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Buy Skrill Dollars in Pakistan

buy skrill in pakistan

Now you can buy skrill dollars in Pakistan, Get top up of your Skrill in Pakistan , Skrill is almost being accepted as payment gateway by many well known companies like Skype, Upwork and many other platforms.

if you want to buy or add fund in your Skrill account without facing the hassles of  Skrill’s default banking system or credit cards, you can easily buy dollars from us by paying us PKR in our bank or through EasyPaisa/Mobicash. It is very simple like pay us PKR and get Skrill dollars according to our daily rates.

Why with Emoneypk instead of Skrill Default System?

You might really have this question in mind asking why should you choose to top up with emoneypk instead of Skrill default system? Answer is: Time.
Time is money, you always wanted to do things in short time with the small procedure, by going through Skrill system they take time and some time you really face different kind of skrill deposit problems which may result to long procedure. When you go with us, you top up your Skrill in Pakistan within an hour guaranteed.

  • You save time
  • No Long procedure

Procedure how you can

Buy Skrill Dollars in Pakistan?

  1. Submit your order for buying dollars for your Skrill account here. You need to signup before submitting order.
  2. You will receive Our bank or EasyPaisa details in order ticket reply.
  3. Pay us amount by following your payment method
  4. Provide us information as we ask in the same email where we provide our Bank or Easypaisa details.
  5. After receiving and verifying your payment, We almost takes an hour to proceed your order.

How you can add fund to Skrill in Pakistan?

We do always maintain balance for our users to buy Skrill dollars from us, We buy & sell, Other users like freelancers and online workers sell us Skrill fund, we buy from them & sell to those who required them in short time, we do help to freelancers, online workers to withdraw their Skrill earned money with us, mostly many freelancers sell us Skrill and receive PKR from us in return.  The funds we maintain in our accounts are received from very authentic platforms like Upwork, Freelancer and many other well known internet websites.

What you have to do to get Skrill in Pakistan.

To get Skrill in Pakistan you will need to submit order, after submitting order you will receive payment details from us, once you receive our bank or EasyPaisa details following to your payment method, you do send payment for getting skrill in pakistan, Once you sent the payment and the transaction details to us along with your Skrill email, that’s all, your transaction will be proceed within one hour after receiving these details.

How to deposit money in skrill from pakistan?

skrill in pakistan

We accept payment Through,

You can buy skrill dollars in Pakistan by paying us through

  • Bank to Skrill Account
  • Easypaisa to Skrill
  • jazz cash to skrill
  • UBL OMNI to Skrill

How Much time It’s take?

We always love to do the instant transactions. After receiving and confirmation of your payment it may take almost 1 hour to complete your transaction.

Why Only

Yes right, why you will trust on us? that’s a good question,  (we) is working online from the couple of years in Pakistan and have very much popularity over the internet in the name of Electronic currency exchanging. You may check our ranking & reviews on Google. Some other website like ranking in Alexa. We always make it sure to deliver for what you pay to us.

Submit Order

Quick Contact Detail

Well if you still have any question you can ask us, we feel always happy to serve you better as quick as we can,
Email: Cell: Contact Us

54 Responses to Buy Skrill Dollars in Pakistan

  1. Bilal Arshad says:

    i transfered some dollars from mastercard to skrill account but there is limitation that i can use that money to pay to murchants …will it be the same case if buy skrill dollars from you or i will be free to use it

  2. Salman Kabir says:

    I want skrill dollars send me details ??

  3. Salman Kabir says:

    Sir I have made a request to buy skrill dollar how much time will it take ??

  4. fahad says:

    i want to buy skrill but my skrill account is gbp is it possible?

    • Emoneypk Support says:

      We deal in USD$ only, We will send fund in your Skrill account as USD $, the dollars will be automatically converted to GBP by Skrill, Please understand that Skrill charge conversion fee from receiver to convert USD to GBP.

  5. M. Shafiq Ur Rehman says:

    Dear Si,
    I want to buy Skrill Dollor. I have a verified Skrill Account.
    Please give me the latest rate. and full procedure.
    2. Regards.

  6. adil javid says:

    please can you guide how to make emoneypk account i am having trouble with it, when i click on register it says place an order first. When i go to buy skrill dollars and clik submit order it take me to login page. please help me

    • Emoneypk Support says:

      Dear Adil, It was glitch back than in our system, resolved now, You can try to create your account now and submit order, I am sorry for the inconvenience.

  7. Muhammad Faheem says:

    Assalam O Alekum
    I need 23$ on my Skrill account, I was trying to deposit in on my skrill account via my pre-paid card but the transaction was failed, can I pay you via my pre-paid card, if I buy from you?

    • Emoneypk Support says:

      Wa alikum salaam, If you are talking about Bank Pre-paid card (ATM) than of course yes, You can pay us with your Bank ATM card to get Skrill dollars in your account.

  8. jani jan says:

    jazz cash sey skill mein rakum

    • Emoneypk Support says:

      Yes you can get, While submitting order for Skrill, Please select “Jazz cash to Jazz Cash Account” option as a payment method.

  9. Talib Hussain Chang says:

    sir how i can buy skrill iam probem in filling your form which thing i can write in message please guide me ..

    • Emoneypk Support says:

      Hi, Let the message box remain empty if you don’t want to give any special message with your order.

  10. Hassan says:

    Hi. I want to deposit fund in my Skrill account which I can use on trading websites. Will the funds that you send me can be used on trading webs ?

  11. Samar Ali says:

    I’ve a skrill account and it isn’t verified yet. Would I be able to receive funds from you? I want to purchase $15, kindly send me procedure.

    • Emoneypk Support says:

      Yes you can buy if your Skrill account is working fine, verification is not required.

  12. Kamran Altaf says:

    How a Skrill a/c can be verified ?

    • Emoneypk Support says:

      Please contact to Skrill support center for this, only they can verify your Skrill account.

  13. Jamshed Iqbal says:

    I want British Pound in my Skrill Account. You have given only USD rate. I need Pound. So what should be the way out then???

    • Emoneypk Support says:

      We deal in USD$ only, We will send fund in your Skrill account as USD $, the dollars will be automatically converted to British Pound by Skrill, Please understand that Skrill charge conversion fee from receiver to convert USD to British Pound.

  14. Afzaal Ahmed says:

    I have a skrill trying to verify it with my email but it possible that i buy 30 dollar skrill from you and pay via easy pesa..after that can i make transaction without verified account ,online shopping..

    • Emoneypk Support says:

      Please do contact to Skrill support for queries related to verifying your Skrill account.

  15. Muhammad says:

    As Salam o alikum emomeypk team.
    I really appreciate that you guys working on these kind of transactions. First of all I am trying to make account on skrillz but still fails. Help me for making an account on skrillz. Secondly I want to buy $250 for skrillZ.

    Please send me the details on email. I am looking forward for your reply and support. Thanks

  16. WasiQ says:

    Hi, I want some information regarding skrill, kindly tell me how can I get USD account by transferring money through easy paisa account. I also want to know the process of transferring dollars to any foreign skrill account.

    • Emoneypk Support says:

      We can send dollars for you, you will pay us PKR into our provided bank account or through Easypaisa, Mobicash etc, against PKR we will send you USD in your Skrill account.

  17. talha says:

    I want to buy 10$ in my skrill account.Please send me rates details to my email.
    Thank you!

  18. Asif Javed says:

    Sir. mje skrill me balance chahiye. to main kese ap ko PKR send karun k ap wo mere Skrill account me transfer kar dain

  19. Danish says:

    Please send me information how can i purchase 50$ dollars from you on skrill ? rates etc.

  20. Ghulam yasin says:

    AOA. what will be the cost of 20 $ skrill in pkrs. please advice.

  21. Yasir says:

    Assalam o Alaikum,
    Mujhe skrill k liye 10$ buy karne hain through easy paisa. Plz Detaisl send kardain.

  22. arif hussain says:

    hi i need 10 dollars kindly provide me details.
    and tel me what is the surety that you will deposit in my skrill account

  23. Adilnawaz says:

    I want to know your rates. I want dollars in my Skrill account.

    • Emoneypk Support says:

      Hi, Rate of Skrill per $ & payment details sent to you through email. Kindly check your inbox.

  24. mangrio says:

    payza to skrill exchange karna hae please

  25. ebad says:

    salam sir mujhe 11 skrill chahiye but pm k exchange mai tu mujhe bataden k mai kitne pm share karun apko?

  26. sajid says:

    minimum kitny Dollers denge

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