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How to Apply For Google Adsense

How to Apply For Google Adsense

Everyone who have website with reasonable traffic can apply for google adsense.
Google adsense is free program so you did not need to do any investment in it.

Google have specific adsense policy that should be followed by you before applying to google adsense.

Google Adsense Policy points:

  • Your Website must be 6 Month old with reasonable traffic.
  • You should have your own personal domain name not any free .tk , free webs domain.
  • The content in your website should be unique & written by you. (Content is king)
  • The site content should be relevent to website that you are showing.
  • There should not any illegal material on site

If you have read all the above mentioned points and thing everything is ok from your side than you can apply for google adsense.

How to Apply For Google Adsense.

There is one & onlye one way offered by google inc. to apply for google adsense for your website.

1. First Visit
Sign into your new Gmail account that has never been used before in adsense.

After sign in click on Sign Up button for signup in adsense.

In Website: Enter the website for which you want to apply for adsense, The should be owned by you.
In Website Language: Select concern language like Enlgish, Arabic or whatever is your language.
Account type: Select Individual
in Country: Select the country , we are in pakistan so we will select the Pakistan.

in Payee Name: Enter your own name the name should be same that is mentioned on your N.I.C , The name will be used to send you the adsesne earned payment through western union.
Adress: write the adress with House # and proper where a parcel can be delivered.

After filling all the information re check it, than click on the submit button. After clicking on submit button your application will be sent to the adsense team they will check it & if they found anything wrong in it your adsnese will not be approved ,
if everything will be ok and according to adsense policy than you will receive the congratulation email from adsense that will include some necessory information that

Hope You will understand that how to apply for google asense, if any user have any confusion in any point please feel free to ask us by using comments box below,


What is Google Adsense Detail


Emoneypk User as we have the site related to Electronic Money earning & exchange. So for earning electronic money the Google Adsense is one of the top name in the list.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a free program offered by Google Inc. Which allow you to display the Ad’s on your site given by Google and earn from the click that will be genereate from your site on that ad’s. Adsense has fulfill the the ad’s requirement for all the users that were finding the Banner or Text ads.  You will get the percentage of $ for one click that will be made on your site by your visitors.

Google Adsense Features

  • Google Offer Search Box so to place on your website. You will earn if your user will use that box to search in your site.
  • You can Generate text ad’s relevent to search results by visitors.
  • Google is really stick about the algorithm that irrelevant results should not display only likely build revenue are delivered.
  • Google ad’s are manually check by human so they ensue that all the ad’s are professional & ethical Standards.

Who Can Apply For Google Adsense?

Everyone user can apply for adsense who have active website with reasonable traffic in it.

If you did not have any website or don’t know what is website kindly read this post you will be clear

What is Domain Name & web Hosting?

To learn how to apply for adsense in google manner read the detail post about it. (How to apply for adsense)

How Does Google Adsense Works?

  • I’ll just in simple three steps show you how the google adsense works 🙂
  • You get the ad’s code from Google Adsense
  • You past the ad’s code on your site and google ad’s start showing on your site.
  • Your visitors click on that ads.
  • That’s it you get the percentage on the per click that is made by user.

The post is really for beginners who just have started the work online, so if any user have any question related to it feel free to ask us by using comments box below.