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How to sell Internationally on Amazon from Pakistan

It is not a secret that Amazon is the leader of the E-commerce market globally, and their turnover increases every year. And every retailer wants their products on Amazon’s marketplace because it provides them with access not only to customers in America but also all over the world.

Over 95 million premium register users and 150 million users/visitors provide an excellent opportunity to sellers to play their cards and get on board for selling their goods. After a long time, Pakistan is again added to the list of sellers in 2021. So, now the Pakistani community of eCommerce entrepreneurs has the chance to earn a lot of money by selling goods and Products on amazon from Pakistan.


How to start selling on Amazon in Pakistan

To gain entrance into the enormous amount of potential buyers’ venues, the first thing you need to do is to get yourself signed up as a seller. It is not hard to sign up.
Signup Link: You can open this link and Get yourself on the list of sellers.

But wait, you may ask, is that all you have to do? No,
This is the only first step of getting to the page of signup.
After you are on the signup page, scroll a bit down, and you will see an option of “Make Money.”

Now you will see another chance of pricing under the make money option. You will be able to see two different plans to carry on for selling on the Amazon platform.

If you consider selling less than 40 products a month on Amazon, an Individual plan is the best choice. But if you are going big and want to sell multiple products with a massive number of monthly sales, go with a Professional plan. This plan has a specific cost of around 40$ for extra service.

Amazon Seller Sign Up Guide for Pakistan:

Everything done the first time is a bit tricky. It is a simple process, but most people are doing it for the first time, so better you keep going with the guide. Not having proper guidance and doing even a single step wrong can cost you account suspension or IP suspension if not registered yet.

signup on amazon from pakistanSteps While Signing Up:

While now, you have done with the pricing plan and chose a selling plan. The next thing you need to provide is an email and choose a password for security reasons. Do remember your account email and password, as only one account is allowed on one IP.

OTP Verification:

After providing an email one time, the password (OTP) will be sent to the registered email by amazon to verify your account. And then click create an amazon account to get promoted to the next step.

Location and Business Type:

After email verification, the next question amazon will be asking is about your location, business type, and Full Name.
Always provide your original id proved name to get yourself cleared when identity is verified.

The business location informs amazon of your business, where you will set it up, or where you will sell your products. Amazon will verify it later, so it’s essential to provide an actual location.

You have to give a location where you are going to set up your company. So in simple terms, if you want to sell in the USA, you have to set up a company in the USA. You may get confused about how that is possible as Pakistan can only sell from Pakistan, but they cannot sell in Pakistan.

So how is this even possible?

Here you have to take service of virtual residency address providers and bank account holders. It is not hard if you take a good service provider to set it up for you. And it costs around 1500$ approximately for setting up a company along with the registration in the USA.

Business Type:
While signing up, you will be asked what type of business you want to set up on amazon. You can choose from multiple options stated below.

Publicly owned business:
publicly owned company is stated as a trademark registered on the public domain, and multiple shareholders are trading their shares, and owners keep changing. The one with a higher percentage is the one with high authority on the selling company.

State-owned business:
State own business as its name indicates which is stated under the name of a specific state of a country.

Privately-owned business:
A privately owned business means you have complete control, and you are the only authorized person of the company. The whole company is registered in your name.

In simple terms, you are the individual boss. But the company is running with the help of multiple employees you have hired.

If your business is running for charity or owned by a charity organization to support their NGOs and organizations for helping perspectives, then you can choose the charity business option.

None, I am an individual:
As we discussed earlier, you can choose an individual plan or a professional plan. If you have selected a particular program and want to run your business individually without any help and support, this is a viable option.

To make it simple for you, we can consider that your personal signing up is done. Let’s get your business registered with Amazon.

This is how you get yourself registered. The next is providing necessary information about your business to get on board for selling in one of the largest e-commerce marketplaces.

Providing Personal Information:
Now at this point your all type of identities you provided earlier will be verified, and amazon will ask for multiple proofs to check whether it was all original things you provided or just fake ids.

The first thing you will be asked for is citizenship proves me your id card to verify your name and country. Your date of birth, along with your business firm address and also phone no. to verify your address, they will send you a postcard containing a verification code.

 verify address on amazon pakistan

This verification ends will startup the choice section of the marketplace. It is about which venue you select to sell your product. Amazon is a global marketplace, and you can choose which country is your preferred one, and you are going to sell your product in this specific country. Pakistan cannot be selected as a marketplace, so you will provide a virtual address you have bought. If you have purchased a USA address, you will choose the USA marketplace. If you have selected any other country, then go with that marketplace.

Short note:

You should be aware that you have to choose that particular marketplace to sell to a specific market. it is not possible to sell in all markets at once. You should have a verifiable marketplace address to sell in that country or marketplace.

Billing Information Updating:
The next step is adding billing information. In this step, you have to provide your credit card number. And credit cards are verified when you place an expiry date you provide. If you are using any fake card, it will cause suspension of your IP. And you will never be able to make an account on this specific IP address.

Store Information:

In this section, you will be asked to provide information about what you are about to sell on Amazon. Likewise few things they will ask for are:

Name Of amazon store
If you are a Brand owner or manufacturer of your product.
If you have UPCs of the product or not.
You also need a trademark and provide it to amazon if you are selling as a brand owner.

Last Step Of Sign Up Process Is Complete Account Verification:

Now we consider you have provided all information original and your all provided information was also verified by amazon perfectly.

At last, your account will show a business verification code page where you have to give the code sent to you by postcard. If you have received it, you have to provide it here.

It usually gets to you within seven days after you are all up ready for selling on Amazon while sitting in Pakistan.

How to sell On amazon from Pakistan after signing up?

Signup is just an initial step of selling on amazon. The next turn is how you will choose what to sell or where to start your selling journey.

This is all along a different process. But the main thing to create has a seller account which we consider you have in hand by following the procedure.

Let’s follow up on the next step how you will start selling on amazon from Pakistan.

How To Choose Marketplace?

If you want to start selling on Amazon, the first thing is to choose a marketplace.
For an instant, there are multiple marketplaces available where you can sell. If you are short on investment, you can go for a private label in Australia and Germany, etc.,
but if you have a good piece of money in hand, you can go to the primary market of Amazon, which is the USA and UK. These marketplaces need serious money to start selling on amazon from Pakistan.

Brand Name Selection:

A trustworthy name makes a responsible company that could be a multimillionaire company within a few years. Brand names should be simple yet attractive and mean something related to your next step, product selection. So it is essential to choose a good reputation for your brand products.

Company And Trademark Registration:

Now that you have a good brand name ready to get the glory of the world, the next thing you will carry up is registering your company and brand name.

This is for those entrepreneurs who are going with a brand introduction in the market.
And it’s better if you are launching your brand because without a brand, there are many copycats which can get your listing hijacked, and you will freefall from the top to last in no time.

Get your trademark registered and a company registered in your chosen marketplace. This will make you eligible to launch a brand in your chosen marketplace.

Product Selection:
A question every seller will ask before getting into selling is what he should sell?
It is not like what you like. You can sell, don’t take your business as your hobby, take it as your passion; product selection is not the only thing. It is everything when it comes to selling on amazon.

Most Pakistani people with manufacturers and production companies may want to get their products to sell on amazon. But Amazon is not viable for every field.

Every country and marketplace has different requirements, so taking a product out of nowhere will not make you earn money. But in most cases, you will lose all your money. So to get rid of this problem, the best thing is to get on a criterion to select a product. Learn about marketplaces and make yourself informed about the needs and wants of a buyer.
Because every product does not sell, but some products sell like crazy.

The two best methods to choose a product are to create a product that can solve a problem. And the other is to sell an existing product which has high sales but very low competition.

So, start thinking and come up with an ideal product according to the chosen marketplace. And just start selling on Amazon from Pakistan.

Sourcing and Production:

Having a good product is the best thing but sourcing it with a good profit margin is the best approach. Is sourcing producing or buying a product from other whole sellers Didn’t you get the point? Let me explain.

Consider you have come up with a good product in hand, which is not the season, nor has any other cons, and you know it can sell like crazy. To be exact, it is the ideal product, but the only thing which is stopping you is sourcing and its cost.
It costs around 10 dollars per piece, and you are selling it only in 15, and the gross profit out of this is only 1 dollar per piece.
If you sell 5000 pieces monthly, you have to buy an inventory of 50000$ per month.
But after cost-cutting and amazon commission cutting which is 15% to up to 40% on some products, you will earn only maybe 4500 to 5000$ per month, and your profit margin will be only 10%.

It seems to be fine from this angle but consider sales drops to 500 only now the inventory is stuck, and you are only earning 500$ per month. Boom, you are hit loss value because your inventory is not selling well enough to generate a good profit.

But now come up on the other side if your product has cost less than 10$ after sourcing, the profit margin may have increased to a level where you can manage everything without hitting the loss point.

If you have sourced it in 5 dollars, your profit would have increased to 35 %, and this is the margin where you can bear some stuck inventory, and after liquidation, you can again set up your listing with the same or another valued product for good profits.

Ranking And Listing Strategy:
Last But the Most Important step is getting sales out of your chosen market. What is the advantage of listing a product on Amazon if you are not getting deals? Our primary concern is to earn by selling goods and products, but if you are not getting sales your all money, time, and energy you invested will be in vain.

Don’t ever think that we will select a product and just place it on amazon, and boom, we are out of stock everything sold. No, it is never going to happen. No matter how good your product is, you will not get a single product if it is not listed correctly.

Correctly listing means optimizing the listing according to the selected product category and then making a strategy to get yourself ranked.
How will you rank? Answer: PPC Campaigns:

Yes, PPC (pay per click) campaigns. These are advertising movements you as a seller can run the high you bid on a keyword the most clicks, and your ad will show on the top.
But over-bidding can also cost sales more than the profit margin of a particular product. The best you can go with is to choose accordingly,

for example. If your product is a high competition product, you can search for related keywords and target your ads on those keywords.

This will reduce bid costs. If your product is low competition, go for the exact match keyword, and you can place bids for specific times, which you can analyze by previous ads’ progress. From all above, the best is to experiment and get to a neutral point with the least (ACOS). The lower is ads cost more sales will be profitable.


Above mentioned techniques are a proven method of signup and clear the query of how to sell on amazon from Pakistan. Everything is described according to the needs of sellers. Be sure to follow up the guide to ignore any drawbacks. Go for learning before getting into this business because this is a severe investment business, and not every person with any can enjoy its benefits. So be wise to choose every aspect to enjoy a profitable business.

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