Google News celebrates 10 years

Google News launched September 22, 2002, exactly a decade ago.

Inspired by the general interest in the news, after the attacks of September 11, we have invested in technology to help people to search and browse relevant news for them. Google News has innovated new aggregation by collecting real-time links, grouping items by history and stories based ranking editorial opinions of publishers around the world. Link to a diverse set of sources to a given story allowed readers to easily access different views and types of content. Presenting opposing viewpoints in the same faceplate, people were encouraged to hear the arguments on both sides of a question and get a more balanced perspective.

Over the past decade, Google News has increased 72 editions in 30 languages, and now attracts more than 50,000 sources of information. Technology also powers search Google news. Together, they connect 1 billion unique users per week in news content.

As we scaled the international service, we have added new features (Local News, Personalization, FEATURED, Spotlight, paternity, social discussions) evolved our design embraced mobile and carry out experiments auxiliary (Fast Flip, life stories, scenario). In parallel, we followed our quality and engineering challenge of improving the technology under the hood coolness increase newsgroup best stories rank more accurately, personalize with greater insight and streamline infrastructure.