Best Site Ideas for Adsense Earning

Dear Emoneypk user this is article to guide you that which type of website is best for adsense earning.
In now a days everyone want to earn through adsense online so first thing that you need to earn through adsense is Website / Blog.

This is other thing that what is blog or website the main thing that we have to discuss in this post is the ideas of adsense site mean about what you should create the adsense site so that you can earn maximum profit.

Following are the Some Technical Point from my side that you have to keep in mind before creating site for adsense earning.

1. Content related to what?
Content is the major part of earning that we need the unique & attractive contact that can

attract user to your site & the main thing is that to which is the content?
For example if your site is related to Web & graphic designing then in your website only the

web designer will come & a webmaster will never click on your adsense ad’s because he know

very well that it’s adsense and 90% out of 100% will ignore tha ad’s.

Example 2: if your site is related to recipes (for example) than in your site mostly the women’s will come & the women’s almost don’t know what is adsense like house wife, she just come for recepies & will click on the adsense ads without knowing anything.
So your earning will increase right?

it’s the main fact that i want to clear to users.
there is no dout that google give you for watching the ads on high page views but if you got click than you got more $$.

2. Content Should be Unique

3. Content should be helpful for users.

4. The content should be need of internet users.

5. Should be written by you.

If you create your site by following these point than i am 100% sure by the grace of ALLAH that you will definately earn a lot.
Remember no work in life is easy without struggle.