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Payment to China by Paypal

Payment-to-China-by-Paypal As there are many people from Pakistan are importing goods & many other things like spare parts, toys , instruments from china & they are using different bank transfer, western union or other payment methods that have high fee & that payment methods require more time to get your item ship to you. so you never heard about the payment to china by paypal from pakistan As Paypal officially Support China & allow the Sellers / Businesses / Companies of China to get the paid through Paypal, so many of supplier in China using Paypal to get the payment from there customers. If your supplier have Paypal account & you want to pay them through Paypal , we can pay for you from our Paypal account.

PayPal Payment Service, How It works?

It’s very simple, you will pay us PKR for dollars & we will pay & send the dollars from our Paypal account, it’s like

  1. For Say you have to pay 100$ to china for importing any toys or spare part or any product.
  2. First you have to confirm it from your supplier that they accept Paypal payment or not?
  3. if they say yes, than you will ask to your supplier / seller / company that provide your Paypal account email or say them to send the Paypal invoice of that item to your email.
  4. When you got the invoice or email , Forward that Paypal email or Invoice to us & pay us the PKR against that $ into our Bank or through any other payment medium. Rs.103 Per Dollars like 100 x 103 = Rs.10300 Total you will have to pay us for 100$ payment to china
  5. We will pay that invoice & provide you the transaction ID & Screen shot of that transaction so that you can verify the payment from supplier.
  6. After your payment to us this all process will take only 1 hour


Confirm that Your Supplier Accept Paypal?

You must confirm & verify from the supplier that they will accept the payment from Paypal with other name ? because you will not pay from your own Paypal account & they might say that we can’t ship the product to your address because the address on Paypal account is different than the shipment address. So you have to confirm this from supplier before giving us the payment details. If they are sending you invoice must confirm that shipment address should be your because we can’t accept any shipment on our address or on our Paypal account address.  

How’s Paypal invoice looks?

Paypal invoice mean your supplier will send the invoice by using Paypal account to direct into your email address. you will received that invoice by Paypal, you just have to forward this email to us & we will pay invoice from our Paypal account. payment to china from pakistan

What if supplier not shipped the Product?

some users says that once the payment sent to supplier can we get back to it if supplier do not ship the item or that’s not according to our need. Answer is : NO Once we sent the payment to your provide Paypal email or paid that invoice we will not able to get that payment through anyway.

What if Supplier Refund the Dollars?

We don’t normally accept the refund, if in any case supplier refund the dollars due to any reason like you don’t get agree to the product or anything so he is going to refund (sent back the payment) to our Paypal account than the fee will be deducted according to the Terms & conditions.

How you can pay to us?

You can pay us through Bank, Easypaisa, Ubl Omni or Mobicash, you will get all the details for payment after once you send the email to us. So if you want to pay any where please send an email to us with details.

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Note: We can only send payment to China by Paypal , we don’t provide any other services money gram , or western union etc etc. Drop us email at : Emoneypk 100 @gmail.com Cell: Contact us

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