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How to Verify your EmoneyPK Account

EmoneyPK, as a service provider has a responsibility and commitment to prohibit and actively prevent any illegal activity or the work which facilitates illegal activities.

To Follow KYC Policy, We gather each customer identification Documents and Address proof (i.e. Identity Card and Utility Bill)

We may ask you to verify your Emoneypk account at any time, before the transactions, or transaction is in process or if we are not satisfied with the Information you provided for the verification of your transaction made with us. We may ask you to submit your details for the verification of your Emoneypk account after receiving the payment.

What we required for verification?

1. ID Card Both Sides

  • We kindly ask you to attach Your IDENTIY CARD (CNIC) Both Sides.

2. ID Card In Your Hand

  • A photograph of yourself, holding both your IDENTITY CARD and a hand written note on white paper of when the image was submitted following the example: “[date of submission] For Only”.
    To fully confirm your identity, you must take a picture of yourself while holding the ID CARD (CNIC), near your face. It should be near to your face for comparison.

Here you can see some examples, how to do it.
Take picture of your self with ID Card in hand (SAMPLE)

3. The Utility Bill

We do only accept “Electricity bill,Telephone PTCL Bill,Sui Gas Bill” for Address Verification. The address on bill should be at the applicant’s name (we cannot accept documents with any other name than your own). The address should bear the same address you provided during the registration. The proof of address should be complete. The proof of address should be not older than 90 days. We cannot accept electronic/online downloaded documents.
The utility bill or other bill provided for verification has to match the following qualifications:

  • It has to be a hard copy and not an online/e-bill
  • Bill should be under your name
  • Your address must be visible on the bill
  • The bill must be at least 2 months old and the date must be visible.

4. Your Bank Account Information

Your bank account name, Title, Account number with branch code

5. Your cell number registered on Same CNIC

You must have your cell number registered on your own CNIC, you will be need to provide that in verification form.

Please note: if you don’t have all the information as asked above, you cannot verify your EmoneyPK account. To get the things to be done smoothly and fast, You need to provide all the information as asked. Requests Submission with less information or missing documents will be declined.

Submit Your Documents