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Buy Payoneer Dollars in Pakistan

add-dollars-to-payoneer Note: Please do not Call us for asking how to add dollars in new account, Because this is very common question and you really need to contact Payoneer Support team regarding this question, or you can try your luck with Google. If you haven’t used  100$ In your Payoneer Card, we cannot provide you fund in your Payoneer because it is restricted by Payoneer.

Minimum you can buy 200$

Payoneer is an Internet-based financial services business that allows users to transfer money and receive payments through re-loadable prepaid MasterCard debit cards. So you have got the payoneer card & need dollars in it? Yes you can buy the dollars from us direct into your payoneer card.

How You can Buy Payoneer Dollars?

To buy Payoneer Dollars your just need to submit request by opening ticket in your account. You will get the response in same support ticket or email with rate of per $ and the payment detail. After getting the bank or Easypaisa detail on email you have to choose your payment medium for example you have chosen the bank. You will need to deposit the cash into provided bank. After deposit you will forward your Payoneer email id in support ticket or email and you will get the dollars into your Payoneer account, after receiving your payments  it took almost 1 hour to complete your transaction.

How Much Minimum Payoneer I can Buy?

Minimum you can buy 300 Dollars from us. Note: If you have not used more than 100$ in your payoneer than you can’t buy dollars from us. Please don’t contact us if you have not used more than 100$ in your account. Note: You must have active your card before buying the dollars from us. To active your payoneer card you need to first receive payment from any company like,, or Upwork, to know how you can receive payment from these companies you need to google this, please do google search about this.  First active your card by receiving the dollars from US service like we mentioned above After that you can get as much as dollars you need.

We accept payment.

You may pay us through following mediums to get the payoneer dollars BANK , Easypaisa, UBL OMNI.

How Much time It’s take?

We always love to do the instant transactions. It’s just take the time to confirm your payment through Easypaisa or bank. Dollars almost sent instant. After receiving your payments it usually take 1 hour to complete your transaction.

Why Only

Yeah right, Why you use only Emoneypk? Why you buy dollars from us and how you can trust on us? is working online from the couple of years in Pakistan and have very much popularity on the internet. You may check our ranking & reviews on Google. Some other website like ranking in Alexa.


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