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How you can send us payment

You can easily send us payments by following the below mentioned methods,

  • From Your Bank Account to our Bank Account online
  • Using your Debit Card / ATM Card on Machines Interbank Funds Transfer (You can do this on ATM Machines)
  • EasyPaisa/Mobicash or Ubl Omni Account to our mobile Accounts or Bank.
  • From EasyPaisa Shop to Our Bank Account

We do not Accept CASH in Hand

We do not Receive/Accept Hard cash, Cash in Hand or Cash Deposit in Bank Branches (you cannot deposit the cash by manually going in bank branches). To use our services you can only pay us using Your own Bank Account to Our Bank Account by “Online Internet Banking”, OR if you don’t have access to internet banking, You can also transfer payment to our bank using your Debit Card/ATM Card at ATM-Machines. Mostly all the banks allow fund transfer from Debit card to any Bank Account at ATM Machines. Read more about Payment Methods..

A disclaimer of our responsibility: We deal in very limited quantity of fund for different E-Wallets, you can do transactions with us by following the limitations.

Be with us to get the best services available over the Internet.



Mostly all the PTC sites are fake, Do not Fall into the trap of PTC websites, PTC Web Sites looks very attractive for new users because they offer huge profit on clicks or huge profit on investment and guaranteed number of daily ads or earning. You should know that there is no single website available on the internet which can help you for Becoming Rich Overnight. These are all fake Ponzi schemes, Fake sites look very real, they do act like very professionals, even some time they look real because they might be paying to some users but question is until when? At the end they will disappear, You will get nothing from them, all PTC sites are temporary and fake.

Please do not contact us for asking the information of any PTC website, Contact us only if you are looking to buy some real digital services or product online, we are always available for you.

Terms of Services

We only work as

We only working as “” we don’t have any other website or any other person working as our Representer, if any person or website refer you to us (Emoneypk) its mean they referring about our services only, We clearly mentioned here that we only working as “” and the concerned person of emoneypk can be found here only on this website. “Don’t deal with any other person except admin of this website, in case of deal with any other you will be only responsible for the loss” to add more, we have no partnership with any PTC Website or any Earning websites, If they referring to us they referring about our services only.

No Investment Advice You acknowledge that:

All information contained on the site is for general informational use only and should not be relied upon by you in making any investment decision. the site does not provide investment advice and nothing on the site should be construed as being investment advice. before making any investment choice you should always consult a fully qualified financial adviser.

Banks As a Medium

Emoneypk use Banking Service Providers as a medium to send or receive payments, we only accept payment from Bank Account to Bank account or from Mobile Accounts Like EasyPaisa, Mobicash and others.
we do not pay or receive through Cash transactions or Hard Cash. Cash Deposits in Bank Branches are not acceptable.

(KYC) Know Your Customer Policy

EmoneyPK, as a service provider has a responsibility and commitment to prohibit and actively prevent any illegal activity or the work which facilitates illegal activities.

1. The sender account of the payment must be the same person name account as the payee. Third party payment strictly prohibited.

2. All the contact detail stated in the User’s profile and Orders must be truthful and correct.

3. Order formed through anonymous proxy-servers, or any other anonymous Internet connections, are strictly prohibited.

Prevent unlawful activities, the Service:

Observation Know your Customer (KYC Policy)

We gather each customer identification Document and Address proof (i.e. Identity Card and Utility Bill), without verification we not allow to user use of our service. We mandate each customer to update his profile time to time, in profile section user detail First, Last name, Address, City, zip and Mobile number.

IP Addresses:

EmoneyPK may collect information about your computer, including your IP address, for system administration and verification purposes.

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