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Fiverr Payment Method in Pakistan, without Paypal


What is Fiverr, Fiverr is available in Pakistan?

Yes Fiverr is available in Pakistan, Fiverr is a global online marketplace An online bazaar where you can sell & buy services, Beginning at the cost of $5 per job, hence its name the specialty is you can choose many services under 5$. Many freelancers are available at Fiverr to offer services to customers on a global scale.

How Fiverr can be helpful to you in Pakistan?

If you are an entrepreneur, if you are in SEO business, if you do anything with Internet marketing, you can find excellent services on Fiverr, Thousand of services are available on the Fiverr which you can enjoy in 5$ only, Graphic & design, Digital Marketing, Writing & Translation, Video & Animations, Online Sketch, Mobile Apps or you want to get your website designed, Or You might want to market your Facebook page to gain more Likes on your Facebook page, and all sort of exceptional services.

Each Service is Called Gig on Fiverr
The gig is a service offered on Fiverr’s website. For example, a Gig can be “I will create an intro video of your business” or “I’ll market your Facebook page for likes.”

Fiverr Payment Service in Pakistan

Fiverr Payment Method in Pakistan

Fiverr Payment Methods in Pakistan, Fiverr accepts the Bank transactions from Pakistani Bank account, Fiverr do Accepts EasyPaisa, Mobicash, and Ubl Omni payments? Yes or NO, Yes, But wait how? We will pay for you to get fiverr services in Pakistan and in return, you can Pay us in Bank, EasyPaisa, Mobicash, and UBL Omni,

How to pay on fiverr from Pakistan

How to pay on fiverr from Pakistan,  Fiverr do accepts PayPal & Credit Card for Pakistan users, and as we can expect you don’t have your own PayPal in Pakistan?  We are here for you, and we can pay for you on Fiverr in Pakistan for buying any gigs and services within your Fiverr account. By “Within your Fiverr account” we mean you will provide us Fiverr gig link with your Fiverr account and we will buy that gig through our PayPal account, and you will have all the access to the Gig details under your Fiverr account.

How to Pay for Fiverr Without PayPal

How to pay for Fiverr without paypal, You didn’t require your PayPal account to pay on Fiverr in Pakistan if you using our services, Being a Pakistani Fiverr user, you might don’t have your own PayPal account in Pakistan, there is nothing to worry, you can still use Fiverr in Pakistan without PayPal, We will pay for you on Fiverr with our PayPal account, Just send us the gig link which you want to buy and pay us PKR in return according to our rates, we will obtain the gig instantly for you from Fiverr.

Your Question and Answers.

  • The minimum limit for the Fiverr transaction is: 5$
  • How much time does it take to pay for you?: One hour after receiving PKR and details from you.
  • What did we require from you?: Fiverr account details and gig link or any other instructions to pay on Fiverr.

Benefit of using our Fiverr Payment services

  • No need to manage your PayPal account in Pakistan.
  • No need to store fund in your PayPal account.
  • No Need to attach your Credit Card to any website.
  • No Need to Attach your Debit Card to any website.
  • No risk of loosing PayPal fund.
  • You save PayPal Money Receiving Fee.
  • Pay us PKR and get instant Payment on Fiverr.
  • Payment will be done within your Fiverr account (Your fiverr and our PayPal account)
  • Get full access to gig/order details as we will order within your fiverr account.

How you can pay us PKR?

To get fiverr services in Pakistan or Fiverr deposit money services without PayPal, you can pay us PKR with following options.

  • Local Pakistani Bank transfer to Fiverr
  • EasyPaisa to Fiverr in Pakistan
  • Mobicash/JazzCash to Fiverr in Pakistan
  • UBL Omni To Fiverr in Pakistan

Submit Order or Add us on Skype
You can also send us the details on email or for any further question you can also Contact us

18 comments on “Fiverr Payment Method in Pakistan, without Paypal

  1. Salam Sir,

    Can you tell me how much do you deduct form the payment you receive from our client Paypal account?

    1. Wa alikum salaam, We pay following to our rates and our processing fee. I can quote you the amount if you let me know how many $ you want to withdraw from any website?

  2. if i place an order on fiverrt 10usd,how much you take from me today usd to pkr rate is 161 if we multiply this by 12(2 usd fiverr tax) we get 1932 but how much you you charge from??

    1. You can submit your order or contact us through email to know the today’s fee, we charge processing fee with our daily rates.

  3. Can I topup my fiverr account, Despite of service/gig order?
    Do you need my fiverr’s password or anything confidential?

    1. Hi
      I am sorry but I think fiverr doesn’t offer any deposit option in local accounts, you can direct pay for gig or manual orders.

  4. Hi
    Can you please let me know the rate in PKR to buy a gig? If i want to buy a gig of 5$,15$, 50$ and 100$. What will be the rates respectively.
    Thank you!

  5. Hi there!

    I’ve balance in my Fiverr account which I want to withdraw but my Payoneer is canceled and I can’t link another Payoneer to my account. I want to transfer the funds to your Paypal so I can get the payments through Easypaisa or something.

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