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How is PayPal available in Pakistan

is paypal available in pakistan

How is PayPal available in Pakistan

Usually, you would searching on the internet whether PayPal is available in Pakistan or not, Can you get a PayPal account in Pakistan?
Or how to get PayPal account in Pakistan، Before discussing all these things, we will discuss what PayPal is۔

How does PayPal work?

PayPal is not a bank, but it works almost like a bank. Money sent from PayPal is immediately added to the user’s account. The receiver can use it immediately, forward it or withdraw it to their bank account.
It also means that you do not need to share your credit card details on any website. You can directly send money from your account to any other account without giving your information.

What is so significant about PayPal in Pakistan?

If you want to do any business online, whether it is freelancing or e-commerce, you need an account to receive payments from your clients.
When you do any online business, the first and most important thing is how you will receive payments/money from your clients?
PayPal is an International Payment method which is used to receive payments from worldwide.

For example, you live in Pakistan and set up an online website where you provide graphic designing services to the people.
Now if someone who lives in a foreign country wants to use your services, send you payment via PayPal to get your services,
In the past, people used to send manual cash payments, in which they had to go to the offices of different service providers and pay cash. Then you received the cash in Pakistan, the procedure would be quite long, and no person would be going through this and will not follow the problematic procedure when he has a secure method i.e. PayPal.
By using PayPal, you can grow your business, grow your customers simultaneously. You need to sit at home or in the office to receive notifications of money via e-mail. As you receive the notification of Payment, You can deliver your work right away and do more people’s work.

What makes PayPal so accessible?

One of the main reasons for the popularity of PayPal is the people’s trust in it. If anything purchased on PayPal is not up to standard, then PayPal gives clients the option to open a dispute with their respective vendors. You can talk about the purchased item, and if the relevant vendor does not give an acceptable answer or tries to commit any kind of s-c-a-m, you can get your PayPal payment back.

It is not the case that the payment sender can get his payment back in a single click even after receive the same product or services.
PayPal also gives full time to the service/product provider to speak in their favor and tell them if they have provided the right and quality services.

Peace of Mind

Your purchases are secure and backed by PayPal for fraud detection.

Purchase Protection

If you have purchased something and they do not meet your standards, PayPal refunds you with a fee.

Is PayPal available in Pakistan?

We often hear that PayPal does not work in Pakistan, But at the same time, we hear that people are using PayPal account somewhere in Pakistan, So the question that usually comes to everyone’s mind is how PayPal is being used in Pakistan?
Today we will try to answer all your questions in this Post,

PayPal in Pakistan.

You can open the PayPal website in Pakistan, You can sign up but you can’t verify your account because PayPal doesn’t allow Pakistani people to verify their accounts with them.

First of all, let us understand how PayPal verification works?

First step:
To verify your PayPal account you need to add a bank account or credit card, Depending on the country of your selected PayPal account.

Second Step:
Once the card or Bank details are added and approved in PayPal account, now you have to send your documents to PayPal.
When you send your documents to PayPal, PayPal verifies your account by verifying your documents and bank account, matching both.

Since creating a PayPal account is not allowed in Pakistan, when you create an account and try to add a bank account, you do not see Pakistan’s option in the list of countries available.

So for this, it is necessary that you are in a country whose name is in the list of PayPal or you have the details of that country which you can add to your PayPal account while living in Pakistan.
Ok so now you live in Pakistan and do not have a PayPal account, but still required one?

An outsider friend or relative

If you want to verify your PayPal account in Pakistan, you need to have either a friend in a foreign country or any of your relatives.
You can create a PayPal account on your relative name, Get all the details from your friend or relative, signup with all the details you have on your relative name.
You will have to use your relative name, address, and number.

PayPal is Banned in Pakistan?

PayPal is not banned in Pakistan, PayPal does not prevent you from using PayPal in Pakistan, You cannot verify your PayPal account as a Pakistani resident but you can use some one’s elses PayPal account in Pakistan.

If PayPal limits my account for using in Pakistan?

For suppose, you have created the Paypal account using your friend or relative information, and verified it through all the available methods on PayPal following to your Country.

Now if any time, PayPal put temporary limits to your PayPal account with asking why you using PayPal in a country Pakistan where PayPal is not allowed?
Once PayPal send you notification of this, You can communicate with them, and guide them that My account is real, And I am staying in Pakistan for some business purpose. That is why I am using PayPal in pakistan.

In response, you can tell PayPal that I am a businessman and I visit different countries, which is why sometimes I am in Pakistan and sometimes in another country.

Because your account is real, PayPal will ask you to re-verify your account with documents or phone number (through sms or call), As you have all the required information you can resend to the PayPal and that is it, your PayPal is working again in Pakistan.
You can always restore your access by sending the relevant documents.

I do not have any friends or relatives outside. Can I have a PayPal account?

Yes, if any of your relatives or friends are not out there you can still get PayPal account in Pakistan.
we offer Verified PayPal accounts in Pakistan, You can get PayPal account in Pakistan using our services, to read about PayPal accounts availability and other details please visit concerned page: PayPal account in Pakistan

Why do you need a PayPal account in Pakistan?

If you want to buy any software from the internet or any service on the internet with PayPal, I would recommend you to not go with getting your own PayPal account, but instead, use our Pay for me service in which we can pay for you from our PayPal account and you can pay us PKR in return.
With Pay for me method, You can also eliminate the risk of holding a PayPal account in Pakistan.

  • Where can we pay for you?
  • Need to purchase software with PayPal in Pakistan?
  • Paying your Web Hosting fee
  • Making payment to your freelancers with PayPal.
  • Buying Templates/Themes for your CMD
  • Shopping from eBay

is paypal available in pakistan

Is PayPal safe to use?

PayPal is a very safe and fast way to send or receive money.


You can get a PayPal account, You just have to give it bit time with the help of your relative or Friend.
Even if you don’t have your friend or relative is in a foreign country, you can still get a PayPal account using our services.
If you do not want to use our services, you will still find many such services on the Internet that make you a PayPal account.
Once you will have your own PayPal account, This allows you to easily transfer your earnings from the freelance websites to your PayPal account.
Or you can buy anything on the internet with PayPal.

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