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Cashout Payeer Dollars in Pakistan


Rate of today’s Payeer Withdrawal in Pakistan is mentioned at today’s rate list box.

Now you can cashout your Payeer dollars in Pakistan with good rate, Besides using Payeer® to pay for goods and services on websites the world over, you will enjoy the convenience of services that include currency exchange so we accept payeer from peoples who want cash in their hand except Payeer $.
Looking for payeer exchanger in Pakistan? you are on the right place. We always try to offer best rates for the withdrawal of payeer and make it possible for users to receive the payment within one hour.

Procedure to Withdraw Payeer in Pakistan

The procedure of withdrawing the money from your payeer in Pakistan is divided into three steps.

  1. Placing your Payeer Order
  2. Sending Payeer Fund
  3. Receiving Money

Placing your Payeer Order

In order to place your withdrawal order at our website you need to Sign up/Register at our website after the sign up you need to submit order by selecting the “withdrawal dollars” department  in your order OR ticket.

Direct link to submit the order: Withdraw Payeer 

Here are the available options which you need to select while submitting the payeer withdrawal order at our website.

  1. Subject, Write Anything like “Wanted to Sell Payeer
  2. How many dollars you want to Sell?: Mentioned the amount you want to sell like, 20,50?
  3. In From Which Account You Want to Sale? Select “Payeer
  4. How you want to receive payment PKR? Select your concerned payment method Bank, EasyPaisa or any other, how would you like to receive payment against your payeer fund.
    Suppose if you want to transfer from payeer to bank account, you will need to select Bank option.
  5. Message, you can write anything in message related to your order, any simple text is accepted.

What is the next step after submitting the order?

Sending Payeer Fund to our Account

Once you submit the order at our website you will receive our payyur ID with the invoice number in your email.
You will have to follow that email and send the fund exactly following to our instructions mentioned in the email.
Our email main contained payer ID with the invoice number, the invoice number is required to be mentioned while making or sending the fund to our Payeer account.

Invoice number is unique invoice number allotted to your withdrawal request which can be used for once and is generated different each time when you submit the withdrawal request.

Receiving Money

After submitting the order you will receive the email from us which may have our Payeer ID in it,
You will have to send your Payeer fund to our ID and in reply to our same email you will have to send us further details for receiving the payment PKR.

Following Directions or Available for Payeer withdrawal in Pakistan

  • Payeer to Bank Account
  • Payeer to EasyPaisa Account
  • Payeer to Jazzcash Account
  • Payeer to Upaisa
  • Payeer to UBL Omni
Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What details we required from you to send the payment to your bank account or any other available payment method at our website?

Answer: In the email in which we send you our Payeer ID, with our payer id we also include and ask all the required information from you. You can follow our received email to send us that concern detail.

What is minimum amount to withdraw from Payeer

Answer: Minimum you can withdraw 20$

How much time it takes to send Pakistani rupees to you?

After receiving payment and the transaction details from you, it takes almost 1 hour to complete your order.

Can I submit the order without account?

To submit the Payeer withdrawal order you must need to have account at our website,
however you can do the transaction through email to us but account is must required.
The email which you will used in the sign up at our website will be used for making the withdrawal transaction with us in order if you wanted to do transaction through emails.


Send us email for cashout at :  

While sending the email to us Please must consider adding the details like how you have received the fund in your account, usually we do to entertain to the freelancers only who earn the fund for doing work online on any authentic platforms.

If you have any question related to your withdrawal you can add us on Skype for the details, (Contact Us)

Bank Charges for Cash out?

We don’t charge any fee for bank transfer. Bank transfer is totally free to any bank in Pakistan. We accept all the bank accounts for payment, You can easily exchange payeer in Pakistan without bank transfer fee.

Mobile Accounts tansfer fee

  • EasyPaisa account to Account is free.
  • Mobicash Account to Accounts is free
  • UBL Omni Account transfer is free
  • U Pay transfer is free.
Easypaisa Charges on CNIC for withdrawal?

Easypaisa charges depend on total amount that you are going to with draw from us through easypaisa. The table of charges on the amount is following.

Submit Order

EasyPaisa Money Transfer (CNIC to CNIC)

Slab Start Slab End Total Charges
1 1000 Rs. 70
1001 2500 Rs. 130
2501 4000 Rs. 200
4001 6000 Rs. 270
6001 8000 Rs. 330
8001 10000 Rs. 390
10001 13000 Rs. 440
13001 16000 Rs. 650


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