How Make bitcoin Account in Pakistan and Fund it.


To receive & send bitcoin in Pakistan you need a Bitcoin “Wallet”, Wallet is like a bank account which you use to store bitcoins, receive & send to other bitcoin users. There are two ways to use bitcoin wallet, one to install bitcoin official software in your computer and other is to use “Bitcoin Web Wallets”. After making bitcoin wallet you can easily buy & sell bitcoin in Pakistan.

Bitcoin is now being accepted on many well known web sites for transactions like,, and many others. Because most of these sites ask for PayPal or Credit Card, users from countries banned by PayPal can now use Bitcoin to pay them without worrying about PayPal transactions.

How To Make bitcoin Account in Pakistan?

We recommend to use Bitcoin web wallet in Pakistan for users to easily access your bitcoins from everywhere, there are two main bitcoin wallets which we would like to recommend you.


Blockchain is one of the best and secure bitcoin wallet, to create your own bitcoin wallet simply go to and click on “Wallet” at top menu and than click on “Create bitcoin wallet” and fill out the simple requirements asked in form. You can also access this wallet on your mobile using android App.

Follow below Screen Shots to get Bitcoin wallet with Blockchain.



Coinbase is also a another secure wallet which have many other useful features and mainly being used by many bitcoin users, Bitcoin is also a Bitcoin exchange platform but unfortunately not too helpful for Pakistani users, so you can use it as a simple bitcoin wallet for sending & receiving bitcoins. Coinbase can also access on mobile using android App.

How to add fund in Bitcoin Wallet within Pakistan?

After making your bitcoin account eventually you might need fund in it to do purchases over the internet, you need to see if someone selling bitcoins and you can receive that direct in your bitcoin wallet. However you can buy Bitcoin in Pakistan using our services, you have to pay us PKR and we send the equivalent dollars to your BTC  wallet according to our daily rates.

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