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Buy Products From eBay in Pakistan

eBay shopping in Pakistan

Buy Products From eBay in Pakistan

Before telling you about “what is eBay?” (If you don’t know), let me tell you that you can buy products from eBay in Pakistan using our services, We can pay for you to eBay, we do offer eBay PayPal payment service in Pakistan, now let me tell you what is eBay exactly…

eBay is an online market where you can buy Digital Products (eBooks, software, Online courses, etc.) or you can purchase Physical products like (books, toys, clothes, etc.) It’s an electronic storefront and auction market place where consumers can buy virtually anything they need. eBay itself advertises as “The Online Marketplace,” and it provides a venue not only for online buyers to interact but also for online merchants/companies to market and trade their goods.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to find any specific product in Pakistani Local Market than you can try to find that product on eBay in Cheap rates. eBay is designed to empower trade on a regional, national, and international basis.

eBay Payment From Pakistan

We can make the payment from Pakistan to eBay for you, explore eBay and find the product you are interested in, share us the details of that product, and we will buy the products for you within your eBay account.

  1. Find the product you want to buy
  2. Share the product with us (Submit Ebay Payment Service order on our website)
  3. We will pay for you.
  4. You will receive your product.

As we will buy the product from eBay in Pakistan within your account so that you will have the full access to the support center of that product merchant, you can question to the seller about your product delivery, or you can ask any information related to your product after delivery.
You can pay us PKR in Bank account, EasyPaisa, Mobicash or with UBL Omni Account.

Is eBay available in Pakistan?

Yes eBay is available in Pakistan and you can shop products from eBay easily, the only issue is making payment to eBay in Pakistan, because PayPal is not available in Pakistan, but now that is also not the issue so don’t worry, because we can pay for you to eBay to buy any product from eBay in Pakistan.

Does eBay ship to Pakistan?

Yes, eBay ship to Pakistan, First of all, you need to understand that eBay is MarketPlace where merchants sell their products, so you need to ask the seller of the specific product if they ship to Pakistan. Some sellers ship internationally, some do not.
To know about the eBay Shipping in Pakistan, you will need to contact the eBay seller before making payment to them.

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Is it Safe to Shop from eBay in Pakistan?

Yes it safe if you follow the simple rules or instructions. You must have a question in your mind that does eBay is safe or not to buy the products from it? So, You need to check a few points while doing shopping from eBay in Pakistan.

  1. Check User Ratings and Reviews
  2. Check Since when the merchant is selling on eBay (How old the merchant is on eBay)
  3. Contact the seller before buying.

safe shopping on ebay pakistan

Must check user ratings and reviews about the products you are going to buy, The possibility is you will get the idea about the merchant and the product they are selling, Buyer mostly leave there negative or positive reviews if they found the product is useless, not according to requirement or not as described, or they leave positive review if the product is really good and as described on eBay.


Check Since when the merchant is selling on eBay

Believe me or not, but this is very and most important thing to check before making order on eBay, Mostly if you are about to buy any Digital Product from eBay in Pakistan, visit the merchant profile and see since when the merchant is member of eBay, if you found that the user is on eBay from many months to Years, it is understood that he is delivering the products and giving good support to buyers, and also eBay have not the received the number of complains about this merchant.

Ebay in Pakistan Services

If any merchant has regular complains/dispute/Chargeback eBay suspends their account, and they cannot sell their products on eBay anymore.
If you found that the eBay merchant is very new, one or two months old, so I’ll recommend you to find the same product from any old merchant on eBay.

Contact the seller on eBay

ebay payment from pakistan

Contact the seller through message, and ask any possible question you have before making an order. It will help you to know the more about the product before making the payment, once you get enough information than decide you wanted to buy it or not, to contact the seller you must register eBay account and logged in.

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