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Do you have any invoices / Monthly payment / Subscription to be paid? We can pay for you through payment mediums like payza, paypal, Money Booker, PerfectMoney etc..
Like you have a services from any hosting provider company and want to pay the invoice on monthly basis & you don’t have your own PayPal account or any other payment medium to pay , so from now you should not to be worry about it, We can pay for you.
Many online users have services on monthly basis & they are paying every month to active their services for the next month, so many of them are facing problem like having Paypal in Pakistan & payza or MoneyBookers in Pakistan.

What you will have to do?

Just provide us details of the invoice & pay the equivalent amount in PKR for that invoice and we will pay that invoice against your PKR.

Where we can pay for you with PayPal

There are a lot of websites on which we are already adding fund or buying the services for our clients, and many of our clients are sending the payments to their freelancers through PayPal using our services. However here is to mention some of services that we can do for you,

  • We can Buy software with PayPal for you
  • We can pay your Web Hosting fee
  • we can make payments to freelancers with PayPal for you
  • Buying word press themes services for you
  • We can pay to Ebay for your shopping
  • We can buy skype credits for you

the list is never ending list, you can contact us for paying anywhere using PayPal or any other payment medium.

Available Payment Gateways

  1. PayPal
  2. Payza
  3. Moneybookers (SKRILL)
  4. PerfectMoney
  5. BitCoin (blockchain , Coinbase)

We will pay for you

You didn’t need to worry about the funds in your accounts to pay the invoices, we are here for you and we can do this for you, You just have to pay us PKR and we will pay your invoices using PayPal , SKRILL or any other available payment medium.

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