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Cashout Paypal fund in Pakistan


Today PayPal Cashout Rates are mentioned in rate list.. > 

PayPal exchanger in pakistan

We do buy daily PayPal dollars from users, but before contacting to us for selling your PayPal dollars please must read terms mentioned below.

  • Minimum 100$ you can cashout
  • We will take Instant? : NO, If we are satisfied with your fund, we will not take dollars instantly, we take dollars only as per our requirements, so once you have contacted us for selling dollars, you need to update us with the balance you got in your PayPal for sell. Whenever our own fund gets end, we then randomly buy PayPal from user accounts. The first to have come is the first to be served. (We buy Daily or Weekly)
  • We usually prefer and buy if you receives fund from freelancing websites like,, or any other authentic website. However if you are a regular user of PayPal and receive regular fund from authentic users, you can sell us that fund too after providing us the information for verification of your transactions.

Receiving fund from direct users?

Do you Receive fund directly from PayPal user account to your account? Like, You receiving fund for selling direct services or product to the users through your own website or another platform, and the user sends you direct payments in your PayPal account from their PayPal account. You can sell us that fund and receive the PKR in your own bank account. We do buy PayPal fund regularly if you meet the terms mentioned below.

  1. You have your own Verified PayPal Account.
  2. We accept if you are a regular seller, if you want to sell us on Daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  3. The amount you want to sell is always more than 100$
  4. You Guarantee the fund of PayPal Dispute/Chargeback
  5. You should have your own Bank account

Please note: Before buying, we will review your PayPal account and transactions through live Skype Screen sharing or Team Viewer, We will buy PayPal from you if we’ll Be Satisfied about you and your transaction.
Please contact us only if you are ready to provide the details which we require for the verification of you or your transactions.

What is fee structure of PayPal

We pay Rs.94 per $ the amount you sent to us,
For Example: You sent 100$ to our PayPal account, we will pay into your bank without any fee, 100$ x Rs.94 = PKR.9400 in your bank (we do support mostly all Pakistani bank accounts).

There will be no other fee charge like PayPal receiving fee, or any other PayPal fee like 4.5%, You will get the exact payment for the whatever amount you sent to us for cash out.

Withdraw PayPal in Pakistan

To cashout your paypal dollars you can contact us through Skype, please do not send email, PayPal Cash out can only be done through Skype, for managing your PayPal cash out transactions record you can create account at our website here
We are mostly online always during working hours on Skype, please do Contact Us.

We Will Send You The Payment Cash Through

1. paypal to bank deposit
2. paypal to easypaisa
3. paypal to ubl omni

Bank Charges for Cash out?

We don’t charge any fee for bank transfer. Bank transfer is totally free to any bank in Pakistan. We accept all the banks for payment.

Easypaisa Charges for Cashout?

You can receive payment through easypaisa if you wanted to cashout the earned money from authentic websites like Fiverr, Upwork, or any other website. Easypaisa charges depend on total amount that you are going to with draw from us through easypaisa. The table of charges on the amount is following.

Easypaisa Charges Table

Slab Start Slab End Total Charges
1 1000 Rs. 60
1001 2500 Rs. 120
2501 4000 Rs. 180
4001 6000 Rs. 240
6001 8000 Rs. 300
8001 10000 Rs. 360
10001 13000 Rs. 420
13001 15000 Rs. 480


Paypal cashout in Pakistan

Please add on skype for quick PayPal transactions and cashouts, For skype details please see right side widget box click on skype button to add us in your skype account.

25 comments on “Cashout Paypal fund in Pakistan

    1. Yes we can do that for you, Please submit the order at our website, and You will get details for sending payment in order reply. You can pay us with Bank, EasyPaisa or Mobicash.

  1. I am currently working on can i withdraw money from fiverr to your account and recieve cash ?

  2. hello ,
    i have a problem i am online working my client send me amount via paypal o my email ID but i do not have paypal account. My client contact to paypal for recovering but they said we proceed it amount cannot recover is any solution for recovery thanks

    1. Use, and ask your client to pay you through PayPal on fiverr, after receiving in Fiverr you can easily withdraw that fund into your Personal paypal account or Bank.

  3. I have approx 100 USD in my peopleperhour wallet. Its a freelancing website. If i make a paypal unverified account with the country you say any as Pakistan is not mentioned in the list. Will i be able to withdraw. after that i want to withdraw 200 more which are in work in progress. How much net amount i will be left with in 100 USD. I am looking forward for longterm relationship. As i usually work more thzn 500 USD per month. And payoneer is now creating issues by withholding my money for no reasons i am looking for alternate.

    1. You can use our services to direct withdraw from this type of freelancing websites. We will pay you local currency, PKR into your bank or through easypaisa.

  4. Hey I work online on a freelance site. I cant cashout the payment from there. as it can only withdraw via paypal and I dont have the account. as it’s not accessible in Pakistan. do you know how to recieve the payment?

    1. First get your PayPal verified account, withdraw that dollars into your PayPal, than sale that dollars to us and get cash in your bank.

  5. Hi! I have Unverified Account with some balance i earned from fiverr 🙂 & i am under 18.. 🙂 i want to withdraw them to my dad’s Bank Account… can you help with my issue..? pls reply fast..

  6. hi,
    can i cashout from unverified paypal.(linked with nothing).
    and what is the minimum amount cashout.?

    1. Hi, PayPal minimum 20$ you can cashout. Yes you can do it from unverified account your dollars source should be from any website than we will accept.

  7. hi i have a paypal account which has money in it… i am unable to link it to payoneer. is paypal still accepting payoneer? further, if i want to cashout from paypal to bank al habib savings account can i do that?

    1. Payoneer is no more working with PayPal. You can sale the dollars to us & get your cash into your Bank Al Habib.

      1. Thanks for giving me an answer. I was not able to solve this problem for like a month..! 😀
        i sure will contact for the cashout. thanks again.

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