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Kaspersky Internet Security, Antivirus in Pakistan

Kaspersky in Pakistan

As the world of the Internet grows, so does the number of computer hackers. This is why your computer needs to have antivirus.
If you’re running your computer without anti-virus these days, you’re putting your computer, and Your own data is at high risk as well.

How get Kaspersky Antivirus in Pakistan?

After you pay us for the software, We send you the software license Key on your email.

  1. You download the Setup of Antivirus from Official Website of Kaspersky
  2. The license key you received on your email from us.
  3. You can active your Kaspersky using the license key you received from us.

About Kaspersky Antivirus in Pakistan

  • For 1 PC DEVICE
  • Expiry: 1 YEAR
  • Price PKR.2640 9239

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There are many anti-viruses available on the Internet, but the question is which antivirus should we use in Pakistan?

You should choose an antivirus that completely protects your computer as well as protects the data you processed on the Internet.

You might be aware of Antivirus and must be using any antivirus in your computer to save your computer from a virus or malware.
If you are using free antivirus software on your computer, you are on risk, and it’s time to buy antivirus for your computer, which can protect you & your important data.

Why buy Antivirus in Pakistan?

Paid Anti-virus provides you with the slightest to a very high level of security that is very important to your computer.
Which protects you from the WebCam Hijacks & hides browsing, also blocks the phishing attacks.

Free antivirus software mostly provide low-level protection to your computer, it can scan your computer and detect the malware or virus, but it may not remove it because you are using the free version,

Paid antivirus benefits

  1. Real-time antivirus protection
  2. Blocks ransomware and cryptolockers
  3. Not to slow you down.
  4. Lets your PC perform as it’s designed to
  5. Best antiphishing score.
  6. Firewall with powerful application control.
  7. Automated security patching.
  8. Webcam protection.

What this Kaspersky in Pakistan includes?

Defends against Randsomeware , viruses and others

Kasperskyp will never slow down your computers, It will protect you silently.

It simple to use & setup the kaspersky.

Privacy Priority.
This will help you to stop webcam hijacks & hides browsing  on PC.

Protecting Your Money
Launches encrypted browser to protect online transactions

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  1. If I format my computer, can I then re-activate this license?: NO, You can only use this license once, not later.
  2. Can I use it on more than one computer:  No, It is for one device only.
  3. Does this includes Kaspersky VPN?  No, VPN is not part of this license key.


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