transaction which may not be legal, as Detecting suspicious activity about you or your transaction we may report to the law enforcement or other government agencies.