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Payment Methods

How you can send us payment

You can easily send us payments by following the below mentioned methods,

  • From Your Bank Account to our Bank Account online
  • Using your Debit Card / ATM Card on Machines Interbank Funds Transfer (You can do this on ATM Machines)
  • EasyPaisa/Mobicash or Ubl Omni Account to our mobile Accounts or Bank.
  • From EasyPaisa Shop to Our Bank Account

We do not Accept CASH in Hand or Cash Deposit

We do not Accept/Receive Hard cash, Cash in Hand or Cash Bank Deposits in Bank Branches. To use our services you can only pay us using Your own Bank Account to Our Bank Account by “Online Internet Banking” or if you don’t have access to internet banking, You can also transfer payment to our bank using your Debit Card/ATM Card at ATM-Machines. Mostly all banks allow fund transfer from Debit card to any Bank Account at ATM Machines.

Can I deposit cash in BANK Branch?

No, You cannot deposit payments to our account by going to bank branches, You can only send us money from your Own Bank account using online internet banking or ATM Debit cards at ATM machines.

Can I send Money from EasyPaisa or Mobicash Shop?

Yes you can easily send payments to our bank account from EasyPaisa/ Mobicash shops. Just visit your nearly EasyPaisa shop with our bank details and ask them that you wanted to send payment to this bank account, they will charge you very normal fee and send the payments to our bank account.

Shop Keeper not doing in Bank?

Sometime due to technical error Shop keeper’s refuse to send payments in Bank, in that case you should follow the process of making your own mobile account.

  1. Go to any EasyPaisa shop and ask them that you wanted to open your own EasyPaisa or Mobicash account, these accounts are free to open
  2. When your account is ready, deposit payment in your Easypaisa or Mobicash account
  3. Now payment is in your Easypaisa or Mobicash account, you can transfer it to our Bank account.

Can I send money from my Own EasyPaisa or Mobicash Account?

Yes you can send money to our bank account using your own easypaisa or mobicash account.

If you don’t have your own Bank Account?

If you don’t have bank account than you can use EasyPaisa, Mobicash or Ubl Omni.

After sending payment what information EmoneyPK required from client?

We ask the concerned information which is required for the verification of your payment in same email where you do receive our Bank account or EasyPaisa details for payment. The details required are sent to you along with our bank details, you are required to provide all the details for the verification of payment as asked by us.