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Cashout Payoneer Dollars Pakistan

Cashout payoneer dollars

Note: Please make sure you have used 100$ in your Payoneer account received from any company account like Fiverr, Freelance or from any other company account.
Please note that if you have not received 100$ from any company account, You won’t be able to send the fund to our Payoneer account.

Payoneer is an Internet-based financial services that offered you prepaid MasterCard debit cards. So you can receive & send the fund from your payoneer card. Mostly companies like Fiver, Odesk also provide you the fund into your payoneer card. So the next question is that you can get the cash for payoneer dollars without going to ATM machine and paying heavy fee’s.

Yes now you can cashout your payoneer dollars from us & receive the payment into your Bank account or through Easypaisa , without going to any ATM machine.  We always offer best rates than market.

Sell Payoneer in Pakistan

To sell your Payoneer dollars in Pakistan you need to submit the order at our website after making the account, or you can add us on Skype for the conversation related to your order.
We do confirm the source of your dollars before purchasing, We confirm that where from did you receive the fund in your payoneeer account, we do mostly entertain to Freelancers in Pakistan.

How you can receive PKR against your Payoneer dollars

  1. Payoneer to Bank Deposit
  2. Payoneer to Easypaisa
  3. Payoneer to UBL Omni

Bank Charges for Cash out?

We don’t charge any fee for bank transfer. Bank transfer is totally free to any bank in Pakistan. We accept all the bank for payment.

Payoneer to Easypaisa Charges for CashOut?

Easypaisa account to account transaction is free, and it is our recommended method if you want to receive payment via EasyPaisa.
However user can still receive payment direct on their CNIC, Easypaisa to CNIC charges depend on total amount that you are going to with draw from us through easypaisa. The table of charges on the amount is following.

Easypaisa Charges Table

Slab Start Slab End Total Charges
1 1000 Rs. 60
1001 2500 Rs. 120
2501 4000 Rs. 180
4001 6000 Rs. 240
6001 8000 Rs. 300
8001 10000 Rs. 360
10001 13000 Rs. 420
13001 15000 Rs. 480


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