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Buy Payeer Dollars in Pakistan


What is Payeer?

Besides using Payeer® to pay for goods and services on websites the world over, you will enjoy the convenience of services that include currency exchange. Payeer Website: http://payeer.com/

How You can Buy Payeer Dollars?

To buy Payeer Dollars your just need to order by mailing us that you need Payeer dollars. You will get the response in same email with rate of per $ and the payment detail. Choose your payment method & send the payment exact according to your demand of dollars. If you are going to choose bank transfer than you need to provide transaction details or Slip in case you deposit direct by visiting the bank. IF you have chosen the Easypaisa , UBL OMNI than you will be need to send us the message of easypaisa or UBL Omni that you received on your cell with secret pin of that.

How Much Minimum Payeer I can Buy?

In Payeer you can buy minimum 20$.
Note: You will be need to provide your Payeer ID, Payeer ID can be found on the Payeer website after log in into your account.
Payeer address looks like thisP12134485

payeer id

We accept payment.

You may pay us through following mediums to get the Payeer dollars BANK , Easypaisa, UBL OMNI. (You will get all these details on email)

How Much time It’s take?

We always love to do the instant transactions. It’s just take the time to confirm your payment through Easypaisa or bank. Dollars almost sent instant.

Why Only Emoneypk.com?

Yes this is question that comes in online users mind why you buy dollars from us and how to trust on us? Emoneypk.com is working online from the couple of years in Pakistan and have very much popularity on the internet in the name of Electronic currency exchanging. You may check our ranking & reviews on Google. Some other website like ranking in Alexa. We just delivered for what you pay us that’s why we have good name on the internet.

Quick Order / Contact Detail

We response your query as much as fast we can. For any type of query feel free to contact us.
Emoneypk100@gmail.com Cell: Contact Us Page

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