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How To Spot a Gamer (Technical Guide)

how to spot a gamer

Maybe you are looking for yourself, or you are searching for a friend on how to spot a gamer. Gaming is a popular hobby that is enjoyed by people of all ages. Some people play games when they have time, and if they don’t have time, they ignore them. However, some people allocate specific time to play games, and there are numerous signs that help you to know how to spot a gamer.

How To Spot a Gamer

Gamers have specific ways that other gamers are familiar with. Some ways may seem strange or foolish, while others are very realistic.

For example, gamers often get very enthusiastic about games. They are always ready to talk about games and don’t hesitate to share their thoughts and emotions about the game. This may seem strange to some people, but it’s a common thing for gamers.

Gamers often get attached to characters or elements in the games they play. They create names and identities for their characters and work hard to improve their skills in the games. This may also seem strange to some, but it’s an important thing for gamers.

In “How To Spot a Gamer,” after observing gamers’ behavior, we’ll share the top 10 signs to help you easily recognize a true gamer.

These signs may include:

how to spot a gamer their music attraction.

1. Instantly react to game sounds:


They know the sounds of games,
When they hear the sound of any game, they immediately react. By reaction, it means they quickly look towards the device or screen from where the sound is coming.

It’s not just about the sound of games; if a sound similar to a game is heard, they will immediately notice it.
if you see them doing this, you have got 1 points to spot a true gammer.

how to spot a gamer by their family.

2. They often hum game songs:

The sounds of games can be very catchy, and they can attract people to play them.

People who play games often know the songs of their favorite games very well and may hum or sing them often. It is not necessary that everyone does this, but most gamers do repeat the sounds of their favorite games.

For those who haven’t immersed themselves in the world of PUBG or Free Fire, these songs might not carry the same significance or evoke the same emotional resonance. The unfamiliar melodies and lyrics may not resonate with non-gamers, who haven’t associated these sounds with the excitement and camaraderie of the gaming experience.

3. Complaints from their family or friends:

If you happen to meet a gamer’s family or friends, you will notice that at some point, they will complain.

This person gives more time to games than to their family.

If you feel this way about yourself, where people complain about you spending all your time on games instead of giving time to your family or friends, congratulations, you can now call yourself a gamer.

It is essential to maintain a balance between gaming and family or friends for a balanced life.

4. Being too attached to games:

Those who play games daily become emotionally attached to the games.

The name of that game brings a shine to their eyes and glow to their faces.

Sometimes, they get so attached to games that their actions in real life are inspired by characters in the games, consciously or subconsciously.

how to spot a gamer who is happy only by playing games

5. Games are the only thing that makes them happy:

While a regular person may be happy if you give them delicious food or stylish clothes, a gamer will not experience true happiness until they are immersed in the gaming world.

They might eat less or sleep less, but if they are playing games, they are happy. If you ask them about the true source of their happiness, the answer will be “playing games.” Some people say that gaming helps reduce their stress.


6. They spend their money on games:

You will see that true gamers invest most of their money in games. They will buy the game they want at any cost, even if there are financial difficulties.

Try to argue with them and convince them to spend more on something other than games; you will end up stopping the argument, as they won’t agree.

7. Games are bigger than parties and get-togethers:

For true gamers, games come first.  You will find it challenging to convince them to attend any party or get-together. They might not even consider going, but if you force them, they will come up with some excuse.

In the end, does it really matter to a gamer? They are gamers, after all. Sometimes, they use being sick as an excuse to play their favorite games.


8. Gaming wallpapers on their screens:

Just as an interior designer has various ideas for designing a house or room, a gamer has attractive gaming-related wallpapers for their computer, mobile, and tablets. If you see their mobile cover, it won’t be simple.

If you check their PC, you will see stickers, toys, and other items around it.

Gamers often have gaming-related merchandise, such as t-shirts, posters, and figurines. They may also have gaming-themed decorations in their homes or offices.


9. They have the best internet:

Nowadays, someone who plays games will be the best person who plays online games.

So, observe that true gamers have the best internet because for them, ping matters a lot. Not only ping, but they also need a significant amount of internet data for playing games.


Of course, not all gamers will exhibit all of these signs. However, if you see a few of these signs in someone, it is likely that they are a true gamer.

These individuals find solace, excitement, and a sense of community within the realm of gaming, making it an integral part of their lives.

Here are some additional things to look for:

  • They may have a gaming nickname or handle.
  • They may be members of gaming communities online or in person.
  • They may be up-to-date on the latest gaming news and trends.
  • Ultimately, the best way to tell if someone is a true gamer is to ask them. If they answer with enthusiasm and knowledge, then you’ve probably found yourself a fellow gamer.

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