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Easypaisa Account to Account Transfer Fee


Easypaisa Account to Account Trasfer Fee

With easypasia mobile account you can transfer the money from one account to another account with low transfer fee. With account to account you also have option to transfer the payment from easypaisa account to CNIC. Easypaisa account make it easy for you to send payment any where in the country without going to shop. Just deposit some payment into your account and use it any time.

Easypaisa account to account fee table.

Mobile Account to Mobile Account
Slab Start Slab End Charges*
0 200 6.96
201 500 13.92
501 1,000 23.2
1,001 2,500 46.4
2,501 4,000 69.6
4,001 6,000 92.8
6,001 8,000 116
8,001 10,000 139.2
10,001 13,000 162.4
13,001 16,000 185.6
16,001 20,000 208.8
20,001 25,000 232

18 comments on “Easypaisa Account to Account Transfer Fee

  1. g humara ye esypaisa account me kuch masla agya hain es kisi dusre number fer esyloud nahe hute plz es ko tek kry thank you

  2. How to transfer money to my this account and how to transfer to easy paisa or my bank account from my online businesses?

  3. For the OTC service, any customer can walk into any of the Easypaisa shops and deposit cash directly into any Bank Account.

  4. I would like to avail Pay Pal credit card , I am a retired mech. eng. and jobless kindly let me know details for this.

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