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Cashout Payza Balance in Pakistan

cashout payza balance

Today Payza Cashout Rate is: (Rates updated here)

Note: Minimum you can Cash out 50 Dollars

Except waiting for the Payza default system to take time in withdrawing your fund, now you can Sell Payza in Pakistan and receive instant cash in your bank or Easypaisa with good rates.
Everyone knows, you should too, how to withdraw money from Payza in Pakistan using our services, You can withdraw Payza in Pakistan instant to get get Payza to PKR.

How withdraw Payza in Pakistan

Procedure to sell your Payza dollars you need to follow these points read very carefully before contacting us for the withdrawal.

  1. We only buy your fund or withdraw your Payza dollars if you received those dollars from any authentic website, you need to considered it that we do not buy Payza dollars if you have received those fund from Direct User , Direct From Someone Personal Account.
  2. Before doing cash out we check your Payza account on Skype Screen Share or Team Viewer to make it sure that you received those funds from a website.
  3. As following above points Payza withdraw is only possible if you do contact us through Skype because sharing Skype Screen or Team Viewer information for quick connectivity & cashout you should use Skype to make a transaction with us.
  4. After checking your Payza Transactions on skype screen share or Team Viewer we will provide you our Payza email , you will send Payza dollars to our Payza Account, Usually, you would be doing your regular transaction with us on Skype,  and for the transactions records you can create your account with us (Register)
  5. After sending the dollars to our Payza Account, we will pay you instant into your bank (10-15 minutes) or through EasyPaisa (1 hour).
  6. You will provide details of your bank in which you need payment, you can receive payment in Bank or through EasyPaisa or Mobicash.

Withdraw Payza to Bank in Pakistan

To receive Payment in Bank you need to provide following,

  • Bank Name
  •  Account Number
  • Branch Code
  • Account Title (owner name)
  •  Cell Number

We do not charge any fees for bank transfer, in Payza to Bank transfer, there is no hidden fee or bank fees you will get the exact amount according to our daily rates of Payza.

Payza to Easypaisa

To receive Payment Through EasyPaisa you need to provide,

  • CNIC (Identity Card Number)
  •  Cell Number
  • Address

EasyPaisa charges the fees according to the amount in PKR you are going to receive from us, for the fee you can check the EasyPaisa fee table at the bottom of this page.

Payza exchanger in Pakistan

  • Payza to Bank Deposit
  • Payza to Easypaisa

You can also buy Payza dollars in Pakistan using our services.

Bank Charges for Payza Cashout?

We don’t charge any fee for bank transfer. Bank transfer is totally free to any bank in Pakistan. We accept all the bank for payment.
Easypaisa Charges for CashOut?
Easypaisa charges depend on the total amount that you are going to with draw from us through easy paisa. The table of charges on the amount is following.

Easypaisa Charges Table

Slab Start Slab End Total Charges
1 1000 Rs. 60
1001 2500 Rs. 120
2501 4000 Rs. 180
4001 6000 Rs. 240
6001 8000 Rs. 300
8001 10000 Rs. 360
10001 13000 Rs. 420
13001 15000 Rs. 480