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Buy Paypal Dollars in Pakistan

buy paypal dollars pakistanshopping-with-paypal
Now you can buy Paypal dollars in Pakistan, We always have big stock of PayPal dollars for selling and the most important & good thing is that we store only trusted fund that comes from the publisher website. We mostly collect our fund from websites like Fiver, Freelancers, or we collect fund through the well known registered companies, so our fund is always from authentic sources.

Minimum you can buy: 50$

Please note that minimum we can send 50$ into your PayPal email account or any other PayPal email on your behalf, If you wanted to pay on any website which accept PayPal payment method than we can pay minimum 30$, the minimum 30$ limit is only if we will pay direct for you on any website. If you wanted us to pay for you on any website do submit your order here.

What is the Procedure to Buy Paypal Dollars in Pakistan?

As this is understood that you pay us PKR and in return we provide you PayPal fund, the rate of PayPal exchange is always updated and mentioned at our website, To get our Bank or Easypaisa details for sending us payment you need to submit your order (After signup.),  We do send details in reply through email as we receive your request.  After getting bank or Easypaisa detail you have to choose your payment medium for paying us Pakistan Rupees against PayPal Dollars.

  1. You can buy only if your PayPal account is verified
  2. Submit your order for buying dollars for your PayPal account here. You need to signup before submitting order.
  3. You will receive Our bank or EasyPaisa details in order ticket reply.
  4. Pay us amount by following your payment method.
  5. Provide us information as we ask in the same email where we provide our Bank or Easypaisa details.
  6. After receiving and verifying your payment, We almost takes an hour to send dollars to your PayPal account.

What we required to add fund in your PayPal account

After sending us payment (PKR) we only need your PayPal email to send dollars to your PayPal account, to top up PayPal in Pakistan your PayPal account must be verified to receive the PayPal fund & use it without any problems, in un-verified PayPal accounts you may face many issues like PayPal limitations, unable to receive fund, unable to spent your dollars after receiving , etc, so contact us only if your PayPal account is verified. However if you do not have your own PayPal account you can get personal verified PayPal account for personal use only or if you don’t want to get PayPal account we can also Pay For You with our PayPal account on any website or we can also send direct on PayPal email.

Is PayPal charge any receiving dollars fee?

Yes PayPal charge services fees from the receiver whenever you receive dollars, PayPal charge 5% fees, so if you are going to buy 100$ from us, we will send exact 100$ from our account and after PayPal fees deduction you will receive almost 95$. Want to buy with no Receiving fee? Want to Buy PayPal as Friend & Family option?

How you can pay us PKR for PayPal?

You can buy, get , top up PayPal dollars by paying us through Bank , Easypaisa, Mobicash or UBL Omni.

Why Only

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