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Ecurrency Exchanger Pakistan – User Agreement

This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as this “Agreement”) is a contract between you and Emoneypk.com (hereinafter referred to as “Company” ) as well as its operated Emoneypk AND Emoneypk.com. It will apply to the service of your e-wallet Emoneypk and withdrawal and other relative service( hereinafter referred to as this “Service”). If you don’t agree the restraint of the term and conditions in this Agreement, you cannot use this website or any service..

Order is FINAL once the customer has paid are subjected to needs & availability of funds. And all orders are processed on availability of desired funds.

Information provided by you should be correct, after processing of order we will not be responsible for the error from your side.

Usually we try to complete order instantly , but some time it may take 24 hours (maximum)

You will always has to send us the fund first, Rates, stock and fees may be subjected to change at any time without notice.

About Paypal Refund
We Don’t accept the refund of Paypal , once the fund sent to your provided Paypal email or website we will not accept the refund from that account or website. If you do the refund without our confirmation we will not be responsible for that & you will get nothing from us.

About Paypal Refund fee
If you talk to us & we got agree on accepting the refund than on the total amount of quantity PKR.10 will be deducted on each dollar.

We and users admit that the electronic version of this Agreement has the equivalent legal effect with the written form and signed Agreement.

We have the interpretation right for all the services terms in this Agreement. If you have any advice on any part of our service or any terms in this Agreement, you can contact us through our customer service department.