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How To Sell On eBay From Pakistan

how to work on ebay from pakistan

Online businesses make fortunes for many people all over the world, so why not you can start to earn and have some chunks. There are not hundreds but thousands of methods to earn money online from anywhere in the world.

Ecommerce, freelancing, online selling, blogging, and affiliate marketing are a few common terms you may be aware of.

These are a few ways to earn online, and we are also working on one of these earning methods: online selling through eBay Pakistan.

eBay is the most buyer visited community after amazon. (Recently we have also published an article about working on Amazon from Pakistan). eBay is the second-largest marketplace with more than 180 million active buyers per month with about 70 billion market worth.

Moreover, the best thing is that you can add up easily as a seller by creating an account from anywhere in the world, including Pakistan. Yes, you can create an account on Pakistan, Id and phone number easily and can start selling from the comfort of your home.

You can sell goods from on eBay Pakistan to any other country globally and can enjoy your market chunk easily.

How To Sell On eBay From Pakistan: All Technicalities.

Currently, eBay is working in 30 plus countries and allowing them to sell through their seller central. But Pakistan cannot enjoy the same benefits as these thirty countries.

But still, there is the possibility that you can sell on eBay by sitting in Pakistan. The only challenge to selling on eBay from Pakistan is that Pakistan does not have PayPal authorization.

eBay uses PayPal as a payment gateway for all other countries, which are not allowed to attach their bank account details with seller central directly.

But no worries cause we have got the perfect solution to this problem.

But first, let’s get into a few more important steps which need to be done before any other step. Guess what it could? Yes, you caught it right. It is signing up on eBay so you can step into the world of online selling and earn passive income.

how to sell on ebay from pakistan

How To Signup On eBay As A Seller From Pakistan?

This is the most important step, and simply it is like setting up your shop to start selling goods. The signup process is quite simple and easy to follow, and to make it easier, we have cleared the process step by step in this signup guide. So all you have to do is to:

Follow These steps:

Registration section:

Start your online selling journey on eBay by heading to their main page.
AT the top right corner, you will see the sign-in and register option. Click on Register to sign up as an account holder.
You can choose between a personal account and a business account according to your preference. If you want to earn big without any listing restriction, go for a business account. Otherwise, personal is optimal.

Providing Credentials:

A screen will appear after selecting an account where certain credentials will be asked. Like, your name, email, password, and phone number.
Once you have done providing credentials, click on the register option.

Address and Shipping update:

Well, as a registered user, you are now able to update addresses and shipping from your account settings. You have to add more information which is required in account completion.
You have to add your company address and address for returns, and you can add this by the edit option.

Payment Method:

Now This is the step where Pakistani sellers can get stuck. Because the only option of payment is PayPal as you can only use this to receive sold goods payment from all over the world.

And things get disturbed here cause there is no PayPal service available in Pakistan. But not to worry because we have cleared the way out of this problem with a legal solution.

The only legal solution available in these conditions is to create a PayPal account in the name of any relative living abroad.

Like you can take the help of any friend or family member living in an eBay and PayPal service available countries and make an account on their name.

This will make it possible to sell on eBay from Pakistan, and you will be able to receive payment in their account. This way, you will get your money into your account after they transfer it to you.

When you are done with PayPal account creation, all you have to do is add a PayPal account as a payment method. That’s all you are done with all options, and you are clear to sell on eBay from Pakistan.

How will eBay Cut Its Commission or eBay Fee?

Well, eBay is the marketplace you will sell, surely it will charge you some money to earn its profit percent.

But let me clarify some facts that it does not cut commission directly from the purchase or an added PayPal account. It will cut commission separately from debit or credit card, which you will add separately.

So no direct cutting; you can pay off their percentage commission when you receive the payment into your account.

Attention To Some Obligation:

eBay stands out as a great business option for sellers as they can build their brands or sell any and everything from the comfort of home.

But few obligations can hang a sword on your head, and your account can be suspended.

The first one is not to deal outside of eBay with any customer because it will reveal personal ids, and the risk of fraud will increase. Moreover, you will be out of the eBay protection plan, which means if you are hit by fraud, they will not be guilty.

Do not use or sign in to the PayPal account attached with your eBay account because PayPal will immediately get suspended when opened on Pakistani id.

Most probably, your eBay account also got suspended for using fake account info. So be obliged to the rule and do not try to log in to your PayPal on Pakistani IP.

Listing Limitation of eBay:

This is another thing you will be introduced to when opening a new eBay seller account.

You will be provided with only 10 listings at the start as a new seller and a milestone of 500$ of sale.

It gradually increases with time, but in the initial stages, the new seller only has ten listings that he can offer to sell different products. This is the standard limit for eBay new sellers.

Free Listing Without Any Insertion Fee:

eBay sellers enjoy 50 free listings per month, on which they don’t have to pay ant insertion fees on these first 50 listings. But in case if you pass this no in the same month, you have to pay an insertion fee for every listing, which goes after the 50 listing number. For example, if you list 60 products in the same month, you will be charged insertion fees of an extra 10 listings, which are numbered after the 50th listing.

Listing Limits Increment:

Listing limits are increased after 3 months for new sellers. But for this, there is a criterion usually based on matrices and sales ratio. The better the metrics are, the better listing increment a seller can get.

Sales performance is another major factor; the better a sale and feedback a seller gets, the more positive eBay has to provide the listing limit increase.


How long do eBay selling limits last?
A: Normally, eBay listing limits are reviewed every 30 days for sellers, and the limit is increased if the performance, metrics, sales, and feedback are up to the mark.

Does eBay ban sellers?
A: Yes, eBay does ban sellers and buyers if they are not abiding by buying and selling rules. It can put the protection at risk for both buyer and seller.

What Cannot be sold on eBay?
A: A few items and products cannot be sold on eBay, like adult products and pharmaceutical drugs. “Drugs and drug paraphernalia. Embargoed goods and prohibited countries.”

Can you sell fake goods on eBay?
A: No, no item with a fake trademark or counterfeit identity is sellable on eBay. They are illegal according to the terms and conditions of eBay.

Do you have to pay if you win a bid on eBay?
A: Yes, within two days, you have to pay for the product you win in an auction by bidding. According to the eBay terms, you also have to pay for the buy now products within this period.


When you have a chance to earn passive income and create income streams that are more likely not as difficult as a physical business, why not take that chance.

I sorted it out to answer how to sell on eBay from Pakistan, and all the facts and figures are crystal clear. So the best you can do is pick a product or maybe several products and start selling them on eBay.

I am sure that this will be the best decision to start just right away.

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