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tell us which payment method they accept where you want to pay.

If you want to pay to someone direct on PayPal email or any other direct email payment, than please explain the purpose of payment? You can ignore if you want to pay on any website.

(This is for PayPal Payments Only) You must confirm & verify from the supplier that they will accept the payment from Paypal with other name ? because you will not pay from your own Paypal account & they might say that we can’t ship the product to your address because the address on Paypal account is different than the shipment address. So you have to confirm this from supplier before giving us the payment details. If they are sending you invoice must confirm that shipment address should be your because we can’t accept any shipment on our address or on our Paypal account address.

How you will pay us the PKR against the payment we will made for you?

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