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Bitcoin to Paypal Exchange

Now you can also exchange Bitcoin to Paypal. We charge very low fee for Bitcoin to Paypal exchange.

Fee for Bitcoin to Paypal

Fee: 2$ + 5%
Fee Description:  2$ + 5% mean if you send us 100$ Bitcoin we will send you 93$ into your paypal account. Minimum you can exchange 20$
Your paypal account must be verified to do this exchange.
If you want to exchange send bitcion dollars to our address and after sending the dollars to our BTC mail us with details that how much $ you have transferred with your Paypal ID.

Process of Exchange

Our Bitcoin Address: 12y8agiizhWhar9H7w2jR5b6A4haX3ShcJ
Time of Transaction: We almost do the transaction instant, however it may take 1 hours to complete transaction.

After sending the dollars to bitcoin address provided above please fill this form to send us notification

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