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Buy Bitcoin in Pakistan

buy bitcoin pakistan

Bitcoin available in Pakistan?

Yes bitcoin is available in Pakistan and you can easily buy & sell bitcoin dollars within Pakistan using our services, Bitcoin is A type of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank. Wikipedia

Note: We deal in very limited quantity of bitcoins, you can do transactions of bitcoins with us by following the limitations

  1. You can buy bitcoins from us in limited quantity only for the purpose of shopping online from the websites wherever bitcoin is being accepted as payment gateway.

How to buy bitcoin in Pakistan

To buy Bitcoin Dollars in Pakistan your just need to submit your order by logging into your account created at our website or you can also buy through sending us an email. You will get the response in same email with rate of per $ and the payment detail. After getting the bank or Easypaisa detail on email you have to choose your payment medium for example you have chosen the bank. You will need to transfer the payment into our provided bank. After transfer you will forward Bank transactions details and other details as asked by us along with your Bitcoin address in email. You will get bitcoins dollars within an hour of your payment.

How many Minimum Bitcoins you can buy from us

You can buy minimum::  20$.
Note:  You will be need to provide your bitcoin address, Bitcoin address can be found in your BTC wallet or in the software which you downloaded from the official Bitcoin website.
Bitcoin address looks like this: 12y8afiqwhWhar9H7w2jR5b6A4haX3ShcJ

How you can send us payment

You can easily send us payments by following the below mentioned methods,

  • From Your Bank Account to our Bank Account online
  • Using your Debit Card / ATM Card on Machines Interbank Funds Transfer (You can do this on ATM Machines)
  • EasyPaisa/Mobicash or Ubl Omni Account to our mobile Accounts or Bank.
  • From EasyPaisa Shop to Our Bank Account

We do Not Accept CASH in Hand or Cash in Bank Branches

We do Not Receive/Accept Hard cash, Cash in Hand or Cash Deposit in Bank Branches. To use our services you can only pay us using Your own Bank Account to Our Bank Account by “Online Internet Banking”, OR if you don’t have access to internet banking, You can also transfer payment to our bank using your Debit Card/ATM Card at ATM-Machines. Mostly all the banks allow fund transfer from Debit card to any Bank Account at ATM Machines, Read more about Payment Methods.

How Much time It’s take to add dollars to bitcoin account?

We always love to do the instant transactions. After you sent us the payments it takes almost an hour to verify and complete your bitcoin transaction. You receive bitcoins in your account after an hour of making payment.

Why Only

Why you using emoneypk to add dollars to your bitcoin in Pakistan Why Emoneypk should be your first choice to buy & sell bitcoin in pakistan? Absolutely it’s your first time deal? If yes than for sure you can have this question in your mind. We working online from the couple of years in Pakistan and have much popularity over the internet community. To deal with us without any hesitation , You may check our ranking & reviews in Google or many other websites like ranking in Alexa. For sure you will get for what you pay to us.

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Quick Order / Contact Detail

We response your query as soon as we can. for any type of query feel free to contact us.
Cell: Contact Us

18 Responses to Buy Bitcoin in Pakistan

  1. Salman says:

    How can buy bitcoin thoru my debit card.?

  2. Asim says:

    Can i buy bitcoins via my credit card ?

  3. raja owais says:

    Is it still working???? I need to buy some of bitcoins

  4. ASAD MEHMOOD says:

    i want to exchange my bitcoins??

    • Emoneypk Support says:

      Please do contact through Skype for quick transaction & exchange, you may also contact through email.

  5. Abdul Wadood says:

    I am from Peshawar and need bitcoin. do you guys have any office in peshawar?

    • Emoneypk Support says:

      Sorry we don’t have any office in Peshawar, You can buy online by paying in bank or through easypaisa.

  6. Faheem Imtiaz says:

    can i buy bit coin through my master card ??? and what will the benefit of buying the bitcoin ???

  7. faran says:

    i need 5000 pkr worth of bitcoins

  8. kashif says:

    i need bitcoin
    i can pay you via desired bank or easypaisa

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