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Fiverr Payment Method in Pakistan, without Paypal


What is Fiverr, Fiverr is available in Pakistan?

Yes Fiverr is available in Pakistan, Fiverr is a global online marketplace An online bazaar where you can sell & buy services, Beginning at the cost of $5 per job, hence its name the specialty is you can choose many services under 5$. Many freelancers are available at Fiverr to offer services to customers on a global scale.

How Fiverr can be helpful to you in Pakistan?

If you are an entrepreneur, if you are in SEO business, if you do anything with Internet marketing, you can find excellent services on Fiverr, Thousand of services are available on the Fiverr which you can enjoy in 5$ only, Graphic & design, Digital Marketing, Writing & Translation, Video & Animations, Online Sketch, Mobile Apps or you want to get your website designed, Or You might want to market your Facebook page to gain more Likes on your Facebook page, and all sort of exceptional services.

Each Service is Called Gig on Fiverr
The gig is a service offered on Fiverr’s website. For example, a Gig can be “I will create an intro video of your business” or “I’ll market your Facebook page for likes.”

Fiverr Payment Service in Pakistan

Fiverr Payment Method in Pakistan

Fiverr Payment Methods in Pakistan, Fiverr accepts the Bank transactions from Pakistani Bank account, Fiverr do Accepts EasyPaisa, Mobicash, and Ubl Omni payments? Yes or NO, Yes, But wait how? We will pay for you to get fiverr services in Pakistan and in return, you can Pay us in Bank, EasyPaisa, Mobicash, and UBL Omni,

How to pay on fiverr from Pakistan

How to pay on fiverr from Pakistan,  Fiverr do accepts PayPal & Credit Card for Pakistan users, and as we can expect you don’t have your own PayPal in Pakistan?  We are here for you, and we can pay for you on Fiverr in Pakistan for buying any gigs and services within your Fiverr account. By “Within your Fiverr account” we mean you will provide us Fiverr gig link with your Fiverr account and we will buy that gig through our PayPal account, and you will have all the access to the Gig details under your Fiverr account.

How to Pay for Fiverr Without PayPal

How to pay for Fiverr without paypal, You didn’t require your PayPal account to pay on Fiverr in Pakistan if you using our services, Being a Pakistani Fiverr user, you might don’t have your own PayPal account in Pakistan, there is nothing to worry, you can still use Fiverr in Pakistan without PayPal, We will pay for you on Fiverr with our PayPal account, Just send us the gig link which you want to buy and pay us PKR in return according to our rates, we will obtain the gig instantly for you from Fiverr.

Your Question and Answers.

  • The minimum limit for the Fiverr transaction is: 5$
  • How much time does it take to pay for you?: One hour after receiving PKR and details from you.
  • What did we require from you?: Fiverr account details and gig link or any other instructions to pay on Fiverr.

Benefit of using our Fiverr Payment services

  • No need to manage your PayPal account in Pakistan.
  • No need to store fund in your PayPal account.
  • No Need to attach your Credit Card to any website.
  • No Need to Attach your Debit Card to any website.
  • No risk of loosing PayPal fund.
  • You save PayPal Money Receiving Fee.
  • Pay us PKR and get instant Payment on Fiverr.
  • Payment will be done within your Fiverr account (Your fiverr and our PayPal account)
  • Get full access to gig/order details as we will order within your fiverr account.

How you can pay us PKR?

To get fiverr services in Pakistan or Fiverr deposit money services without PayPal, you can pay us PKR with following options.

  • Local Pakistani Bank transfer to Fiverr
  • EasyPaisa to Fiverr in Pakistan
  • Mobicash/JazzCash to Fiverr in Pakistan
  • UBL Omni To Fiverr in Pakistan

Submit Order or Add us on Skype
You can also send us the details on email or for any further question you can also Contact us

Skrill Merchant Payment Error with Mastercard

Skrill does not allow you to use the fund deposited with Mastercard on merchant websites, when you do try you get error on merchant website payment page, Skrill not accepting Mastercard fund for merchants, Skrill indicates about this issue to you on the Skrill fund deposit page, You see exactly this error on the fund deposit page,

Funds deposited with Mastercard® can only be used for Money Transfers and Prepaid cards.
If you wish to make merchant payments using Mastercard®, please do so directly on the merchant website by selecting Mastercard® (where available) from the Skrill payment option.

skrill-in-pakistan-services (1)

You can see the error in the above screen shot “Your available balance excludes 108.00 USD uploaded with Mastercard® and these funds cannot be used for payments to merchants.”

Want to Make Payment with Skrill in Pakistan?

If you still wanted to make payment with Skrill in Pakistan on any website or merchant, nothing to worry, You can use our services, we can either pay directly for you to the merchant website using your merchant website account and our Skrill Account, OR You can get Skrill in Pakistan directly to your account using our services, we will directly send fund to your Skrill account and you can use them any where without any limits.

What makes it different?

The different is simple, Due to security reasons Skrill does not allow you to use the fund deposited with Master Card on merchant websites, but we do not send you fund in your skrill account using master card, we buy the fund from the freelancers , online workers, and our fund comes from account to account without using any Master Card or Visa Card, and we will send fund from our Skrill Account to your Skrill Account.

Procedure to get Skrill in Pakistan?

You pay us PKR according to our daily Skrill rates, and we do send fund to your Skrill account, it is as simple as it looks,
Skrill rates are mentioned in our daily rate list widget which can be found at right side in the middle of our website.

How You can pay us to get Skrill in Pakistan?

You can pay us PKR in our Bank account to get PKR to Skrill account in USD, you can also choose,

  1. EasyPaisa To Skrill
  2. Bank to Skrill Deposit
  3. Jazz Cash to Skrill
  4. Mobicash To Skrill
  5. UBL Omni To Skrill

Procedure for order,

  1. Submit your order for adding fund to your Skrill account here. You need to create account/signup before submitting order.
  2. You will get our bank or EasyPaisa/mobicash details in orderticket/Email reply.
  3. Following to your payment method, Pay us PKR against your order.
  4. Provide us information as we asked by us in the order details.
  5. We almost takes an hour to proceed your order after receiving and verifying your payment.

Few of merchant websites which accept Skrill as Payment Method

  • (Licensed Stock Images)
  • (Digital Gaming Marketplace)
  • (Web hosting & domain services provider)
  • (Shutterstock is a stock photography, stock footage, stock music, and editing tools provider.
  • (Skype payment in Pakistan, For international calls)
  • (Online Games)
  •  (Website Builder)

By using our services you can enjoy using international services provider services in Pakistan using Skrill as a payment method, there are many platforms available over the internet which accept Skrill as payment method few of them mentioned above.

Shop Online From AliExpress in Pakistan


AliExpress in Pakistan

People using AliExpress in Pakistan for online shopping from many years, but it has become increasingly popular in Pakistan now a days, Everyone have Aliexpress in there minds when it comes to online shopping in Pakistan and to browse and buy products at low prices.

As you all know AliExpress is a big online retailer managed & owned by The Alibaba Group, a billion dollar company which started as a business-to-business buying and selling portal. With Aliexpress they have managed expanded to business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer, cloud computing, and payment services, as well.

If you don’t know about AliBaba, Just for the information how big they are and to give you an rough idea, They reported over $14 billion in sales on Singles Day, 11 November, 2015.

Shopping imported products from AliExpress online shopping in Pakistan is the most demanding facility. You can do it yourself if you have the payment medium to pay for the product to AliExpress.

Aliexpress Payment Method Pakistan

There are two options for Pakistani users to Pay on Aliexpress,

  1. Credit/Debit Card
  2. Webmoney

Well some time “Prepaid Debit Cards” work very well on Aliexpress but people mostly complains about using prepaid cards on Aliexpress as being in Pakistan, Aliexpress usually reject payments from Pakistani prepaid cards and sometime if they have accepted the payment, later on they do refund and do not accept it for as product payment.

The good choice is “Webmoney“, By using WebMoney you can easily pay to aliexpress, you can easily buy or topup your WebMoney account using our services, to add fund to your WebMoney account simply submit order at our website.
Link to create webmoney account in Pakistan:

How to add fund in Webmoney

Short procedure to buy WebMoney

  1. Submit your order for buying WebMoney dollars here (Minimum 20$)
  2. You will receive Our bank or EasyPaisa/Mobicash details in order ticket reply.
  3. Pay us amount by following your payment method.
  4. Provide us information as we ask in same email where we do provide our bank or Easypaisa details.
  5. After receiving and verifying your payment, it takes an hour to proceed your order.

Please note: We cannot directly pay for you to Aliexpress, You must have your own WebMoney account, if you don’t have your own WebMoney account, you can simply create your own WebMoney account in Pakistan free, webmoney is really very easy to use.

How to shop from Aliexpress in Pakistan?

Its very easy to follow simple steps,

  1. Create your own Webmoney account for paying to Aliexpress, here is a link:
  2. Buy dollars from us, We will directly send dollars in your Webmoney account (link)
  3. Shop on from your own WebMoney account directly.

Here are some screen shots in which we selecting Webmoney as a payment method on Aliexpress.





aliexpress payment pakistan

Methods to Pay on Facebook from Pakistan


Pay for Facebook Advertising from Pakistan

Facebook is a great platform to advertise your product, Services to the target audience from Pakistan,
People really love Facebook advertising, because Facebook makes it easy to find the right people, capture their attention and get results.
As you might know that, More than 1.8 billion people use Facebook every month, and you can find the potential buyers concerned to your services or product online by advertising on Facebook. You can choose your audience based on demographics, behaviors or contact information.

How pay to Facebook from Pakistan without credit card?

You can pay to Facebook from Pakistan using credit cards or co-branded debit cards. Facebook also accept manual payment methods and payment through PayPal.

You can pay to Facebook through your Debit Card provided by any of your bank, mostly all Debit Card works perfect on Facebook, but still some debit cards are not working for online payments, we are going to mention few which we have tried and works.
Following Pakistani Debit Card Works Fine on Facebook:

  1. Standard Chartered Debit Card,
  2. MCB Lite Debit Card,
  3. UBL Debit Card
  4. HBL Debit Card.

Wait, Don’t you have any one of these cards? Don’t worry, Read below, we have solution for you.

Your Pakistani Debit Card is not Working on Facebook?

If your Pakistani debit card is not working on Facebook for advertising, Do not worry, we have solution for you.
For advertising, you required Debit card which is issued jointly by a financial institution and a retailer, provide Virtual Debit Cards on your own name which you can use for payment to Facebook within Pakistan.
Get your own Debit Card now for Facebook Advertising:

Advcash in Pakistan

You can create your own Virtual Debit Card on your own name using Advcash, You can easily load your Advcash Debit Card using PerfectMoney, Payza and many other payment methods. We do also offer Advcash Top-up and Withdraw services in Pakistan. You can easily buy Advcash fund in Pakistan from us.

Debit Card information you will get from Advcash
1. Name on Card
2. Card Complete Number
3. Card CVV
4. Billing Address will be the same provided by you to Advcash during Signup.



Advcash Prepaid Debit Cards Fee

To Create Prepaid Virtual Debit Card, Fee = $1
To Load Money in Debit Card, Fee = $1

How many dollars at least you should add in Debit Card to Use on Facebook

Whenever you add your Debit Card on any websites for payment, Websites do charge basic fee for verification of your Debit Card, You should add minimum $5 in your Debit Card to Attach and use it on Facebook.


PAYZA Offers Debit Card Also,

Payza also offers Prepaid Debit Cards to verified account holders, You can use easily use Payza Prepaid Debit Card on Facebook for payments, You need to verify your Payza account to get Prepaid Card, Unverified users cannot create Prepaid Debit Card in Payza.

Want to Add Fund in AdvCash Account?

Minimum 20$ you can buy from us.

Submit Your Order
By following above information, You can easily pay to Facebook for advertising, We have tested these cards on Facebook for advertising and they work very fine without any problem.
We have NO direct or indirect relation with advcash or any other Debit Card provider, if any Debit Card or Services not working for you, you will need to ask to the concerned provider, not to us.

PayPal Alternative in Pakistan


PayPal Alternative in Pakistan

As we discussed earlier in our resent post about online payment services in Pakistan, today we will discuss which payment method we should use in Pakistan as PayPal alternative,  officially PayPal not allow Pakistani residence to register on their website for using PayPal in Pakistan.

There is no doubt that NO alternative exist which can completely replace PayPal, They have many tools for your business, To grow your business they do also offer integration APIs, a lot of customization’s, and most important thing, they protect PayPal users against any  illegal and people frauds, They care about you and people making business with you. The customer support is best than all.

fees are also affordable, user can do transactions with their cards or bank directly.

But Wait !
So far PayPal not allow Pakistani users to get accounts with them, eventually we need alternative, We cannot stop doing our work, we have to work and receive payments online, so we need to choose the best alternative which can help us to receive payments online from our customers/clients, or pay online for buying stuff.
Fortunately many online payment providers allow us Pakistani’s to get online merchant account, They are  not less known, but less than PayPal, However there are few worthy options that can substitute PayPal, So lets go over with the available online accounts which we can use in Pakistan and why you might use one over another.



Skrill formerly called MoneyBookers is a strongest competitor of PayPal, Skrill allow you to create your Personal as well as business account in Pakistan to accept direct payments from your website online, Skrill is being featured on number of popular companies like Skype, Ebay and many others as a payment gateway.

Skrill is available in a large number of countries, you can expect the maximum number of users with it, They do also offer you to add, withdraw fund with Credit Cards or local Bank.

Why Skrill is for us, Pakistani’s

  1. Get Merchant/Business account in Pakistan
  2. integration APIs, Automatic payments online
  3. Withdraw Skrill direct in your local Pakistani Bank
  4. Add fund in Skrill with your Debit or Credit Cards
  5. Less Fee, if you compared to PayPal.
  6. User friendly.



2Checkout  has been on the internet from ages, Working from almost 12 years, They are offering secure, fast and flexible payment option for online businesses, This international online payment gateway has proved to be the best for for thousands of tangible and digital products and services sellers.

Accept PayPal in Pakistan with 2Checkout

2Checkout is a payment processor alternative to PayPal but the good thing is that, You can accept PayPal payments on website using it, Eventually not alternative but best to receive PayPal payments even PayPal not allowed in your country. 2Checkout utilize PayPal and credit cards, and help their customers to receive both PayPal and Credit Card payments on their websites. You can receive payments with Credit Card and PayPal using 2Checkout.

2Checkout is for good number of transactions

if you’re running a business with a lot of transactions, 2Checkout merchant account might be the best way to go. This payment method is highly recommended to the businesses who have large number of transactions, this is not a simple payment gateway like Skrill, it is only for Business, Companies, and firms.

Why 2Checkout is for us, Pakistani’s

  1. Accept PayPal (Even PayPal not allow to your Country)
  2. Accept Credit Card payments online in Pakistan
  3. Withdraw with your Credit Card or Bank
  4. High security to secure your transactions.




Well Payza Formely (Alertpay) is still working, Yes ! you heared it right, You can still use Payza in Pakistan as now they are offering Prepaid Debit Cards to Payza verified account holders, Which are really very usefull to utilize your Payza fund online or withdraw fund from all the ATM’s within pakistan or all over the worlds.

Backdays there was no Prepaid cards and Payza bank withdrawal system was not working too, But now Payza is bit better, There is a saying, Something is better than Nothing.


Why Payza is for us, Pakistani’s

  1. Get Payza Personal/Business accounts in Pakistan
  2. Get and Use Your Payza Debit Card in Pakistan
  3. integration APIs, Automatic payments online
  4. Withdraw earning with Debit cards (Utilize Payza fund with cards)
  5. Less Fee.
  6. User friendly.


SO which one you are going to use now?

So which payment gateway you are going to use? Which one can really meet your needs? It depend in which type of business you are?
You can try any one of these, as they are all free, you can get your merchant/business or Personal account without any fee.

Payment Methods for Pakistani eCommerce Websites


Payment Methods for Pakistani eCommerce Websites

As Pakistan is a fastest growing e-commerce markets around the world, and unfortunately we currently have no Online Pakistani own payment gateway which meets all the requirement and provide the well rounded solution at one platform. We can see many e-commerce startups nowadays in the market.
When it comes to making an e-commerce website the first question comes in our mind that which payment method should we add on Pakistani eCommerce website?
There is only one option which we may considered as a default Pakistani payment gateway, and that is COD (Cash on delivery). Some of our Pakistani banks now allow their customers to use Bank Visa Card on a website for purchases but still not fully functional, In this post, we are going to discuss only Online Payment Mediums, online payment gateways which allow you to get an account by being a Pakistani.
As you all know PayPal not allow Pakistani users to create and manage account so getting PayPal account in Pakistan for business is really a trouble. If anyhow you are going to get it trough your Friend, family from abroad than who is going to pay you for it? Because you are going to setup a website in Pakistan and how you can expect Pakistani users to pay you through PayPal who have no access to PayPal.

eCommerce Payment Gateways in Pakistan

So let us discuss the only payment gateways which allow Pakistani users to get an account, verify, and withdraw dollars amount into PKR. Here are few,


Did Skrill allow in Pakistan?

Yes, Skrill allows you to create the account by being a Pakistan users, you can easily verify your Skrill account and use it on your website to receive direct payments from your customers/clients online. After verifying your Skrill account, you can also easily withdraw skrill dollars to your local Pakistani bank.

What does Skrill Require for Verification

To verify your real identity, Skrill may ask you to provide following documents

  • National Identity Card
  • Utility Bill for Address confirmation
  • Your Debit Card Photo
  • Confirmation Letter Process (Skrill usually send confirmation letter to your address which contained a verification number that you have to put on Skrill Specific page after receiving that letter to your address)

Can I withdraw Skrill to Pakistani Bank Direct?

Yes, you can direct withdraw your Skrill fund to your bank account, you just need to add your bank account in Skrill and make a withdrawal.



2Checkout in Pakistan

Last but not least with 2Checkout you can receive payment through PayPal and Credit Card, all though you can verify your 2Checkout account with Payoneer also. 2Checkout works fine in Pakistan it should not be considered as a good option only due to high fee and not good support against the transaction disputes/reversal, But still, nothing is better than something you must give it a try to understand how payment gateways work.

These were currently possible payment gateways which are readily available in Pakistan, however, if you are using any other and wanted to share your experience, please let us know below in comments.

Easypaisa Account to Account Transfer Fee


Easypaisa Account to Account Trasfer Fee

With easypasia mobile account you can transfer the money from one account to another account with low transfer fee. With account to account you also have option to transfer the payment from easypaisa account to CNIC. Easypaisa account make it easy for you to send payment any where in the country without going to shop. Just deposit some payment into your account and use it any time.

Easypaisa account to account fee table.

Mobile Account to Mobile Account
Slab Start Slab End Charges*
0 200 6.96
201 500 13.92
501 1,000 23.2
1,001 2,500 46.4
2,501 4,000 69.6
4,001 6,000 92.8
6,001 8,000 116
8,001 10,000 139.2
10,001 13,000 162.4
13,001 16,000 185.6
16,001 20,000 208.8
20,001 25,000 232

Best Web hosting Company in Pakistan

Finding reliable web hosting in Pakistan is really a tough job, Mostly when you sign up for a web hosting provider in Pakistan with special features and low prices but a few month later they demand you to pay extra for any specific feature, like what, why you need to pay more now?

To Webinpk, Their customers are very valuable for them, they will prove it to you everyday,

  1. Guaranteed 99.99% Uptime of hosting servers, No down Time.
    support is always available for you, Get the concerned support within few minutes.
  2. Money Back Guarantee, Webinpk do offer 30 DAYS MONEY BACK, Well one month yes 30 days, if you are not satisfied with Webinpk just demand your refund and you will get refund of your hosting without any further question.
  3. Webinpk goal is to keep you as a customer for LIFE. Yep…forever and ever! How do we do that? Great service and support…excellent price with lifetime benefits.

Webinpk is being considered as best web hosting in Pakistan that has been providing reliable and affordable web hosting services in Pakistan, they offering shared hosting, Reselle and VPS hosting since 2011.

Our Review about

Webinpk is reliable company who is working online from the couple of year, As  Webinpk have been in our eyes from ages, they have really good experience related to web hosting stuff, They do really providing web hosting with 99.99% uptime & true level of security. You will never face any issue like down time, Slow servers or different type of error that mostly accrued when you buy hosting from any reseller, Webinpk do own there servers and they are offering shared hosting with rich resources. Support is awesome, 24/7 phone and email support.

Why Only Webinpk Hosting?

  • 99.99% Uptime
  • 25% CPU Usage
  • Very true level of security.
  • 24/7 Email and Phone Support
  • Fast USA Based Servers.

Reseller Hosting in Pakistan

If you wanted to start your own web hosting company in Pakistan, You can do within being the customer of Webinpk, Yes Webinpk also providing reseller hosting in Pakistan, For those who want to start selling web hosting to their clients with their own prices, their own plans and with their own benefits and own company branded name.

Now you can start your own web hosting company by buying Reseller hosting plan from them. Webinpk providing world best control panel WHM to their Reseller client to sale hosting with their own plans and specs, Totally white label web hosting.

Domain registration in Pakistan

Webinpk providing domain registration service in Pakistan with full control of your domain , You can easily transfer  or move and change all the information related to your domain at every time, Because you get full access to your domain control panel.

How you can pay for web hosting?

  1. Easypaisa
  2. Mobicash
  3. Bank
  4. Payza
  5. MoneyBookers
  6. Perfect Money
  7. Paypal

Further Screen Shots for your help,

Cpanel they are providing

cPanel X 2013-09-26 21-59-27

Domain Control Panel Screen Shot

domain panel

Hope you will now choose the best web hosting in Pakistan, Visit now If you need any assistant or any help regarding there plans & pricing feel free to contact them through their tickets system.

How To Integrate .PK Domain with Blogger

Many online user are searching that how we can integrate .pk domain with blogger, It’s really good question from the user because .com, .pk domain panel not have DNS , C Name record option in that. So to connect .pk domain with blogger we will use Cpanel.

What do you need to connect .pk domain with blogger?

First of all we have to go to our blogger control panel. Than to following path, Setting >> Basic than in right side you will see the page , find Blog Address there and click + Add a custom domain. When you click on + Add a custom domain button a box will show enter your .pk domain name there, in this tutorial we will use After adding google will show you the CNAMEs record that you have to add in your cpanel.

See the screen shot i have highlight the C name Record that’s we will add cpanel,

Now We have to add these records in our cpanel.

Log into your cpanel & than go to Advanced DNS Zone Editor follow the screen shot.

Then in next page find the www. Cname record of your domain, & click on edit button in front of it.


and edit by by using the C Name records that you got from blogger after adding click on Edit record to save it.


After it add a new C name record for the second records of blogger, follow the screen shot, Click on Add record when you add the record.


That’s it 😉 Your have done everything smoothly.

Note 1: You can use this method to integrate any .pk domain as well as .com , .net domain too.
Note 2: It’s will take almost 24 hours to propagate world wide than your blog will work with domain.

Now your is connected with blogger you can visit direct your domain.

Hope you will do everything without any problem , in case you have any problem feel free to comments below , i’ll try to serve you better.


3Month Free Web Hosting in Pakistan

3Month Free Web Hosting from

Webinpk offering free web hosting for 3 month to pakistan users, You can utilize the hosting if you have domain name,

Webinpk Hosting Introduction

Webinpk providing there premium Web Hosting services in Pakistan from the previous 2 years online, they believe on providing reliable services with affordable prices.
Webinpk providing domain registration & web hosting including reseller hosting & vps with 99.99% Up time Guaranteed. However Webinpk got very popularity within 2 year in Pakistan because of their fabulous services & Quick support.

Well some of their clients has pass the following comments on Webinpk Services.

” Hi Friends ,
i would like to say you that is A great company , i have hosted my company website under webinpk and i not face any problem since last 4 month , and one

thing is one of the best quality is that customer support is very nice, every time when i leave a message they reply me immediately ,
i would recommend you to chose webinpk best hosting provider
Thanks to Admin of Webinpk fro great services “

What is Restriction on Free Hosting?

There is no restriction on free web hosting by You will get the all the features as a premium user get.

Term & conditions?

The following Term & condition will apply on your account.

  • User must have paid domain name, like .com , .net . org  , info or whatever, free domain not accepted.
  • Illegal Website are not allowed
  • Hacking sites not allowed,
  • Pinishing Page not allowed.
  • Nulled scripts are not allowed.

What Webinpk Will give us?

We will provide you Cpanel which include all the tools as a premium user.
One click script installer will include in it for installation of wordpress, joomla , opencart and many other scripts.
Web Analytics &  awstats, webalizer & many ther tools in Cpanel.

How to Get free web hosting method?

First Step: Just visit the website
Visit following url for direct order:

When  you visit enter your domain name that you want to use for free web hosting, if you don’t have you can buy domain from Webinpk & get free hosting,

After entering domain name click on “Click To Continue” Button as per instruction in image,

When you click on “Click to continue” in next page the price & promo box will show, Enter the promo code


in promo box as per instruction in image follow the steps.

After that click on “checkout” and enter all the detail about you for you account.

And than last step click on  Complete Order.

That’s it. You will receive your Cpanel login detail on your email adress

Thanks for reading the whole post.