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Buy Payoneer Dollars in Pakistan

add-dollars-to-payoneer Note: Please do not Call us for asking how to add dollars in new account, Because this is very common question and you really need to contact Payoneer Support team regarding this question, or you can try your luck with Google. If you haven’t used  100$ In your Payoneer Card, we cannot provide you fund in your Payoneer because it is restricted by Payoneer.

Minimum you can buy 200$

Payoneer is an Internet-based financial services business that allows users to transfer money and receive payments through re-loadable prepaid MasterCard debit cards. So you have got the payoneer card & need dollars in it? Yes you can buy the dollars from us direct into your payoneer card.

How You can Buy Payoneer Dollars?

To buy Payoneer Dollars your just need to submit request by opening ticket in your account. You will get the response in same support ticket or email with rate of per $ and the payment detail. After getting the bank or Easypaisa detail on email you have to choose your payment medium for example you have chosen the bank. You will need to deposit the cash into provided bank. After deposit you will forward your Payoneer email id in support ticket or email and you will get the dollars into your Payoneer account, after receiving your payments  it took almost 1 hour to complete your transaction.

How Much Minimum Payoneer I can Buy?

Minimum you can buy 300 Dollars from us. Note: If you have not used more than 100$ in your payoneer than you can’t buy dollars from us. Please don’t contact us if you have not used more than 100$ in your account. Note: You must have active your card before buying the dollars from us. To active your payoneer card you need to first receive payment from any company like,, or Upwork, to know how you can receive payment from these companies you need to google this, please do google search about this.  First active your card by receiving the dollars from US service like we mentioned above After that you can get as much as dollars you need.

We accept payment.

You may pay us through following mediums to get the payoneer dollars BANK , Easypaisa, UBL OMNI.

How Much time It’s take?

We always love to do the instant transactions. It’s just take the time to confirm your payment through Easypaisa or bank. Dollars almost sent instant. After receiving your payments it usually take 1 hour to complete your transaction.

Why Only

Yeah right, Why you use only Emoneypk? Why you buy dollars from us and how you can trust on us? is working online from the couple of years in Pakistan and have very much popularity on the internet. You may check our ranking & reviews on Google. Some other website like ranking in Alexa.


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58 comments on “Buy Payoneer Dollars in Pakistan

  1. Hi, I have an active Payonner account which I have been using for last 2years. I need some Dollars in it. Would it be possible to get $50 and how much would be the PKR cost. Thank you.

    1. Prepare yourself for the new workforce by learning skills that are in demand now and of course you are interested and passionate about that. Learn Good skills sets that can help you land your next job

  2. Hi… Dear I have received my payoneer card, but do not have online access I forgot my password and also security question . I need to transfer dollar into my account is it possible if I can transfer dollar into my account .. So my account and online access will be resume? then I can manage my account after getting load?
    plz advice
    kashif aman

  3. I have payoneer master card and its active but i haven’t received any payment in it. I want to make paypal account and verify it please provide assistance your help in this regard will be highly appreciated.
    Waiting for your kind response.
    Bilal Mumraiz.

  4. You can transfer from payoneer to payoneer accounts transfer service. I dont think so this step need that you have to received funds worth$100 in your account. Admin tell me i am right?

      1. Tell me how. is there any policy also apply to transfer money from payoneer to payoneer account transfer. any condtion. Please inform us to rectify our opinions

  5. i have transferred $20 from to my Payoneer card. This is my first time. now can i buy payoneer dollars from you?

  6. sir paypal does not add banks in accounts. it has an option but when i add the details of my bank of america account , its just says you cannot add a bank at the moment. i just need 0.5 dollar for a website i work with to get verified with them , but u r suggesting me to buy 100 dollars and then some more for payoneer. this does not make sense. thanks for you help.

    1. yes it’s seems that Paypal is not supporting payoneer any more.
      We are still working to find any solution related to payoneer funding, If we will get, than let you know.

  7. hello . i need 20 dollars to be transferred to my payoneer account. i don’t know what you guys call verified us payment service , but i do have a US payment option with a routing and account number.
    please send me complete details how it can be done because every where on the internet when i apply for withdrawing my earnings the request is not processed because they need 0.50 dollars for processing……….. i will be thankful if anyone can help me out in this situation.

    1. You need to add your payoneer bank deatils with paypal than buy the paypal $ from us and withdraw that into your payoneer.
      when you got total 100$ through this method, than you will be able to buy the dollars direct from us. payoneer card to card service.

  8. hi ! i want to buy 25$ on payoneer card. my card is active and paypal also send some cents on it when i verify paypal so pl email me

    1. First you need to spend at least 100$ in it, to buy direct from us.
      your card is active but not able to receive the fund through payoneer to payoneer.

  9. Hi sir i have activated my payoneer card.
    This is the first time to buy payoneer $ from you. So plz tell me your rate and process.

    1. you can’t buy in this, You need to consume at least 100$ in it, For first step you need to add it with paypal than withdraw from paypal. Paypal dollars you can buy from us.

    1. hi,
      If you have used the more than 100$ in it, than you can buy the dollars from us.

    2. consume from where i dont have freelance job or affiliates the only opt is buying payoneer dollars. but this i dont know is card to card service active on my account if you know how to active this service plz let me know.thanks

      1. You can first integrate it with paypal, or from fiver , after using the 100$ in it than you can buy from us.

  10. hi. want to buy $25 payoneer dollar. tell me the rate. nd my card is activated. but i didnt activate it with US payment service nd never recieve money yet. guide me what can i do if there is any issue with that.

      1. sir plz guide me how can i activate payoneer card to card service to my payoneer account. thanks

        1. Consume 100$ in it, Than payoneer will deduct the 25$ fee, than your this service will be activated auto.

  11. Yes.I want to buy paypal dollar and then i will send to my payoneer account to activate my account,

  12. Hi,How r u..?I need payoneer and paypal dollar but my payoneer account is not activate can i send money to my payoneer account through paypal..?

    1. Hi, yes you need to buy the paypal dollars than withdraw that dollars to payoneer.
      paypal > payoneer withdraw.

  13. Sir i haven’t recieved any funds form us payment. I need some money to verify my paypal account for further US payments. Thanks

    1. for paypal verification there is no need of any fund in payoneer. You can use Bank option there.

      1. “You cannot add a bank at this time. ”

        I got this message when I tried to add my virtual account to Paypal.

  14. I want to buy payoneer dollars. Please send me the details and where is your office in karachi.

  15. sir i want payoneer $ but i have not receive any money from us payment service
    i want some $ to verify skrill n payoneer
    kindly email me the rates of payoneer $

  16. i just activated my card .i dont received any amount before in my card and i didnt link my card to any service .what its meant firstly i have to link my card to paypal or any other payment service .will you help me for this process

  17. Hi

    i need $20 in my payoneer account .i activated my account will you can send my desire amount if yes then please sent me your detail i will transfer via Easy Paisa .and how long you will take to transfer the payment in my account.

    i remain

    1. Hi,
      Kindly let me know you have received the dollars in it before?
      And your card is active through any USA payment service like paypal , fiver etc?
      and you first need to get the card to card service active from payoneer to received the dollars from us.

  18. I want 110$ in my payoneer account . please guide me nd where is your office in lahore ?

    1. Hi,
      Office address is mentioned on contact us page.
      Before buying payoneer dollars answer the following questions
      1. Is your card is active through any USA Payment service?
      2. Card to card receiving service is active on that?
      3. Have you receive the dollars before from direct card.

      Than I’ll be able to quote you the rate.

      1. I activated my card when i received it . i didn,t use any kind of service yet and this is for my first time .

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