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Which Programming Language Should I Learn in Pakistan

Which Programming Language Should I Learn in Pakistan
In future, more people will need programming language experts who know the latest technology and know how to utilize the programming languages. Whether you want to get a job, move up in your current job, or just learn something new, I’ll cover the main to you Which Programming Language Should I Learn in Pakistan

Unleash Your Earning Potential – 10x More Income

See, the truth is that everyone wants to earn good money, but sometimes it is not possible to earn good money by traditional jobs, but if you become a programmer, You can earn a handsome amount of money either via doing a job or via doing your own online freelancing work.

Let’s say if you want to do a job only, then why not the job which pays you 10x more than the traditional jobs?

There are many programming languages, but definitely you have a question in your mind that Which Programming Language Should I Learn in Pakistan?  which you can just start learning now.

Which Programming Language Should I Learn in Pakistan

1. 🐍Python

You must have heard this name many times and everyone tells you that learn python and earn moneylearn python and earn money but no one tells you what to do with learning python?

Apply Your Learning in the Real World

Does after learning python and just writing the random code, someone will pay you?

It’s not just writing, it’s for what you are writing, what you are making with python, where you will use that learning in the real time world after learning the python.

Python is a type of computer language that is used for many different things like making websites, studying data, teaching computers how to learn and think like humans. People like it because it’s easy to understand and has lots of useful libraries, which makes it a good choice for people who are just starting to learn or for people who are already good at programming.


Advantages of Python:

  1. Easy to learn and understand
  2. Lots of people use and support it
  3. Many different tools to do lots of different things
  4. Works on different types of computers
  5. Lots of people want to hire Python experts
  6. Good for working with numbers and data analysis.


Disadvantages of Python:

  1. Not as fast as some other types of computer languages
  2. Not the best choice for making mobile apps
  3. May not work as well with large amounts of information

Roadmap to learn Python.

Basic: Start with the basics of Python programming, Learn about data types, control structures, functions, and modules.

Oop Python: Then learn Object-Oriented Programming (OOP): Once you have a good command over the basics, start learning oop python. These are important concepts for developing applications in Python.

Python Framework for Web Development:
Learn frameworks like flask and django for web development.

Python Framework for Data Analysis and Machine Learning.
Learn Frameworks like Numpy, Matplotib and Pandas for Data Science. These libraries provide tools for data analysis, visualization, and machine learning in Python.

Python Framework for Desktop Applications 

To make desktop applications, you should learn GUI Frameworks.

Beautifulsoup and Scrapy are kinds of Python frameworks which you can use for Web Scraping.

Learn how to host your website or python application on servers or cloud platforms like Amazon web services or Microsoft Azure.

Server platform:

Python can be used on different kinds of systems, like Windows or Linux or Unix.

What can we make with Python?

Web Development with Python: 

Same like any other programming language, You can develop websites with python, You can perform complex tasks, make your own functions, make content management systems with Python.

Python can be used for server-side web development using frameworks such as Django and Flask. These frameworks provide tools and libraries for building web applications and APIs.

Data Science and Analytics with python:

Python is a popular language for data science and analytics, because of its powerful libraries, such as NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib. These libraries allow for data analysis, visualization, and machine learning.

Give data and extract insights and knowledge from data, yes you can do it via Python. You can use statistical and computational methods, it encompassess a wide range of techniques and methods for data collection and processing.

It can analyzing, and interpret large sets of data.


Desktop Applications with Python: 

You can make Desktop Applications with python. Python can be used to create desktop applications with graphical user interfaces (GUI) using frameworks such as Tkinter and PyQt.


Examples of desktop applications that can be developed using Python
  • Image Viewer
  • Music Player
  • Text Editor
  • Task Manager
  • Personal Finance Manager
  • Chat Application
  • Weather App
  • Video Editor
  • Calendar Application

Game Development: Python can be used for game development using libraries such as Pygame and PyOpenGL. These libraries provide tools for creating 2D and 3D games.

Automation and Scripting: Have you heard about web scraping websites or tools where they extract data from websites within a few minutes and only the data which you required or matched with your requirement? Python can do that. Python can be used for automation and scripting tasks, such as web scraping, data extraction, and process automation.

and many more..

Overall, Python is a versatile language that can be used for a wide range of applications, from web development to data science to game development and beyond.


2. 🐘PHP

PHP is a computer language used for building websites and web applications on the server-side. It’s easy to learn, popular, and has many useful tools available.


  1. Easy to learn and use
  2. Many tools and frameworks available
  3. Large community of developers
  4. Works on different platforms
  5. Runs on various web servers
  6. High demand for PHP developers



  1. Inconsistent coding rules
  2. Not strict in checking data types
  3. May have security weaknesses
  4. Slower for heavy calculations
  5. Not great for creating mobile apps
  6. Limited use outside of web development


Roadmap to Become a Good Php Developer.

Roadmap to become a good PHP developer, starting from the very basics to advanced concepts:

Learn the Basics of PHP: Whatever you start learning, You should Start from the very basics, by learning the fundamental concepts of PHP, such as data types, operations, loops, and if/else statements.

When you see these names you will think that it is very difficult, but rest assured that only their names are difficult, when you start learning it, you will believe that it is very easy.

You can find many online resources like tutorials and courses to help you get started.


Learn Object-Oriented Programming (OOP): OOP is an important concept in modern PHP development. After learning the basics, go to Learn the principles of OOP, such as classes, objects, encapsulation, and inheritance.

It is very important if you really want to kickstart your career as a PHP developer.


Learn PHP Frameworks: Most of the big applications you see in PHP are made via Frameworks,  frameworks are commonly used in modern web development. Just learning the Basic & OOP php will make you limited to few jobs, by learning the Framework you will get most of the jobs related to PHP.

You can choose to master any framework such as Laravel, Symfony, or CodeIgniter, and learn how to build applications using it.

Learn Front-end Technologies: Without front-end php will be incomplete, PHP is often used with front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Learn how to create responsive web pages and communicate with server-side code using AJAX.

Practice, Practice, Practice: Practice is crucial part to becoming a good PHP developer. Build small projects like a blog or a social media site using PHP, in basic and in PHP oop, and then choose a framework. This will help you gain experience and confidence.

What can we make with PHP?
  • Dynamic and interactive web sites
  • Content management systems (e.g. WordPress) and social networking sites (e.g. Facebook)
  • E-commerce platforms: PHP-based e-commerce platforms, such as Magento and WooCommerce.
  • Forums and discussion boards: PHP-based forums and discussion boards, such as phpBB and Vanilla.



3. ☕️JAVA

Java is a popular programming language that is used to create many types of applications, including web and mobile apps, gaming, and enterprise-level applications. One of its biggest strengths is its ability to run on multiple platforms. This means that code written in Java can be run on different devices and operating systems without any changes.



  1. Can run on different platforms
  2. Has many libraries and frameworks available
  3. High-performance language
  4. Well-established in the industry
  5. Strong community support
  6. Large developer base


  1. Syntax can be difficult to understand
  2. It can take time to learn
  3. Starting up a Java program can be slow
  4. Memory management can be a challenge
  5. The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) needs to be installed



To become a Java developer, start by learning the basics of Java such as writing code, using different types of data, and organizing code into classes and objects. Then practice writing small programs to improve your understanding of the language.

  1. Learn popular libraries and frameworks like Spring and Hibernate to build web and enterprise applications and manage databases.
  2. Develop web applications using Java frameworks like Spring MVC and Struts. Build enterprise applications using frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, and Java Persistence API (JPA).
  3. Learn advanced topics like concurrency and multithreading, and practice with real-world projects like building a RESTful API or developing a desktop application using JavaFX to gain practical experience.

Frameworks to learn:

  • Spring Framework: It is a popular Java framework used for building enterprise-level applications. It provides features such as dependency injection, aspect-oriented programming, and inversion of control.
  • Hibernate: It is a popular Java framework used for object-relational mapping (ORM) and database management. It simplifies database interactions by mapping Java objects to database tables.
  • Struts: It is a Java framework used for building web applications. It provides features such as validation, internationalization, and file uploading.
  • JavaServer Faces (JSF): It is a Java framework used for building user interfaces for web applications. It provides features such as component-based architecture and supports various input validation mechanisms.

Server platform:

Java can run on different server platforms, such as Windows, Linux, and macOS.


Enterprise-level applications: Java is a good choice for building secure and scalable applications for businesses, such as banking systems and e-commerce platforms

4. 🌐 Javascript

JavaScript is a language used for making interactive websites, front-end web development. It’s easy to learn and has many tools available. It works on all web browsers and there are many people who know how to use it. It can do things like loading parts of a website without refreshing the whole page.


  1. Easy to learn and use
  2. Good number of libraries and frameworks
  3. Works on all web browsers
  4. High demand for JavaScript developers
  5. Large Community to Question the Javascript.
  6. Can do asynchronous programming (loading parts of a website without refreshing the whole page)



  1. Different web browsers may behave differently with JavaScript
  2. No strong typing
  3. Security problems may happen
  4. Mostly used for front-end which makes it less usable for the Back-end.
  5. Slow for heavy computations


Roadmap to learn Javascript.

  1. To begin with, learn the fundamental concepts of JavaScript, such as variables, data types, control structures, and functions. You can use resources like Mozilla’s JavaScript documentation, online courses, and tutorials to get started.
  2. For front-end web development, you must also learn HTML and CSS. You can use resources like W3Schools and Codecademy to learn these. HTML is used to create the structure of a webpage, while CSS is used to style it.
  3. To create dynamic web pages, you must learn how to use JavaScript to interact with HTML elements on a page. This is called manipulating the Document Object Model (DOM).
  4. To build complex and interactive user interfaces, you can learn popular front-end frameworks such as React and Angular.
  5. To build scalable web applications on the server-side, learn server-side JavaScript with Node.js. You can use popular frameworks like Express and Nest.js.
  6. To work with databases using JavaScript, you can learn how to use popular databases like MongoDB and MySQL.
  7. Combining your knowledge of front-end and back-end development, you can become a full-stack developer, building web applications from start to finish.
  8. To become a proficient JavaScript developer, you should also learn advanced topics like asynchronous programming, APIs, and testing frameworks. These will help you develop robust and efficient web applications.

What can we make with Javascript?

Front-end web development: JavaScript is mainly used for building front-end web applications that can be interactive and dynamic, like social media platforms (e.g. Twitter) and e-commerce websites (e.g. Amazon).

Mobile applications: JavaScript frameworks like React Native and Ionic can be used to build mobile applications that can run on different platforms, like social media apps (e.g. Facebook) and productivity apps (e.g. Trello).

Gaming: JavaScript can be used to create games that can be played on web browsers, like puzzle games (e.g. Candy Crush) and adventure games (e.g. RuneScape).

5. 🆔Kotlin

Kotlin is a new type of computer language that many people use to make phone apps, websites, and servers. It’s easy to learn and understand because it has a short and simple way of writing things.



  1. It can work well with Java.
  2. The syntax is easy to read and write.
  3. It has a feature that helps avoid errors when working with empty information.
  4. Strong Type Interface
  5. High in Performance – It works very quickly and efficiently.
  6. Great growing community to help you.


  1. libraries are very limited for Kotlin.
  2. You should have knowledge of Java Api to make it perform better.
  3. Lack of backward compatibility
  4. Takes time in compilation
  5. Limited support for functional programming.

What can we make with Kotlin?

  • Kotlin is a programming language that is mostly used to make Android apps.
  • cross-platform mobile app development.
  • You can also do Web development with frameworks like Spring and Ktor.
  • Server-side development with frameworks like Vert.x and Micronaut
Unlocking Your Future

Programming languages are constantly evolving. I tried to mention the top Programming Language which you Should Learn following to different factors, like demands, Jobs and learning process,
The languages I mention might not sound to you as I tried to mention. You can explore each language’s basic concept, see which language attracts you, and make a goal in your mind that what you wanted to do after learning a specific language? And see which language can do that task for you?
Happy Learning..

How To Do Product Hunting On Amazon – Hunting Techniques

how to do product hunting on Amazon
Product hunting is about finding new, innovative, and exciting products. Product hunting for Amazon needs to be different from the normal process of hunting products because there is a lot to consider.

If you need a winning product, you have to get separated from the crowd. This does not mean you need to create a separate line but at least try to get into a line where competition is low compared to other sellers’ lines.

Product hunting on Amazon is not complicated, but it’s different. One of the main differences is that you have to be creative regarding product hunting. You need to think of new ways to find products that can help your business.
If you wanted to start selling on amazon, you can read here: How to sell Internationally on Amazon from Pakistan.

How To Do Product Hunting On Amazon

Here are some tips on how to do product hunting on Amazon:

Use the right tool for Amazon Product Hunting

The first step is finding the right tool. There are many different tools that you can use when it comes to product hunting on Amazon. Some of the popular tools are the

  • Amazon search bar
  • the Amazon Seller tool
  • The Amazon Jungle Scout tool.

The list also carries the name of other relevant tools like

  • Keepa
  • Viral Launch
  • and Helium.


2) Use keywords


The second step is using keywords. When you’re searching for products on Amazon, be sure to include keywords in your search. This will help you find products that are relevant to your business and that you might be interested in purchasing.


3) Look for seasonal products

One of the best ways to find products that are relevant to your business is to look for seasonal products. This means that you’ll need to be aware of what’s happening in the market and what new products are being released. This will help you stay ahead of the competition and always sell high-quality products.


4) Look for niche markets

Another great way to find products relevant to your business is to look for niche markets. This means you’ll need to research which markets are the most interested in your products and focus your product search on those markets. This will help you find products that are specifically designed for your business, and it will also give you a leg up on the competition.


5) Check out Amazon’s marketplace

Last but not least, check out Amazon’s marketplace. This is a great place to find products that are not currently available on Amazon. This is a great way to find unique products that you might not be able to find on the main Amazon website. You can also use this marketplace to test out products before you get on to selling them, which can save you a lot of money in the long run.


Product Hunting Through Amazon Website:

Here are different free and creative ideas to hunt for winning products for different Amazon markets.

Use Amazon’s search bar

One of the easiest ways to find products on Amazon is to use the search bar on the site.

You can enter keywords that describe the type of product you’re looking for, and Amazon will display a list of products that include those keywords.

Now, the trick is to type the alphabet and see which products are ranked at the top.

These are the products you may have been looking for, which tend to be high selling and have more volume consumers.


Use Amazon’s category search bar

Another great way to find specific products on Amazon is using the category search bar. This bar allows you to specify which product type you’re looking for (for example, books, electronics, or home improvement items). Amazon. Amazon will display a list of products that fall within that category.


By using the category search bar, you will get to know the roots of products linked with several other branches, which may get you to a fruitful product.


Use Amazon’s catalog search bar

If you want to see a broader range of products that Amazon has to offer, you can use the catalog search bar. This bar allows you to enter keywords that describe the product you’re looking for, and Amazon will display a list of products that include those keywords.


Catalog feature is widely used by users that do not know the exact phrase of the product they are looking for, so they type attributes of products which results in product options that match the intent of users.


Product hunters can use this process for hunting products that are easy to describe but hard to remember by name. Now the case here is that people sometimes know the name of a brand but not the product they are looking for, so they search in the catalog bar.


This bar opens up new routes toward a whole new world of multiple products that are highly useful, and customers are willing to buy them even by searching them with subcategories and brands. So hunters can find products that are high in demand and available supply is not easily navigable or not available.


Use Amazon’s Best Sellers list

amazon best seller list

One great way to find popular products on Amazon is to check out the Best Sellers list. This list shows the most popular products on Amazon at any given time, and it can be a great way to find products that may interest you.


Best sellers are not made up of one product; they tend to sell multiple products. Most bestsellers have more than 100 listings and multiple categories for maximum growth. You can open up their listing and find a product with a good number of reviews and volume, which can be a perfect hunt for you.


 Use Amazon’s product detail pages

You can use the product detail pages on Amazon if you want more information about a specific product. These pages give you information about the product (including its price, description, and rating) and links to customer reviews and other relevant information.


The detail page is all about relevancy. You may not find the winning product but for sure you will find a way to hunt for a golden product. This page shows you multiple categorical and relevant products selling high volume and still having space for new entrants.


Use Amazon’s deals section

One great way to stay up-to-date on all the latest Amazon deals is to check out the Deals section. This section lists all the latest deals on Amazon, and it can be a great way to find products you may not have otherwise been aware of.


The deal section is to get an idea of products that can be sold together as a group buys two or a package of three. So this makes your helping product choice easy.


Different Tools To Do Product Hunting On Amazon:

When you think that organic ways cannot keep up, your potential product needs to move to tools. There are several good tools to hunt products that sell like crazy. I have listed a few tools I use in hunting products that make tons of profit for my clients and me.


Jungle Scout:

Jungle scout is a tool used explicitly for product hunting on Amazon. Jungle Scout has various features that can help you find the best products for your business.

To start using Jungle Scout,

  • first sign up for a free account.
  • Once you have an account,
  • click on the “Products” tab.
  • In the Products tab, you will see a list of all of the products that Jungle Scout has indexed.

The first thing you want to do is search for a specific product. To do this, type in the keyword/Category/Niche that you are looking for into the search bar at the top of the page and press enter.


The jungle scout product database is the hub of opportunities to sell unique products with high-profit margins. The Jungle Scout tool helps you find the product you are looking for and has features that can help you increase your chances of making a sale.

The tools chrome extension should be installed to keep a better overview of the BSR rating of products being looked at. The Chrome Extension helps to see the product rating by using a green icon next to products that are BSR rated as high quality.


Once you have found a potential product that you want to look into more, you will want to start the process of evaluating it. Evaluation needs to be done using another tool called Helium 10.


Helium 10:


It is another tool available for Jungle Scout users that helps to evaluate products. Helium 10 differs from other tools because it uses a simulation approach to help you understand how a product will perform. This allows you to make better decisions when it comes to selling products.


To use Helium 10,

  • you first need to sign in using your credentials;
  • then, you will be able to log in and have a dashboard full of useful options.
    But let’s assume you need to evaluate the volume of the product. First, click on an option magnet 2.0 and then put the product keyword in the search bar of the volume tab. The volume tab will show you the number of products sold for that keyword and the estimated monthly revenue.

BSR rating is just one part of the evaluation process, so use other tools to get a complete picture of what you are looking at. These tools can help you make better decisions when selling products on Amazon.



The KEEPA Amazon product hunting tool can be beneficial to sellers when trying to find the products they need. It is a user-friendly platform that makes it easy to search for and find products that meet specific needs or specifications. It can be used to find products from a variety of.


In addition to its usefulness as an Amazon product hunting tool, the KEEPA platform can also be used to find products from other online retailers. Thus, it has a wide range of potential uses and can be extremely helpful to sellers in various ways.


Viral Launch:

A viral launch is an effective marketing tool that can help sellers to find high-selling products on Amazon.


This tool can help sellers identify products that are selling well and find new products that they can sell on Amazon. The process of using viral Launch is easy; sellers can use it to find high-selling products on Amazon.


To start using viral Launch, sellers must create an account with the service. After creating an account, sellers can access the tool through the website.


When using viral Launch, sellers will need to identify products that they want to find. Sellers can use the search bar on the website to find specific keywords or phrases. After finding the products they want, sellers will need to enter those products into the tool’s search bar.


Sellers can click on the “Start Scanning” button in viral Launch. This will begin to scan the Amazon marketplace for products that match the keywords, or phrases sellers have entered into the tool.


Once viral Launch has started scanning, sellers can see a list of products selling well on Amazon. The list of products will include both new and old products.


Sellers can click on any products in this list to view more information about them. This information will include the product’s sales rank, how much money it has been sold for, and how many reviews it has received.


In Instance:

Viral Launch helps sellers to find the product’s keywords, ranking, pricing, and all other beneficial factors that make a product sell well on Amazon. The tool is designed to make it easy for sellers to find products they can promote on Amazon. Through viral Launch, sellers can increase their chances of selling products on Amazon.


Ahref Keyword Research and Optimization Tool:

A Href is a tool used by SEO experts and product hunters to find relevant keywords. It is a powerful tool that can help you to improve your website traffic and search engine ranking. But the tool is not limited to websites; it can also work for product keyword research to create a better navigational edge over competitors.


How A href Works

A Href is a tool that uses various algorithms to determine which keywords are most relevant to your website. It can identify keywords related to your current website content, company name, or the products you sell.


How does It Help in Product Keyword Implementation?

A Href provides a range of keywords that are relevant to your primary keyword. For example, you want to sell fruit shakers and find different keywords that you can add to your listing to make it more visible in the amazon search bar.

You may be able to find a few in your mind, but if you put this query in A href, you will see thousands of relevant keywords that can be used as LSI/Sub keywords for better search mobility of your products.


Planning The Process and Identifying The Product:

Having knowledge of the process is one thing but implementing it according to situational needs is the real challenge. You may now know how you can use the tools and amazon itself to hunt the products but still find it hard to hunt the product that suits your budget, niche, and all other factors. So to overcome this misery, you should create criteria for hunting products.


Here is a situation example:

I have a budget of 10000 $ to launch a product in the US market. First, I will plan my budget and divide it into buying products in a specific price range and quantity and buying resources for PPC and ads campaigns. Once you are done with all these steps, move to the following.


Choose a micro niche and find a product sold for around 30$, and you can source it in less than or between 10$ to 15$. In this price range, you will be able to find a product that is readily available and can be sourced to several 200 pieces, and still, you will have enough budget for subsequent moves.


Next is choosing a product with a monthly sales volume of around 1500 to 4500. This will give you a chance to sell your products on a daily sale ratio, which will be a good sales frequency/ average at the end of every month.


Rest you have to do the same for every factor for BSR, seasonal products, and other quality factors that we must consider to find high-selling products.



Product hunting for amazon is not a single-sheet task. You have to come up creative with your resources: use JS for product ideas and helium 10 to get the volume, then Keepa to track the sales or scan product value. Then you can use Viral launch to be the best in product information and use Ahref to have almost all relevant keywords you may need to be more visible in the search bar. So grind your time to pick the one product that will suit others’ needs, and I can guarantee you will earn more than the expected amount.

Most Demanding Skills in Future for Pakistan


Most Demanding Skills in Future for Pakistan

Well if you have landed on this page, you might be searching Most Demanding Skills in Future for Pakistan , May be you are struggling with your job or worried about your future, Yeah it happens,

Don’t worry, Let me mention some  Demanding Skills in Future for Pakistan,

Technological innovation is one of the most rapidly changing parts of today’s world. This change has affected our lives in many ways, particularly career options. A robotic world has replaced the technological one, leaving little room for human labor. However, human skills will always be needed in organizations and businesses, regardless of how far the world progresses.

It is not easy to provide enough suitable work opportunities in Pakistan because it has one of the largest labor forces in the world. With an 8.5 percent youth unemployment rate and the sixth-largest population in the world, the young workforce must receive the proper education, training, and skills to have a successful career.

Let us first examine several of the in-demand relevant skills that businesses are seeking. These are the skills that are necessary for a particular career and will help you succeed in it. These capabilities can be formalized and taught in a structured manner. The following are some of Pakistan’s top hard skills:

Web & APP Development in Pakistan

Demand for Computer and IT experts is very high not just only in Pakistan, but throughout the world. This demand will only grow as the world relies more on digital technology, making it a profitable sector to enter.

IT experts can be assured of good pay in Pakistan because there are numerous software houses, digital firms, and businesses that are profitable.

You will get a comprehensive choice of IT courses, including those in web development, computer programming, cyber security, and AI & robotics.

Lean Web Development

Lean Web Development Which may include learning the Backend Programming languages like PHP, Node.js, Python, C++ etc..

Once you learn any specific backend language, become the master of it, and believe me you will have a lot of job offers & instead of jobs you can also earn a lot via freelancing on different platforms.

Please do not try to be Jack of all trades, master of none,

Jack of all trades, master of none” is a figure of speech used in reference to a person who has dabbled in many skills, rather than gaining expertise by focusing on one.

Just learn one backend Programming language and master it. 

Step by step guide to becoming a modern backend developer, See the road map for web development here


Lean APP Development

It really worth to learn the app development, as the IT world is growing so is the demands of app development

There are vast technologies used for app development, you can search about them and choose the one which attracts you.

It is really the right time to start learning App development,

According to Statics, the current number of smartphone users in the world today is 6.648 billion,

Almost everything is going to be accessible through the mobiles via mobile apps in coming years.

It is non ending skills because it is always in demand, Android is having new functionalities every year as they upgrade.

App developers make the highest average salary.



Virtual Assistant

Both big and small businesses are always looking for methods to expand their operations while keeping costs low.

Business owners search online for freelance professionals since hiring virtual assistants can save operating costs by as much as 78%.

The fact that VAs have an apparently limitless skill set is what accounts for such significant savings. They are in charge of a variety of duties, including important administrative work, providing customer service, developing marketing strategies, and creating websites.

This typically entails that businesses can fill several responsibilities with only one employee as opposed to finding candidates for each position separately.


Excel Management

Nearly every type of organization now relies on Microsoft Excel. Over 750 million individuals use the program worldwide, yet only a small portion of them are certified Excel specialists.

These experts are in high demand right now and the need for this skill will increase as Microsoft’s spreadsheet application continues to rise.



Internet Marketing (Internet Marketer)

Digital marketing is another high-demand skill in Pakistan, and it is gaining popularity nowadays.

In digital marketing, there is search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, and advertising. Digital marketing expertise is widely sought after in Pakistan, where every company needs to use it to attract clients.

The job market in Pakistan offers numerous prospects for digital marketing experts with expertise in fields like

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Web Analytics.


Artificial Intelligence

According to LinkedIn, the field of AI is the one that is expanding the fastest.

AI applications grow more profound and broader as data volumes rise. AI is now a highly effective method for solving issues.
AI is used by big businesses like Amazon (read article How to sell Internationally on Amazon from Pakistan)  and Ebay (read article How To Sell On eBay From Pakistan) to estimate demand.

Machine learning, for instance, employs algorithms that can assist a business in calculating the number of products required, consumer expenditures, and lowering storage costs.

Self-driving cars, surgical robots, virtual worlds, wearable technology, facial recognition software, and many more are examples of applications for artificial intelligence.

Within the period of digital transformation, most sectors are adopting AI/ML technology.



Designing UI/UX

Due to the proliferation of new apps and sites that require user experience designers, UI/UX design is another skill set in high demand.

Nowadays, most businesses fight for clients’ attention by creating eye-catching designs.

When customers enjoy the designs of a company’s website, they are more inclined to stay on it.

UX designers create online services and products that make their lives more straightforward when used by their target customers.



Editing videos

Video editing is a fantastic talent that everyone can learn.

People who know how and where to edit videos can use them in other projects and digital marketing campaigns.

As 93 percent of businesses noticed an increase in customers after publishing a video ad on social media, video editors are swiftly rising to the top of the most in-demand skills.

In order to increase sales, marketers are currently rebranding and placing more of an emphasis on creating short, attractive videos.




People also need to understand how to build E-Commerce websites.

Most people choose to purchase and sell items online. Most business owners would look for knowledgeable individuals who could make them an internet store.

Thus, people will benefit from having basic web design & development skills. These are all necessary and complementary abilities.

People familiar with Amazon usage can manage their online stores more effectively. Ideally, one can work as just a virtual assistant and aid with running internet shops. Consider Amazon and eBay as an example.

Customers from all around the world can make purchases from these two online retailers.

Customers now have easier access to goods that are unavailable in their area. Global trade is made possible by this.


Cyber security

Cyber security; Cyber attacks are one of the main risks businesses in this digital age face. Companies now employ professionals who can shield their network and data from hacker attacks. IT security experts are in high demand to offer the best information security and train their workforce.



To improve the quality of education in Pakistan, the nation requires qualified instructors. There are now a lot of kids who are not in school; therefore, one method to raise the standard of learning in the country is by hiring more dedicated and qualified instructors.

You will have plenty of career opportunities and decent compensation, especially if you are a professor with a doctorate.


Soft abilities

Practical knowledge is unquestionably significant when it comes to employability skills in Pakistan. Here are a few soft skills employers are looking for right now.


Every aspect of a business depends on good communication. It also means you can articulate your viewpoint and share ideas, which aids teamwork and leadership.


Even though teamwork abilities are among the most important ones available, many people do not take the time to develop them.


Employers in Pakistan demand a wide variety of hard and soft abilities, as you can see.

Therefore, it might be advantageous to increase your competence in most of these areas, regardless of where you are in your career.

You can work on some of the top talents in Pakistan for employment and overcome the hurdles in the job market using the programs, micro-credentials, and Expert Tracks discussed throughout this post.

How To Sell On eBay From Pakistan

how to work on ebay from pakistan

Online businesses make fortunes for many people all over the world, so why not you can start to earn and have some chunks. There are not hundreds but thousands of methods to earn money online from anywhere in the world.

Ecommerce, freelancing, online selling, blogging, and affiliate marketing are a few common terms you may be aware of.

These are a few ways to earn online, and we are also working on one of these earning methods: online selling through eBay Pakistan.

eBay is the most buyer visited community after amazon. (Recently we have also published an article about working on Amazon from Pakistan). eBay is the second-largest marketplace with more than 180 million active buyers per month with about 70 billion market worth.

Moreover, the best thing is that you can add up easily as a seller by creating an account from anywhere in the world, including Pakistan. Yes, you can create an account on Pakistan, Id and phone number easily and can start selling from the comfort of your home.

You can sell goods from on eBay Pakistan to any other country globally and can enjoy your market chunk easily.

How To Sell On eBay From Pakistan: All Technicalities.

Currently, eBay is working in 30 plus countries and allowing them to sell through their seller central. But Pakistan cannot enjoy the same benefits as these thirty countries.

But still, there is the possibility that you can sell on eBay by sitting in Pakistan. The only challenge to selling on eBay from Pakistan is that Pakistan does not have PayPal authorization.

eBay uses PayPal as a payment gateway for all other countries, which are not allowed to attach their bank account details with seller central directly.

But no worries cause we have got the perfect solution to this problem.

But first, let’s get into a few more important steps which need to be done before any other step. Guess what it could? Yes, you caught it right. It is signing up on eBay so you can step into the world of online selling and earn passive income.

how to sell on ebay from pakistan

How To Signup On eBay As A Seller From Pakistan?

This is the most important step, and simply it is like setting up your shop to start selling goods. The signup process is quite simple and easy to follow, and to make it easier, we have cleared the process step by step in this signup guide. So all you have to do is to:

Follow These steps:

Registration section:

Start your online selling journey on eBay by heading to their main page.
AT the top right corner, you will see the sign-in and register option. Click on Register to sign up as an account holder.
You can choose between a personal account and a business account according to your preference. If you want to earn big without any listing restriction, go for a business account. Otherwise, personal is optimal.

Providing Credentials:

A screen will appear after selecting an account where certain credentials will be asked. Like, your name, email, password, and phone number.
Once you have done providing credentials, click on the register option.

Address and Shipping update:

Well, as a registered user, you are now able to update addresses and shipping from your account settings. You have to add more information which is required in account completion.
You have to add your company address and address for returns, and you can add this by the edit option.

Payment Method:

Now This is the step where Pakistani sellers can get stuck. Because the only option of payment is PayPal as you can only use this to receive sold goods payment from all over the world.

And things get disturbed here cause there is no PayPal service available in Pakistan. But not to worry because we have cleared the way out of this problem with a legal solution.

The only legal solution available in these conditions is to create a PayPal account in the name of any relative living abroad.

Like you can take the help of any friend or family member living in an eBay and PayPal service available countries and make an account on their name.

This will make it possible to sell on eBay from Pakistan, and you will be able to receive payment in their account. This way, you will get your money into your account after they transfer it to you.

When you are done with PayPal account creation, all you have to do is add a PayPal account as a payment method. That’s all you are done with all options, and you are clear to sell on eBay from Pakistan.

How will eBay Cut Its Commission or eBay Fee?

Well, eBay is the marketplace you will sell, surely it will charge you some money to earn its profit percent.

But let me clarify some facts that it does not cut commission directly from the purchase or an added PayPal account. It will cut commission separately from debit or credit card, which you will add separately.

So no direct cutting; you can pay off their percentage commission when you receive the payment into your account.

Attention To Some Obligation:

eBay stands out as a great business option for sellers as they can build their brands or sell any and everything from the comfort of home.

But few obligations can hang a sword on your head, and your account can be suspended.

The first one is not to deal outside of eBay with any customer because it will reveal personal ids, and the risk of fraud will increase. Moreover, you will be out of the eBay protection plan, which means if you are hit by fraud, they will not be guilty.

Do not use or sign in to the PayPal account attached with your eBay account because PayPal will immediately get suspended when opened on Pakistani id.

Most probably, your eBay account also got suspended for using fake account info. So be obliged to the rule and do not try to log in to your PayPal on Pakistani IP.

Listing Limitation of eBay:

This is another thing you will be introduced to when opening a new eBay seller account.

You will be provided with only 10 listings at the start as a new seller and a milestone of 500$ of sale.

It gradually increases with time, but in the initial stages, the new seller only has ten listings that he can offer to sell different products. This is the standard limit for eBay new sellers.

Free Listing Without Any Insertion Fee:

eBay sellers enjoy 50 free listings per month, on which they don’t have to pay ant insertion fees on these first 50 listings. But in case if you pass this no in the same month, you have to pay an insertion fee for every listing, which goes after the 50 listing number. For example, if you list 60 products in the same month, you will be charged insertion fees of an extra 10 listings, which are numbered after the 50th listing.

Listing Limits Increment:

Listing limits are increased after 3 months for new sellers. But for this, there is a criterion usually based on matrices and sales ratio. The better the metrics are, the better listing increment a seller can get.

Sales performance is another major factor; the better a sale and feedback a seller gets, the more positive eBay has to provide the listing limit increase.


How long do eBay selling limits last?
A: Normally, eBay listing limits are reviewed every 30 days for sellers, and the limit is increased if the performance, metrics, sales, and feedback are up to the mark.

Does eBay ban sellers?
A: Yes, eBay does ban sellers and buyers if they are not abiding by buying and selling rules. It can put the protection at risk for both buyer and seller.

What Cannot be sold on eBay?
A: A few items and products cannot be sold on eBay, like adult products and pharmaceutical drugs. “Drugs and drug paraphernalia. Embargoed goods and prohibited countries.”

Can you sell fake goods on eBay?
A: No, no item with a fake trademark or counterfeit identity is sellable on eBay. They are illegal according to the terms and conditions of eBay.

Do you have to pay if you win a bid on eBay?
A: Yes, within two days, you have to pay for the product you win in an auction by bidding. According to the eBay terms, you also have to pay for the buy now products within this period.


When you have a chance to earn passive income and create income streams that are more likely not as difficult as a physical business, why not take that chance.

I sorted it out to answer how to sell on eBay from Pakistan, and all the facts and figures are crystal clear. So the best you can do is pick a product or maybe several products and start selling them on eBay.

I am sure that this will be the best decision to start just right away.

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How to buy IDM License in Pakistan?

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How to sell Internationally on Amazon from Pakistan

It is not a secret that Amazon is the leader of the E-commerce market globally, and their turnover increases every year. And every retailer wants their products on Amazon’s marketplace because it provides them with access not only to customers in America but also all over the world.

Over 95 million premium register users and 150 million users/visitors provide an excellent opportunity to sellers to play their cards and get on board for selling their goods. After a long time, Pakistan is again added to the list of sellers in 2021. So, now the Pakistani community of eCommerce entrepreneurs has the chance to earn a lot of money by selling goods and Products on amazon from Pakistan.


How to start selling on Amazon in Pakistan

To gain entrance into the enormous amount of potential buyers’ venues, the first thing you need to do is to get yourself signed up as a seller. It is not hard to sign up.
Signup Link: You can open this link and Get yourself on the list of sellers.

But wait, you may ask, is that all you have to do? No,
This is the only first step of getting to the page of signup.
After you are on the signup page, scroll a bit down, and you will see an option of “Make Money.”

Now you will see another chance of pricing under the make money option. You will be able to see two different plans to carry on for selling on the Amazon platform.

If you consider selling less than 40 products a month on Amazon, an Individual plan is the best choice. But if you are going big and want to sell multiple products with a massive number of monthly sales, go with a Professional plan. This plan has a specific cost of around 40$ for extra service.

Amazon Seller Sign Up Guide for Pakistan:

Everything done the first time is a bit tricky. It is a simple process, but most people are doing it for the first time, so better you keep going with the guide. Not having proper guidance and doing even a single step wrong can cost you account suspension or IP suspension if not registered yet.

signup on amazon from pakistanSteps While Signing Up:

While now, you have done with the pricing plan and chose a selling plan. The next thing you need to provide is an email and choose a password for security reasons. Do remember your account email and password, as only one account is allowed on one IP.

OTP Verification:

After providing an email one time, the password (OTP) will be sent to the registered email by amazon to verify your account. And then click create an amazon account to get promoted to the next step.

Location and Business Type:

After email verification, the next question amazon will be asking is about your location, business type, and Full Name.
Always provide your original id proved name to get yourself cleared when identity is verified.

The business location informs amazon of your business, where you will set it up, or where you will sell your products. Amazon will verify it later, so it’s essential to provide an actual location.

You have to give a location where you are going to set up your company. So in simple terms, if you want to sell in the USA, you have to set up a company in the USA. You may get confused about how that is possible as Pakistan can only sell from Pakistan, but they cannot sell in Pakistan.

So how is this even possible?

Here you have to take service of virtual residency address providers and bank account holders. It is not hard if you take a good service provider to set it up for you. And it costs around 1500$ approximately for setting up a company along with the registration in the USA.

Business Type:
While signing up, you will be asked what type of business you want to set up on amazon. You can choose from multiple options stated below.

Publicly owned business:
publicly owned company is stated as a trademark registered on the public domain, and multiple shareholders are trading their shares, and owners keep changing. The one with a higher percentage is the one with high authority on the selling company.

State-owned business:
State own business as its name indicates which is stated under the name of a specific state of a country.

Privately-owned business:
A privately owned business means you have complete control, and you are the only authorized person of the company. The whole company is registered in your name.

In simple terms, you are the individual boss. But the company is running with the help of multiple employees you have hired.

If your business is running for charity or owned by a charity organization to support their NGOs and organizations for helping perspectives, then you can choose the charity business option.

None, I am an individual:
As we discussed earlier, you can choose an individual plan or a professional plan. If you have selected a particular program and want to run your business individually without any help and support, this is a viable option.

To make it simple for you, we can consider that your personal signing up is done. Let’s get your business registered with Amazon.

This is how you get yourself registered. The next is providing necessary information about your business to get on board for selling in one of the largest e-commerce marketplaces.

Providing Personal Information:
Now at this point your all type of identities you provided earlier will be verified, and amazon will ask for multiple proofs to check whether it was all original things you provided or just fake ids.

The first thing you will be asked for is citizenship proves me your id card to verify your name and country. Your date of birth, along with your business firm address and also phone no. to verify your address, they will send you a postcard containing a verification code.

 verify address on amazon pakistan

This verification ends will startup the choice section of the marketplace. It is about which venue you select to sell your product. Amazon is a global marketplace, and you can choose which country is your preferred one, and you are going to sell your product in this specific country. Pakistan cannot be selected as a marketplace, so you will provide a virtual address you have bought. If you have purchased a USA address, you will choose the USA marketplace. If you have selected any other country, then go with that marketplace.

Short note:

You should be aware that you have to choose that particular marketplace to sell to a specific market. it is not possible to sell in all markets at once. You should have a verifiable marketplace address to sell in that country or marketplace.

Billing Information Updating:
The next step is adding billing information. In this step, you have to provide your credit card number. And credit cards are verified when you place an expiry date you provide. If you are using any fake card, it will cause suspension of your IP. And you will never be able to make an account on this specific IP address.

Store Information:

In this section, you will be asked to provide information about what you are about to sell on Amazon. Likewise few things they will ask for are:

Name Of amazon store
If you are a Brand owner or manufacturer of your product.
If you have UPCs of the product or not.
You also need a trademark and provide it to amazon if you are selling as a brand owner.

Last Step Of Sign Up Process Is Complete Account Verification:

Now we consider you have provided all information original and your all provided information was also verified by amazon perfectly.

At last, your account will show a business verification code page where you have to give the code sent to you by postcard. If you have received it, you have to provide it here.

It usually gets to you within seven days after you are all up ready for selling on Amazon while sitting in Pakistan.

How to sell On amazon from Pakistan after signing up?

Signup is just an initial step of selling on amazon. The next turn is how you will choose what to sell or where to start your selling journey.

This is all along a different process. But the main thing to create has a seller account which we consider you have in hand by following the procedure.

Let’s follow up on the next step how you will start selling on amazon from Pakistan.

How To Choose Marketplace?

If you want to start selling on Amazon, the first thing is to choose a marketplace.
For an instant, there are multiple marketplaces available where you can sell. If you are short on investment, you can go for a private label in Australia and Germany, etc.,
but if you have a good piece of money in hand, you can go to the primary market of Amazon, which is the USA and UK. These marketplaces need serious money to start selling on amazon from Pakistan.

Brand Name Selection:

A trustworthy name makes a responsible company that could be a multimillionaire company within a few years. Brand names should be simple yet attractive and mean something related to your next step, product selection. So it is essential to choose a good reputation for your brand products.

Company And Trademark Registration:

Now that you have a good brand name ready to get the glory of the world, the next thing you will carry up is registering your company and brand name.

This is for those entrepreneurs who are going with a brand introduction in the market.
And it’s better if you are launching your brand because without a brand, there are many copycats which can get your listing hijacked, and you will freefall from the top to last in no time.

Get your trademark registered and a company registered in your chosen marketplace. This will make you eligible to launch a brand in your chosen marketplace.

Product Selection:
A question every seller will ask before getting into selling is what he should sell?
It is not like what you like. You can sell, don’t take your business as your hobby, take it as your passion; product selection is not the only thing. It is everything when it comes to selling on amazon.

Most Pakistani people with manufacturers and production companies may want to get their products to sell on amazon. But Amazon is not viable for every field.

Every country and marketplace has different requirements, so taking a product out of nowhere will not make you earn money. But in most cases, you will lose all your money. So to get rid of this problem, the best thing is to get on a criterion to select a product. Learn about marketplaces and make yourself informed about the needs and wants of a buyer.
Because every product does not sell, but some products sell like crazy.

The two best methods to choose a product are to create a product that can solve a problem. And the other is to sell an existing product which has high sales but very low competition.

So, start thinking and come up with an ideal product according to the chosen marketplace. And just start selling on Amazon from Pakistan.

Sourcing and Production:

Having a good product is the best thing but sourcing it with a good profit margin is the best approach. Is sourcing producing or buying a product from other whole sellers Didn’t you get the point? Let me explain.

Consider you have come up with a good product in hand, which is not the season, nor has any other cons, and you know it can sell like crazy. To be exact, it is the ideal product, but the only thing which is stopping you is sourcing and its cost.
It costs around 10 dollars per piece, and you are selling it only in 15, and the gross profit out of this is only 1 dollar per piece.
If you sell 5000 pieces monthly, you have to buy an inventory of 50000$ per month.
But after cost-cutting and amazon commission cutting which is 15% to up to 40% on some products, you will earn only maybe 4500 to 5000$ per month, and your profit margin will be only 10%.

It seems to be fine from this angle but consider sales drops to 500 only now the inventory is stuck, and you are only earning 500$ per month. Boom, you are hit loss value because your inventory is not selling well enough to generate a good profit.

But now come up on the other side if your product has cost less than 10$ after sourcing, the profit margin may have increased to a level where you can manage everything without hitting the loss point.

If you have sourced it in 5 dollars, your profit would have increased to 35 %, and this is the margin where you can bear some stuck inventory, and after liquidation, you can again set up your listing with the same or another valued product for good profits.

Ranking And Listing Strategy:
Last But the Most Important step is getting sales out of your chosen market. What is the advantage of listing a product on Amazon if you are not getting deals? Our primary concern is to earn by selling goods and products, but if you are not getting sales your all money, time, and energy you invested will be in vain.

Don’t ever think that we will select a product and just place it on amazon, and boom, we are out of stock everything sold. No, it is never going to happen. No matter how good your product is, you will not get a single product if it is not listed correctly.

Correctly listing means optimizing the listing according to the selected product category and then making a strategy to get yourself ranked.
How will you rank? Answer: PPC Campaigns:

Yes, PPC (pay per click) campaigns. These are advertising movements you as a seller can run the high you bid on a keyword the most clicks, and your ad will show on the top.
But over-bidding can also cost sales more than the profit margin of a particular product. The best you can go with is to choose accordingly,

for example. If your product is a high competition product, you can search for related keywords and target your ads on those keywords.

This will reduce bid costs. If your product is low competition, go for the exact match keyword, and you can place bids for specific times, which you can analyze by previous ads’ progress. From all above, the best is to experiment and get to a neutral point with the least (ACOS). The lower is ads cost more sales will be profitable.


Above mentioned techniques are a proven method of signup and clear the query of how to sell on amazon from Pakistan. Everything is described according to the needs of sellers. Be sure to follow up the guide to ignore any drawbacks. Go for learning before getting into this business because this is a severe investment business, and not every person with any can enjoy its benefits. So be wise to choose every aspect to enjoy a profitable business.

Best Freelance Websites For Beginners In Pakistan

Top Best Freelancing Websites in Pakistan
Freelancing is a stable working environment for millions of talented Pakistani professionals and field experts. Pakistan youth actively curate their skills set to have good hands on international projects to earn a valued income stream. Technology evolution brings multiple changes and the freelancing platform is one of the greatest one. People can outsource their projects from small office works to large company targeted leads by hiring freelancers. Well not every country is in the pursuit of providing services but Pakistan is actively working in this online earning niche. And talented people are working on top freelance platforms in Pakistan to provide quality service that no one can offer.


What is Freelancing:

By simple means freelancing is a type of remote job based on a project, hourly or per day pay system rather than a normal per month salary based job. When we talk about freelancing most of Asian countries are involved in freelance work as they can be hired on low salaries as compared to per month employees. Now hiring a full time worker for a logo design or two articles per month can be very expensive. So, what people do is they find people around the world and outsource their official or personal tasks/work. Outsource helps them to hire a freelancer or a remote worker to design a logo or curate an article or any task they want to be done.

How Freelancing Works?

Freelancing is a mutual benefits sharing system where the system works like “you scratch my back I scratch yours”. People with a task in hand hire a freelancer to get it done at a reasonable one time payment. So rather than hiring a permanent employee per month they hire someone remotely and get their work done by professionals in no time. Freelancing saves time and money for both freelancers and project providers. Freelancers get paid according to their project and work provided by service buyers. The person hiring people/freelancer can get their work done with ease without any extra expense.

Best Freelance Websites For Beginners In Pakistan

Pakistan’s growth in the freelancing field is enormous and they are featured in top 10 countries with best freelancing service providers. Yet the USA is on the top with more than half a million freelancers working. Pakistan’s last year growth was shocking with a percentage of 69% i n total it has accumulated many skill based fields. It is making a good image in the freelancing world community by providing services no one can match. Due to quality work assurance, service buyers trust Pakistani freelancers and get most of their work done through them.

Top Freelance Websites For Beginners In Pakistan actively use to get hired by service buyers are mentioned below.

1) in pakistan
Being the oldest stable working freelance platform, freelancers is one of the most trusted freelance website for Pakistan and all over the world. Its headquarters are situated in Australia, Sydney to be exact. has enabled the youth to work according to their preference of time. It enables them to have a freely working system without any boss on the head and restriction of the office cabins. has a simple system of free signup without any charges both for buyer and seller. Sellers sign up to sell their service and bid on multiple projects to get hired by buyers. If the sellers credentials match with the buyer requirements they can start working together.

Freelancers Share:
Freelancer shares 20% cut from profit of a freelancer whatever a buyer pays if they get hired. Payment Methods Pakistan:
Freelancers provide three different payment gateways but two are working in Pakistan: Express funds transfer directly to the Bank for Pakistan is enabled. Skrill is also a payment wallet for withdrawals. Third is PayPal but it is not available in Pakistan.

Facts and Features:

  1. Bids are free but limited for free users.
  2. Multiple Payment System.
  3. Better job selection.
  4. Easy to use format

Upwork in pakistan
According to upwork stats of 2020 freelancing GDP was higher than construction GDB and it stood on more than 1 trillion market in the corresponding year. This is what a powerful platform can provide you in its relevant field for freelancers. Upwork provides a better bidding experience with a large number of job postings per day. The platform provides equal chances of getting hired. Try to come up with a better proposal and cover letter to have something good in your bucket. Maybe you hit your monthly profit in days.

First Choice:
Upwork is a first choice platform for most Pakistani freelancers due to its low cost bidding and free connects. At the same time they deduct 20% of your total earnings you earn from selling service.

Connects for bidding:
Connects is the means of connecting to buyers. These are used to send proposals for a job and you get 10 free connects per month. But if you run out you can buy as low as 0.15 cents.

Upwork Payment Methods Pakistan:
Upwork provides multiple payment options for both withdrawal and deposit systems. You can use direct bank and payoneer as the easiest ways of withdrawal and deposit.

Fact and Features:

  1. 10 Connects free per month.
  2. Jobs can cost 6 connects.
  3. Buy Connects in 0.15 cents
  4. Multiple payment methods
  5. Clear stats of buyers and sellers.

fiverr in pakistan
The best freelance websites for beginners in Pakistan is Fiverr. As fiverr platforms allow you to enjoy maximum benefits for every freelancer and buyer. No matter what your skills are you can sell them if they are making a way out for a person. This is best Freelancing websites for students in Pakistan, This freelancing platform is most used in Pakistan to kick-start their freelancing journey. It provides multiple benefits like 10 buyer requests per day you can use to bid with your cover letter. You have 7 gigs at the start to showcase your skills in the form of these gigs. Price ranging categories to help you create a range of skills and their price accordingly.

Beginners Friendly:
If you have freshly learned a new skill and you want to test its demand and your progress then you should go with Fiverr. Its benefits are the same for every user, it depends on how you perform and get a seller badge to have extra benefits.

Fiverr Payment Methods Pakistan:
It provides three different payment options but Payoneer is the only means of payment receiving option available in Pakistan. You can create a free account of payoneer and connect it with jazz cash or bank account.

Fact and Features:

  1. Single payment option for Pakistan
  2. 10 per day bids.
  3. Earn badges levels.

peopleperhour in pakistan
Peopleperhour is an underrated freelancing platform but Pakistanis are way more active on this platform in comparison to other countries. The Pakistan freelance community is working on multiple channels of freelancing and peopleperhour is one of them. People can easily get hired with proper profiles and descriptions along with killing cover letters by buyers due to less competition as compared to other freelance platforms. People consider upwork, fiverr and freelancer as their first means but peopleperhour have great opportunities for new workers also. In my opinion I would say the above mentioned platforms are a bit saturated in few fields so trying a new one can provide better chances of hiring.

Low competition:
As compared to other freelance markets like upwork,fiverr and freelancer peopleperhour is considered to be less competitive and it’s easy to catch a fish in a river where very few hunters are hunting for fish rather than a lake with hundreds of fish but thousands of catchers. .

Peopleperhour Payment Methods Pakistan.
PPH provides three different currencies payouts but pakistan can withdraw only USDs so convert other two into usd to withdraw them in your payoneer account.

Facts and Features:

  1. High conversion due to low competition.
  2. Payment method is only payoneer for pakistan
5) in pakistan

Guru is another freelance website actively used by freelance gurus to promote their field expertise. This is another freelance website for Pakistani’s where you can try to sell your expertise. Having a good hand on a skill makes you eligible to work on any freelance platform and if you have the talent to pursue then this field is a gold mine. But never jump from one platform to another without having proper knowledge of the platform. is a simple to use website where you can search for job postings related to your field and win a job by writing an undeniable cover letter.

Dashboard Facility: pertains to dashboard system formats which help you to collect data and requirements of your customers to start working on the project.

Payment Gateways:
Having a versatile payment system you can have your payment through wire transfer, bank account and payoneer for pakistan. Paypal is also available for out regions.

Facts and Features:

  1. Buy You can buy 20 bids in 10$
  2. Low competition
  3. User friendly format

Specific Skill Related Platform:

There are in demand skills which pursue different platforms to allow same mind set service sellers and buyers to communicate easily. These platforms are more used for a specific set of skills selling and buying. It is also getting hype due to the concept of getting multiple choices to choose from. It may be alot to digest but simple examples can clear your way out.

6) 99designs:


This website is perfect for practicing as well as earning money along with project completion. It is not like classic platforms it is more of like the best from the rest wins. In this platform designers don’t need portfolios to get selected but the designs they will create according to the requirements of buyers. In simple terms the buyer’s post all the information of their required design and sets a budget sometimes. The seller, no matter if it is a beginner or a professional, designs according to the requirement and their creativity then submits it to sellers. So if they select your design you will get paid, it is more of like a contest for the best from all wins.

Payment method: offers two payment systems for withdrawal one is payoneer which is applicable for pakistan and other is paypal but it is not available yet in pakistan so payoneer is the only option for pakistani freelancers.

Facts and Features:

  1. The best wins the money.
  2. But designs could be copied.
  3. Buyers Budget is good + Tip
Freelancing gigs writing: is a website specified for writers where they can apply for specified writing jobs and earn good money. This website does not have tons of traffic but still has enough clients that you can handle and earn a handsome amount of it. Pakistan is the hub for four main skills. writing , designing, amazon services and developing but still people in the field of writing are more often than other skills because it is quick money if you can curate something engaging out of topics.

Pakistani are well known for their creative ideas and for sure this writing gig can perform better for you if you are up for top freelance platform in Pakistan especially in the writing niche.

Payment Gateways:
It provides 7 different payment options and Pakistan can use 5 out of these seven as paypal is not active but still you can bank transfer, wire transfer or payoneer transfer to withdraw an amount easily.

Facts and Features:

  1. Multiple payment gateways.
  2. High Paying Jobs.
  3. High Ratio Of Selection.
  4. Low volume but permanent clients

How To Start Your Career In Freelancing?

Well if you want to be part of the freelancing community you have to clear up three factors. Focus on one thing, Hard and smart work with consistency.

Focus on one thing:

do not try to do everything

Freelancing is quick money if you have the potential deal quickly and your skill is in demand but less in competition. If you are a complete newbie and freelancing is just a word of mouth for you but interested in the field then start pushing your limits. Begin to hunt for in demand skills and learn them, practice them until you feel confident enough to provide services.

The best criteria to choose a skill is to choose according to your taste and interest. You like to design but you saw a person earning more from developing and this created an urge to learn developing. Believe me if the case is something related to this you will surely be going to fail. Just Always choose what you prefer doing over and over again because you enjoy doing it.

Work Smart and hard to Achieve:
Freelancing I agree it is a quick source of income with minimum effort but things are not easy from the first day. This field is perfect if you are willing to pay full attention with hard and smart working capability. You may ask what part is most difficult while getting into the step of working from focus?
The part that made me wait for years to get into the working unit was loss of focus and confidence.
Believe in yourself and be confident about your skills and learning. Always focus on one thing. Smart work is choosing wisely before starting to learn and earn. Money is an temptation and it’s good if you are taking it as motivation. Money is a by product so keep it that way and don’t fall into greed. Work hard to learn and work smart to earn, the best skill to accompany your talent is communication so work on it also.


Being Persistent may lead you to the door
This is the point where youth fails, they don’t want to wait for it, they just want to rush on things which create a mess and they end up failing. Focus and hard work will be all in vain if you are not consistent with your work. Learning an hour daily will make you an observer and learning 8 hours once a week will make you bored and demotivating. Never compare yourself with anyone as everyone has their own motivation to work. People work for their family ,for their life, for their parents. If you don’t want to work for any of these you can find your motivation. But be consistent. Whatever you do sticks like gum and suck it all out of your field.


Having plenty of time to spend with family, with friends and with loved ones is the primary choice of people. People want to be financially independent to live the life they want to. But getting stuck at a point where you can’t have any of these make you feel like you are nothing. Freelancing is a field that has the potential to provide you with both things. Quality time spending and standard living you want.
The best thing about freelancing is you are not bound to limits, you don’t have any boss sitting on your head to check your productivity. It’s only you and your clients working along with each other for mutual benefits. You can earn up to 2000$ a month by working 4 hours a day only. Yes it is possible to achieve but you have to work day and night to get yourself settled. Once you reach the stability in freelancing you can have everything you ever wanted.

Buy PUBG UC (Unknown Cash) in Pakistan

Buy Pubg UC in Pakistan

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You can buy PUBG UC in Pakistan from us, We have no limits for PUBG UC you can buy as much as you need.
We directly send the UC to your given PUBG ID, So you keep playing your game and leave the tension of loading PUBG UC on us.

How can you pay us?

To buy the PUBG UC in Pakistan you can pay us Pakistani Rupees via following payment methods.

  1. PUBG UC via EasyPaisa
  2. PUBG UC via Jazz Cash
  3. PUBG UC Pakistani Bank Account.

Buy PUBG UC via Bank Transfer.

Its very easy to buy PUBG UC by sending us the Pakistani Rupees through Bank Transfer using Internet Banking or You can also send us the payment using the ATM card at the ATM (machines).

What Do you need to provide?

We directly send the UC to your Pubg ID so we required only 2 things from you to send the UC.

  1. PUBG ID (Character ID)
  2. Name on Account

How To Check And Share Your PUBG Character ID?

Step 1: Start PUBG Mobile and click on the avatar (The Pubg Profile Photo) on the top-left corner.
Step 2: Your PUBG Mobile Player ID will be displayed as shown.
Step 3: Copy that Pubg ID or Write it down directly while submitting the order at our website.
You can download Pubg Mobile from Playstore.

How to Check The Name on a Pubg Account?

Your name is written along with the ID on the same page on which you see the character ID of PUBG.

how to check pubg id pakistan

How long does it take to send Pubg UC?

After receiving the payment and the transaction details from your side we complete your order within one hour.

What is PUBG UC?

UC stands for Unknown Cash is the in-game currency, You can use it to purchase Premium items.
If you just play the game and you don’t know what PubG UC is and you’ve just landed on this page, let me tell you what it is.
PUBG UC is a kind of money that is used to buy anything within the game.

Without it you can’t make any purchases in the game.

For example: If you want to buy a Royale Pass in Pubg or if you like a dress in PUBG and you want that dress to be attached to your character or want your character to wear that, then you have to buy that dress. The money that is given to buy that dress is given in the form of UC and their price is also mentioned in UC. If you buy anything within PUBG Game, You cannot buy that without UC.

Why Emoneypk instead of the PUBG default system?

When you buy the PUBG UC from us, you pay us the only amount visible on our web page and NO hidden fee, If you buy the UC using the PUBG App itself, you have to pay the fees.

For example: if you buy UC by adding your debit card or credit card to the Pubg App, you will have to pay a debit or credit card fee along with the cost of UC.

How To Place Order.

Submit Order

To buy pubg uc in cheap price Simple Click on This link or the button above to submit your order.

How is PayPal available in Pakistan

is paypal available in pakistan

How is PayPal available in Pakistan

Usually, you would searching on the internet whether PayPal is available in Pakistan or not, Can you get a PayPal account in Pakistan?
Or how to get PayPal account in Pakistan، Before discussing all these things, we will discuss what PayPal is۔

How does PayPal work?

PayPal is not a bank, but it works almost like a bank. Money sent from PayPal is immediately added to the user’s account. The receiver can use it immediately, forward it or withdraw it to their bank account.
It also means that you do not need to share your credit card details on any website. You can directly send money from your account to any other account without giving your information.

What is so significant about PayPal in Pakistan?

If you want to do any business online, whether it is freelancing or e-commerce, you need an account to receive payments from your clients.
When you do any online business, the first and most important thing is how you will receive payments/money from your clients?
PayPal is an International Payment method which is used to receive payments from worldwide.

For example, you live in Pakistan and set up an online website where you provide graphic designing services to the people.
Now if someone who lives in a foreign country wants to use your services, send you payment via PayPal to get your services,
In the past, people used to send manual cash payments, in which they had to go to the offices of different service providers and pay cash. Then you received the cash in Pakistan, the procedure would be quite long, and no person would be going through this and will not follow the problematic procedure when he has a secure method i.e. PayPal.
By using PayPal, you can grow your business, grow your customers simultaneously. You need to sit at home or in the office to receive notifications of money via e-mail. As you receive the notification of Payment, You can deliver your work right away and do more people’s work.

What makes PayPal so accessible?

One of the main reasons for the popularity of PayPal is the people’s trust in it. If anything purchased on PayPal is not up to standard, then PayPal gives clients the option to open a dispute with their respective vendors. You can talk about the purchased item, and if the relevant vendor does not give an acceptable answer or tries to commit any kind of s-c-a-m, you can get your PayPal payment back.

It is not the case that the payment sender can get his payment back in a single click even after receive the same product or services.
PayPal also gives full time to the service/product provider to speak in their favor and tell them if they have provided the right and quality services.

Peace of Mind

Your purchases are secure and backed by PayPal for fraud detection.

Purchase Protection

If you have purchased something and they do not meet your standards, PayPal refunds you with a fee.

Is PayPal available in Pakistan?

We often hear that PayPal does not work in Pakistan, But at the same time, we hear that people are using PayPal account somewhere in Pakistan, So the question that usually comes to everyone’s mind is how PayPal is being used in Pakistan?
Today we will try to answer all your questions in this Post,

PayPal in Pakistan.

You can open the PayPal website in Pakistan, You can sign up but you can’t verify your account because PayPal doesn’t allow Pakistani people to verify their accounts with them.

First of all, let us understand how PayPal verification works?

First step:
To verify your PayPal account you need to add a bank account or credit card, Depending on the country of your selected PayPal account.

Second Step:
Once the card or Bank details are added and approved in PayPal account, now you have to send your documents to PayPal.
When you send your documents to PayPal, PayPal verifies your account by verifying your documents and bank account, matching both.

Since creating a PayPal account is not allowed in Pakistan, when you create an account and try to add a bank account, you do not see Pakistan’s option in the list of countries available.

So for this, it is necessary that you are in a country whose name is in the list of PayPal or you have the details of that country which you can add to your PayPal account while living in Pakistan.
Ok so now you live in Pakistan and do not have a PayPal account, but still required one?

An outsider friend or relative

If you want to verify your PayPal account in Pakistan, you need to have either a friend in a foreign country or any of your relatives.
You can create a PayPal account on your relative name, Get all the details from your friend or relative, signup with all the details you have on your relative name.
You will have to use your relative name, address, and number.

PayPal is Banned in Pakistan?

PayPal is not banned in Pakistan, PayPal does not prevent you from using PayPal in Pakistan, You cannot verify your PayPal account as a Pakistani resident but you can use some one’s elses PayPal account in Pakistan.

If PayPal limits my account for using in Pakistan?

For suppose, you have created the Paypal account using your friend or relative information, and verified it through all the available methods on PayPal following to your Country.

Now if any time, PayPal put temporary limits to your PayPal account with asking why you using PayPal in a country Pakistan where PayPal is not allowed?
Once PayPal send you notification of this, You can communicate with them, and guide them that My account is real, And I am staying in Pakistan for some business purpose. That is why I am using PayPal in pakistan.

In response, you can tell PayPal that I am a businessman and I visit different countries, which is why sometimes I am in Pakistan and sometimes in another country.

Because your account is real, PayPal will ask you to re-verify your account with documents or phone number (through sms or call), As you have all the required information you can resend to the PayPal and that is it, your PayPal is working again in Pakistan.
You can always restore your access by sending the relevant documents.

I do not have any friends or relatives outside. Can I have a PayPal account?

Yes, if any of your relatives or friends are not out there you can still get PayPal account in Pakistan.
we offer Verified PayPal accounts in Pakistan, You can get PayPal account in Pakistan using our services, to read about PayPal accounts availability and other details please visit concerned page: PayPal account in Pakistan

Why do you need a PayPal account in Pakistan?

If you want to buy any software from the internet or any service on the internet with PayPal, I would recommend you to not go with getting your own PayPal account, but instead, use our Pay for me service in which we can pay for you from our PayPal account and you can pay us PKR in return.
With Pay for me method, You can also eliminate the risk of holding a PayPal account in Pakistan.

  • Where can we pay for you?
  • Need to purchase software with PayPal in Pakistan?
  • Paying your Web Hosting fee
  • Making payment to your freelancers with PayPal.
  • Buying Templates/Themes for your CMD
  • Shopping from eBay

is paypal available in pakistan

Is PayPal safe to use?

PayPal is a very safe and fast way to send or receive money.


You can get a PayPal account, You just have to give it bit time with the help of your relative or Friend.
Even if you don’t have your friend or relative is in a foreign country, you can still get a PayPal account using our services.
If you do not want to use our services, you will still find many such services on the Internet that make you a PayPal account.
Once you will have your own PayPal account, This allows you to easily transfer your earnings from the freelance websites to your PayPal account.
Or you can buy anything on the internet with PayPal.

Kaspersky Internet Security, Antivirus in Pakistan

Kaspersky in Pakistan

As the world of the Internet grows, so does the number of computer hackers. This is why your computer needs to have antivirus.
If you’re running your computer without anti-virus these days, you’re putting your computer, and Your own data is at high risk as well.

How get Kaspersky Antivirus in Pakistan?

After you pay us for the software, We send you the software license Key on your email.

  1. You download the Setup of Antivirus from Official Website of Kaspersky
  2. The license key you received on your email from us.
  3. You can active your Kaspersky using the license key you received from us.

About Kaspersky Antivirus in Pakistan

  • For 1 PC DEVICE
  • Expiry: 1 YEAR
  • Price PKR.2640 9239

    Order Now

There are many anti-viruses available on the Internet, but the question is which antivirus should we use in Pakistan?

You should choose an antivirus that completely protects your computer as well as protects the data you processed on the Internet.

You might be aware of Antivirus and must be using any antivirus in your computer to save your computer from a virus or malware.
If you are using free antivirus software on your computer, you are on risk, and it’s time to buy antivirus for your computer, which can protect you & your important data.

Why buy Antivirus in Pakistan?

Paid Anti-virus provides you with the slightest to a very high level of security that is very important to your computer.
Which protects you from the WebCam Hijacks & hides browsing, also blocks the phishing attacks.

Free antivirus software mostly provide low-level protection to your computer, it can scan your computer and detect the malware or virus, but it may not remove it because you are using the free version,

Paid antivirus benefits

  1. Real-time antivirus protection
  2. Blocks ransomware and cryptolockers
  3. Not to slow you down.
  4. Lets your PC perform as it’s designed to
  5. Best antiphishing score.
  6. Firewall with powerful application control.
  7. Automated security patching.
  8. Webcam protection.

What this Kaspersky in Pakistan includes?

Defends against Randsomeware , viruses and others

Kasperskyp will never slow down your computers, It will protect you silently.

It simple to use & setup the kaspersky.

Privacy Priority.
This will help you to stop webcam hijacks & hides browsing  on PC.

Protecting Your Money
Launches encrypted browser to protect online transactions

Order Now

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  1. If I format my computer, can I then re-activate this license?: NO, You can only use this license once, not later.
  2. Can I use it on more than one computer:  No, It is for one device only.
  3. Does this includes Kaspersky VPN?  No, VPN is not part of this license key.