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Buy Paypal Dollars in Pakistan

buy paypal dollars pakistanshopping-with-paypal
Now you can buy Paypal dollars in Pakistan, We always have big stock of PayPal dollars for selling and the most important & good thing is that we store only trusted fund that comes from the publisher website. We mostly collect our fund from websites like Fiver, Freelancers, or we collect fund through the well known registered companies, so our fund is always from authentic sources.

Minimum you can buy: 50$

Please note that minimum we can send 50$ into your PayPal email account or any other PayPal email on your behalf, If you wanted to pay on any website which accept PayPal payment method than we can pay minimum 30$, the minimum 30$ limit is only if we will pay direct for you on any website. If you wanted us to pay for you on any website do submit your order here.

What is the Procedure to Buy Paypal Dollars in Pakistan?

As this is understood that you pay us PKR and in return we provide you PayPal fund, the rate of PayPal exchange is always updated and mentioned at our website, To get our Bank or Easypaisa details for sending us payment you need to submit your order (After signup.),  We do send details in reply through email as we receive your request.  After getting bank or Easypaisa detail you have to choose your payment medium for paying us Pakistan Rupees against PayPal Dollars.

  1. You can buy only if your PayPal account is verified
  2. Submit your order for buying dollars for your PayPal account here. You need to signup before submitting order.
  3. You will receive Our bank or EasyPaisa details in order ticket reply.
  4. Pay us amount by following your payment method.
  5. Provide us information as we ask in the same email where we provide our Bank or Easypaisa details.
  6. After receiving and verifying your payment, We almost takes an hour to send dollars to your PayPal account.

What we required to add fund in your PayPal account

After sending us payment (PKR) we only need your PayPal email to send dollars to your PayPal account, to top up PayPal in Pakistan your PayPal account must be verified to receive the PayPal fund & use it without any problems, in un-verified PayPal accounts you may face many issues like PayPal limitations, unable to receive fund, unable to spent your dollars after receiving , etc, so contact us only if your PayPal account is verified. However if you do not have your own PayPal account you can get personal verified PayPal account for personal use only or if you don’t want to get PayPal account we can also Pay For You with our PayPal account on any website or we can also send direct on PayPal email.

Is PayPal charge any receiving dollars fee?

Yes PayPal charge services fees from the receiver whenever you receive dollars, PayPal charge 5% fees, so if you are going to buy 100$ from us, we will send exact 100$ from our account and after PayPal fees deduction you will receive almost 95$. Want to buy with no Receiving fee? Want to Buy PayPal as Friend & Family option?

How you can pay us PKR for PayPal?

You can buy, get , top up PayPal dollars by paying us through Bank , Easypaisa, Mobicash or UBL Omni.

Why Only

Yeah right, why only you deal with emoneypk? Absolutely it’s your first time deal? Why don’t you search about us in google? Let’s Google It reviews. We working online from the couple of years in Pakistan and have much popularity over the internet community. You may check our ranking & reviews in Google or many other websites like ranking in Alexa.

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103 Responses to Buy Paypal Dollars in Pakistan

  1. idrees` Muhammad says:

    sir i want to make account for google play store console can i make account in paypal and use it in pakistan for that…thanks in advance..

  2. khosha amber says:

    hi i have to add some fund on my friend paypal account around 100 $…do u have account in allied bank so i can transfer equivalent PKR in it….and can u do it same day…thanks waitng for ur respose

  3. Mudasar khan says:

    I want to buy me a hosting which cost $4 through paypal. Can you tell me the procedure and how your charges

    • Emoneypk Support says:

      Sorry, we can’t do this much low quantity transaction, Minimum amount should be 50.

  4. M. farhan says:

    Dear Sir,

    i would like to buy 40$ but i don’t have paypal account. i will pay you through SCB or Askari Bank Online. Could you please send me the procedure and money required during this whole process. as i have to buy some items online and that website only offers paypal transfer.

  5. MS. says:

    Send me details regarding paypal account. I have some queries.

    • Emoneypk Support says:

      All the details are mentioned on our page, if you have any specific query please write down here.

  6. jibran says:

    i wanna buy a varified paypal account which i can use for upwork and other sites and also if i send and receive pay so i can widral in Pakistan through my bank
    I live in Karachi, Pakistan

    send me details and if posible so describe that what is meanby 60% and 100% varified ?

    • Emoneypk Support says:

      You can get account , you can use that account for sending & receiving dollars. However you can sale your PayPal fund to us to get payment in your Pakistani bank account.

  7. Raja says:

    Hi, need to buy 500$ in paypal but I dont have a verified paypal account, is there a way to create one? if yes then I will buy from you. and also can you send me the rates? thanks

  8. Asim says:

    Sir i need $3 in PayPal. Please send me easy paisa details. And please send me as soon as possible also please send me contact number in E-mail. So in future i am about to purchase $70 more. But first i am just making my trust in you. Many Thanks 🙂

  9. tehzeeb says:

    i want to sale 28$ from pay pal.i have 28$ in my fiverr account if any one want this ? plz mail me

  10. Ahsan says:

    Contacting again.
    Can you pay invoice from your paypal account. I can easypaisa you. Required amount is $25. Want to purchase digital code. Further details in email please. !
    Waiting for your reply.

    • Emoneypk Support says:

      Hi, Yes we can pay the invoices , direct payment into website or through any website that accept paypal.


  11. sajidibrahim says:

    sir mene suna hai pakistan me paypal me dusre website se dollar dalne par paypal block ho jata hai kiya ye bat sach hai mene to paypal online job keliye banaya hai. kiya online job keliye paypal shi hai pakistan me ?

    • Emoneypk Support says:

      You can get the dollars from any legit website there is no issue, But if you will receive the dollars from any illegal source than your account might be permanent block.

      • sajidibrahim says:

        matlab kese legit website our kese gair kanuni zarae se matlab ye online job jo hai ye gair kanu ni hai our legit website kistra ho te hai means pm payza istra

        • Emoneypk Support says:

          Yes online well known websites like,, etc , These are online legit website.
          Mostly the fund direct from users might be illegal / stolen paypal fund.

  12. sajidibrahim says:

    sir jab me ammount ap ke account me deposite karlo to kab ap muje dollar paypal me denge our kese

  13. asad says:

    AOA, mujhy premium account purchase kerna hay ek website per lakin paypal say payment hogi can you help me.



  15. Usman says:

    Aoa Sir,
    I need 20 paypal dollars in my paypal account. Please tell me how much I need to pay for 20dollars and I will pay you through easypaisa. Currently dollar rate is Rs. 102 . Waiting for your reply. Thanks

  16. Hussain Arabi says:

    Salam Alikum
    I Need $28 Paypal
    How much I pay u by bank
    And send me bank details


  17. shahzeb says:

    Sir i need 31 paypal dolars to reach in my paypal account. how much money i have to pay?

    • Emoneypk Support says:

      Hi yes you can get the dollars into your paypal. I have sent you the amount that you have to pay for 31$. kindly check your email.

  18. Mohid Ali says:

    I need paypal 60 dollars. Can you provide me please?

  19. Hussain says:

    Sorry I have read last comments after post…
    So How much I pay for $20 PayPal
    Thank u

    • Emoneypk Support says:

      yes rates & details sent to you through email. minimum you can buy only 20$. maximum no limit.

  20. Junaid says:

    I need $71 Dollars.

  21. Muhammad Khan says:

    How much maximum dollars I can buy for my paypal account.

  22. Merciless. says:

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to buy 5 paypal $ from you, It’s all I need…
    Can I…?
    If so, Please email me the rates and details….


  23. Noman Ashraf says:

    dear i want only 1$ how i will get???

    • Emoneypk Support says:

      Hi, Minimum you can buy 20$ PAYPAL dollars, We can’t do the small transaction in Paypal. Thanks.

  24. fahad says:

    i want paypal 25 dollars…….. also want paypal account plz send me detail……..

  25. Jamz says:

    Dear Sir,

    I need 1000$ to pay at paypal. Please let me know if anyone can with best rate

  26. Mudasssir says:

    hey admin i want 10 $ paypal dollars kindly sent me details

  27. Emoneypk Support says:

    Yes you can. Details sent to you.

  28. Adil says:

    Need 50$ in paypal. kindly email me the rates.

  29. Fawad says:

    i need 5 paypal $. please give me the per $ rate. and tell me how much time it will take to complete.

  30. omer says:

    sir i need 10 $ ,pls tell me how i get this

  31. Omer Mustafa says:

    how much you will cost for 20 dollars transfer in paypal account

  32. Anwarulhaq says:

    AOA, Dear admin i am looking for 45$ PayPal on Urgent base, if any one have please reply me ASP


  33. Asad Chishti says:

    I need 21 paypal usd please send me details.

  34. Mahmood says:

    I need to pay $16, please let me know how to create paypal account in Pakistan

  35. faiz says:

    Sir, Have u sent money thru ur paypal to indian paypal user as i dont think it will work. I have my client in pakistan so need long term relationship as my business will be always thr in Pakistan and now more number of indian businessmen have started thr venture in pak in partnership with pak businessmen.

  36. Rizwan says:

    i need 30 paypal dollars urgently…

  37. Umer says:

    I want to buy 110 dollars for my paypal account please contact me on my email and send complete details .

  38. Ibrar says:

    Hii … Muje paypal me 15$ chahye plz Rate bta dain ..

  39. Asif Najam says:

    Dear Emoneypk Team,
    I want to buy Paypal 10$, please reply the $ current rate. waiting for your reply.

    Asif Najam

  40. malik adnan says:

    need 20 paypal doller

  41. nisar says:

    I want 20 dollor of paypal please send me rate and your payment method

  42. Ijaz Anees says:

    Do you accept payments through MCB Elite card instead of EasyPaisa so that I can buy dollars online from you?

  43. arfan says:

    i want to purchase paypal dollars how can i ?

  44. Fahad Hashmi says:

    Hello Sir, I need some dollars into my account of paypal can you help me?

  45. malik adnan says:

    kindly send paypal rate?

  46. farhan ahmad says:

    aur aik baat aur kya app payza prepaid card mujhe dilwa sakta hai app ka jo fee ho ga wo ma app ko send kar do ga plz

  47. farhan ahmad says:

    hi kaisa ho app mujhe payza sa paisa cashout karna hai 10 doller what is the procedure

  48. Arun Kumar says:

    I need money in paypal account can u help me for this as early as possible and i tell u that i am from india.

    • Emoneypk Support says:

      Hello we provide services for Pakistani’s only. but if this is possible for you to pay us in Pakistan than we can give you dollars.
      email with rates & details sent to you.


  49. shahzeb says:

    hi sir. i need 25 dollars of paypal.

  50. junaid ahmed says:

    need 30 paypal dollars. email me details

  51. Mustafa says:

    I need paypal 20$ please send me rate and your bank account no

  52. awais says:

    i need paypal dollar i am puchase vps 10$ need i am pay you omni and etc

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