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bitcoins-to-pkrBitcoin to PKR

There are many online bitcoin exchangers & bitcoin buyers in Pakistan available who offers you to exchange your Bitcoins to PKR, usually they all take long time in processing your bitcoins payment to your bank, few of them take from hours to days.

Bitcoin to PKR rate

Today Bitcoin to PKR rate is (Updated here)

We do withdraw and exchange your bitcoins to PKR  in your bank within few minutes, we only require the time which takes a bitcoin transactions to get confirm in networks. We do offer good rates with instant & quick transactions without any extra fee. You can easily sell bitcoin in Pakistan against PKr.

Bitcoin to PKR exchange

Short Defined Procedure to get PKR against Bitcoins

  1. You will send bitcoin dollars to our Bitcoin wallet, we will provide you our bitcoin address whenever you wanted to exchange with us. You will be doing conversation with us for exchange on Skype or email so you will get our Bitcoin address their.
  2. In bitcoin when you send bitcoin to other address or wallet, the bitcoins transactions are then said to have been confirmed by the Bitcoin network, Bitcoin network almost take 30-60 minutes to make the 3 transaction confirmation, in very rare cases it may take more time, if its taking time you will be need to wait until the 3 transaction confirmation. We will pay after the confirmation and the amount that will be at the time of 3 transaction confirmation.
  3. The transaction confirmation status can be seen publicly by anyone, so sender & receiver both can see if the transactions gets confirmed or not. You can check this live at your bitcoin wallet or in Blockchain transaction link that how many confirmation your transaction has got. We will pay you once the transactions will be 3 confirmed by the bitcoin network.
  4. To get PKR for bitcoins in your bank you will provide details of your bank in which you need payment, after bitcoin transaction you payment will be send instant, you can receive payment in any bank, or through EasyPaisa, Mobicash, UBL Omni.

To send PKR in Bank for Bitcoins we need following info:

  • Bank Name
  • Branch Code
  • Account Number
  • Account Title (owner name)
  • Cell Number
  • C.N.I.C Number:

Want to Sell Bitcoins Now?

To sell your bitcoins you can now Add us on skype or if you do not use Skype, you can also submit order by making your own account at our website.

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Bank transfer is free we do not charge any fees for bank transfer, you will get the exact amount according to our daily rates of bitcoin. However if you choose Easypaisa option like the fee will be deducted from your total amount.

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