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Verified Paypal Accounts

Try our PayPal payment service in Pakistan (We pay for you)


paypal payment pakistan

PayPal account in Pakistan

We provide verified PayPal accounts in Pakistan on very affordable prices. If you want to have your own Personal PayPal account to use for personal payments or shopping. Or if you are working as freelancer than PayPal is the first thing that you need to get the orders from the foreign countries. However all the major sites fiver, odesk , freelancer are accepting paypal as payment medium.

Price: PKR.3000

Which Accounts Available Now?

Currently we have only Personal PayPal accounts, For your personal transactions, for freelancers to us use for sending & receiving payments or you can also shop from different websites using this account.

Where and what is the use of this Personal PayPal Account in Pakistan?

  1. You can pay to buy software or services from many websites like Fiverr, PeoplePerhour, Upwork.
  2. You can Receive your earned money from authentic websites like Fiverr and Upwork
  3. Send payments direct to  PayPal Email,  Sending payment to freelancers to get services from individuals.
  4. Receive direct PayPal payments from PayPal Account to Your PayPal Account.
  5. You can Pay for Domains & hosting to many websites like,, Internetbs , and many more
  6. Buy product from Ebay within Pakistan using this PayPal account (But limited to less amount like 300 – 400$ only)
  7. Buy Skype Credit
  8. Pay Your Subscription Fee to Any Website
  9. Send payments to your Publisher
  10. You can Pay for buying sample of any product from any website or supplier.
  11. Pay to buy credits for playing your games online, wherever PayPal is accepted.
  12. Pay easily on Udemy, to buy Udemy Course in Pakistan
  13. Pay on any advertisement platform where PayPal is accepted for advertisement of your business or website.
  14. Pay on any website for your android app promotion.
  15. Monthly Limit is 1000$, You can receive 1000$  and spend  1000$.
  16. You can do minimum or maximum transaction of any amount within 600$ limit, there is no limit on number of transactions, your total number of transactions amount can not be more than 1000$ / month.

What you Cannot do with this PayPal account?

  • You cannot attach it to Ebay for Selling goods.
  • You cannot attach this account to your own website as a merchant account.
  • You cannot use this account to receive payment for selling physical goods like Martial Art Products, Surgical Products or any type of physical product.
  • You cannot use this account for bulk PayPal transactions.
  • You cannot send more than 600$ In Single Transaction, if you want to send more than 600$, use our services, here
  • You cannot use this account to betting websites

Features of PayPal Account

  • Account on your own name.
  • Use your account in Pakistan using local internet
  • 60% Verified Account
  • Easily see sent & received transactions.
  • Pay subscription payment on any website, auto payments.
  • Account are Based on UAE/USA or any Other Country Verified

Verified PayPal Accounts in Pakistan

Verified Account price =  PKR.3000 / Per Account (We required 3 days to verify and deliver  your account)

Get Verified Paypal account on your Own Name

You can get the account on your own name. You only have to provide your name while making order at our website.


Type of Accounts

There are two type of accounts we provide, One 60% Verified and other one is 100% verified. Cost & verification are different in both accounts.

60% Verified Account
in 60% verified PayPal account only credit card will be verified.  This account work smoothly without any error / problem. We do provide complete guide about using these PayPal accounts in Pakistan, so following our guide you can use safely PayPal account to avoid the limitations & errors.

100% Verified Account
in 100% verified PayPal you will get the verification through following options.
1. Credit card verified
2. Bank Verified
3. Phone Verified

What we will provide you after verification of account?

After account verification that account will be your & you will only able to use it. You can easily change Email & Password of your PayPal account after receiving details from us.

we will provide you following details after verification of your account.

  • PAYPAL Email
  • PayPal Password
  • Credit / Debit card used in PayPal
  • Date of Birth used
  • Name, address, Security question & further all the details.

Note:  PayPal account will not be connected with any bank or card of Pakistan. There will be no connection of PayPal account into your Pakistan bank or card. You will not get any physical card.

How to Withdraw PayPal Dollars in Pakistan

Well yes you got PayPal account, now your next question is how to withdraw PayPal fund from that account? How to receive payment in Local Pakistani bank through that PayPal account? so please note that in our PayPal accounts there is no physical bank or card will be added or provided to you. PayPal account can be use only for sending & receiving the payments, There is no way to send the direct payment from PayPal to Pakistan . To get the PKR against the PayPal dollars in Pakistan you will be need to use the Exchange Services . You can sale your dollars to us & get the payment through easypaisa or Local Bank transfer in Pakistan.

How to Add Fund / Dollars into PayPal

After getting PayPal account, you must be in need of some dollars/fund in it to purchase something on internet, or pay your invoices, You can easily buy PayPal dollars from us, we do provide PayPal Top-Up services in Pakistan, to buy, add or topup your PayPal account please read in details here add fund in PayPal account.

Disclaimer: We do not provide any warranty of PayPal accounts. Once the account is delivered to you, If you will use the account according to our provided guide, your PayPal will work for long time. Avoiding guide may put the limits on your account and unfortunately after getting limitation/banned we will unable to do anything for  you or your account. When we finally deliver PayPal accounts, We do provide complete guide about using it along with account.

Price: PKR.3000

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280 comments on “Verified Paypal Accounts

  1. The comments option is disabled on certain pages because the high volume of comments was causing slow loading times. To ensure smoother performance, we have disabled comments on this specific page. To access our services, please create an account on our website. If you have any questions about our services, you can easily submit a support ticket.

  2. I want to order from website that wants PayPal account I have visa debit card so plz guide what to do Bcoz I have no idea about this payment gateway

    1. Sure we can pay with PayPal for you, Please do send us product details in email so that we can check.

      1. hello, one of my freelance needs to get paid through paypal invoice sent to me, can you pay on behalf of me or will I have to purchase the account first?

        1. We can direct pay for you to the freelance, so you didn’t need to get your own verified PayPal account, Just use our Pay for me services.

  3. I want to buy a game and they require a paypal account, what is the procedure to get one and what are the restrictions on that account. i want it for personal use.

  4. how can i get my online payment which is received by email they gave me transaction id how can withdraw that ammount some of them are transfer to my paypal account but i dont have my paypal account plzzzzz help me ??/

  5. Salam
    I want to attach a paypal account in my website but the problem is that i don’t have paypal account, i am in need of attached a paypal account as my payment gateway so what can i do.can you provide paypal business account?

    1. Wa alikum salaam, our PayPal accounts are not business accounts, so you cannot attach them into your website.

  6. hello sir i am syed fahad.mjhe apse ye pochna tha k kia me google Adsense ki payment apke payoneer k zarye pakistan me nikal satkta hun kun mene bhot koshish kari magar payoneer ka account nhi bnasaka or agar nikal sakta hun to kia fees hogi apki mjhe wo paise pakistan me ap bank transfer kardijye ga.

  7. I like to send US$ 49.50 to buy a VPN named Cyber Ghost In (. USA) Will you pl. let me know if you can manage to pay. Pl. let me know full amount ( including your service charges) in Pak Rupees and where to send deposit this amount .Thank you in advance.

  8. Hi , is it possible to buy music gear and software online from websites like using the option of monthly installment schemes, through you ?
    If yes, then how much do you charge for each transaction ?

  9. will I be able to make payments using my bank a/c or debit card of Pakistan through paypal by your given paypal a/c??

  10. I want to get recieved my revenue from a website called as through paypal (but you have mentioned to get money only from fiverr and upwork etc). They require my paypal email adress. Now what should I do? Do you provide the email of paypal account if we don’t have purchased our 60% verified accounts? Do you give your email in that case?

    1. You can receive fund from any authentic website, These PayPal accounts are not only limited up to fiverr or Upwork.

  11. Yes we can pay for you, You can pay us online bank to bank to use our services, sorry but we have no agent in Hyderabad, Our services are available to access online from everywhere.

  12. Hi! I am from Pakistan and want to work with freelancer. Therefore need a paypal account. But i am not sure that paypal works in Pakistan or not. Does this card have access in Lahore. And how do we transfer money ?

    1. You can use these account for personal transactions, not business at the moment.

  13. Salam,

    Thanks for the brief information. What if I already have a PayPal account but need phone verification. What’s the procedure for that? Can there be any negotiation?


    1. waslaam, sorry we do not provide virtual things, we can provide you a verified PayPal account only.

  14. Sir i would like to payment of $8 through paypal to buy some products online. can i send you money through easy paisa. please let me know the procedure how to do it?

  15. Can I use bank account details provided by you for paypal account for direct Bank to Bank wire transfer? More specifically, do I also get dedicated bank account along with paypal account?

    1. NO you can’t use it for direct bank to bank withdraw, that is only virtual bank, there is no use of that bank account except for the verification of your account.

  16. Will your account help me make purchases from ebay? If I want to make some payments to ebay for purchase of something will you be able to help me?

  17. A.salamualikum
    I have Done my Online Certification. In which they want to Pay the Fee by PAYPAL. Is it Possible that You will Pay on behalf of me. And I will pay you the FEES AMOUNT+YOUR CHARGES in PKR. (Note that the REQUIRED AMOUNT is in Euro)

    1. Wa.alikum.slaam, Yes we can pay for you, all you have to do is provide us the details with instruction that where you want to pay, you just have to pay us the PKR according to our PayPal selling rates.

  18. Hello Sir, I want Paypal for business purpose, i want to use it for ebay , amazon selling purpose? Is it possible??

  19. Hello sir i want earn online money with pay pal but the question is if i manage to get a paypal account with 60% verification rate and transfer money in the same account how am i suppose to withdraw? Does paypal allow transfer to paypal to paypal so that you can receive from my paypal to your paypal and pay me back somehow?

  20. I wanted to buy a leather back cover from ebay and they want me to pay through paypal. Can you guys pay for it? Its price is $32.99, so how much will it cost me if you guys pay for it and ship it to me in Talhar, Distt Badin, Sindh

  21. Hi admin, i need a 100% verified payapll account. Please let me know about the fee and other requirements. i want 100% verified and how i will draw the money through this please?

  22. Dear Admin

    I need to buy from eBay and they asking paypal or credit card .

    I am from Faisalabad and how i can make account and deposite amount on account and pay ?


    1. You can get PayPal account & using that you can buy items from ebay without using your real credit card.

  23. I requested for 60% verified Paypal account. I want to know when can pay you for that ?

    1. I have sent you an email with details of payment, You may pay now for account.

    1. I have sent you the details for the payment of PayPal account, Kindly check your email.

  24. Dear Admin,
    Aslam o alikum, i want a 60% Verified Account. Kindly tell me how to pay you 3000/- amount.


    1. You can pay through easypaisa or Bank transfer, Kindly click on order now button and make order, after that you will receive payment details in email.

  25. Slam, admin m freelancer hn. Mujhay mera paypall chaiyie, 100 percent verified, mujhay kia krna ho ga please, I extremely need it please

  26. اسلام علیکم ادیم بھائی میں سعودی عرب میں هوں میں پاۓپال اکاؤنٹ بنانا چاھتا هوں اسکا طریقه کار کیا هے i am arshad from riyadh saudi arabia

  27. Aslam-o-aluikum,

    I already have PayPal account everything is verified except phone number. I just need USA phone number for 100% verifications so could you please do that for me and what will be the charges ?

    Best Regards


      1. bro ap 100% verified b tu karty ho us me phone verifications b ati hai… tu jab mera sab kuch verified hai tu phone verified kiu nai kr sakty ap ? main ap ko charges dy doon ga us k…

  28. بھائی میں ویب ہوسٹنگ خریدنا چاہتا ہوں کیا آپ مجھے خرید دیں گے پے پال سے؟ میں آپ کو پیسے بھیج دوں گا ایزی پیسہ کے زریعے

      1. میں 500 ڈالر ادا کرنا ہے تو مجھے آپ کو کتنے بھیجنے ہوں گے روپوں میں اور کیا مجھے پیسے پہلے بھیجنے ہوں گے؟

  29. i want to buy something from ebay but the payment can be done only through pay pal
    need your paypal account for payment

  30. Hi!
    i have two questions.
    1. I am a freelancer and I just want a account of PAYPAL in which I can receive payments and withdraw the dollars in PKR. That’s it. So is 60% verified account is good for me or not?
    2. If I get a 60% verified account and in future I want to fully verify that account so would that be possible or I would need to get a new 100% verified account?
    Waiting for your reply
    Thanks in advance,

  31. brother main puchna chata hnoo kay main ebay say proudect buy karna chata hnoo kiy agger main pay pal bnawanoo tu mare proudect mery address paar ajy ge paypal kay zarye buy karnoo kun kay ebay main paypal lazmyee haa us kay bugir banda kuch nahi buy kaar saktaa kiy mery address paar ajay ge proudect

    plz answer me i wait you

    mohmmhad fawad from lahore

    1. Yes ebay will ship the product on your shipment address. Ebay don’t follow the billing address.

  32. Hi,
    I have to pay publication fee to an international journal in Spain, can you do this on my behalf. If yes than do let me know about the charges, and I also want to check the source, is it possible? as there are many fake or hijack journals working.

    1. We can’t assure the authentication of that journals, it’s your task, we can only make payment for you.

  33. Hi. I want to buy some sensors for my project from Ebay and some other sites but they are just accepting PAYPAL. Total they are of 934$. I came to know that you pay on our behalf and in return we have to pay you in pkr. I want to ask will the order (ebay) delivered to your address or mine address? As far I know Ebay and some related has change its policy and they sent order if billing and shipping address is same. So your Paypal will have foreign billing address. Will they ship to Pakistan?? had you made any deal like this yet?
    Waiting for your response to have deal via you. Thanks

    1. Yes , But Ebay don’t follow the billing address. You can first put your shipment address in Ebay than pay through PayPal. PayPal will ship to the shipment address not to billing address.

  34. I ordered my paypal account 5 days ago but still no response from you. Did you close your services or still providing it?

    1. Hi, There is no order showing with your email, Can you please re-order with your email.

  35. Sir, I do engineering designing work. I have clients in different countries mostly my money comes from Western Union. Now my clients demand to provide them PayPal account so that they pay me and it is easy for them. What r ur charges of 100% verified PayPal account with Master card.. Or I need little bit information if I make my PayPal account in KSA would I use PayPal master card in Pakistan and receive my money…

    1. Hi, You can get PayPal account & after getting dollars in your paypal account you can sale $ to us,
      We don’t provide any card with PayPal.

  36. AOA!
    i already have a paypal acc,i made it new by my name,but one day i asked them to let me connect my virtual credit card i.e payoneer card but after that they froze my acc and now i cant send payments at all.and my acc is even more limited,i have money in there but i cant send it anywhere,i want that acc to be verified is that possible ??

  37. I need help if anyone can, actually mery pass aik Paypal Id hy Canada ka or mein usy use kar raha tha mery projects ki payment b waha ati hy but right now i am freeze because mery account mein almost $800 hein or wo review mein chala gya hy. now Paypal ask me to send them an ID photo copy and after that they will reactivate it. I don’t know what i have to do i need to withdrawal that money but don’t know how. ANY IDEA ????

    1. Hi, Yes you can send email to us for this. We can release your payment from limited account. we will charge our fee.

  38. Hi admin
    I want to purchase from China, company is accepting through PayPal only, how you may help me and how much you will charge. Amount is 474.05 dollars

    1. Hi,
      Yes we can buy that for you. We will pay from our Paypal account you will pay us PKR in our bank.

  39. Assalam u alaikum..
    this paypal account which will be made by you could use in for DONATION purpose?

  40. Hi,
    I want to purchase an item from eBay. They are accepting payments only through paypal. Kindly send me the details regarding the procedure of paying you the required money so that you can purchase that item on my behalf from your paypal account.

    1. Yes we can buy that item for you, you need to provide following details
      1. item Link
      2. Shippment address
      3. Amount

      we will pay from our paypal & you have to pay PKR into our bank or through easypaisa.

      1. I see your email is wrong, I received notification Delivery Status Notification (Failure),
        Please mention correct email so that I can send you details.

  41. Hi
    I’d like to buy an item off eBay and that requires me a PayPal account. Like you know PayPal is not available in Pakistan so if I buy the verified account can I be able to buy that product off of eBay. It’s urgent and important pls do reply.

  42. Hello sir i am disable person ….how much payoneer cost in pakistani rupees…………how i can open a paypal account and what it cost,is it free personal.

  43. Assalam u alaikum. i want to earn money online… while registering it was asked in payment type that through which of these you would like to get paid… the options were PAYPAL, PAYZA, WESTERN UNION. plz tell me which option will be best for me… and one more thing, i came to know that there is no PAYPAL in Pakistan. is it true…… plz tell !!

      1. Salam Dear, I would like to make Paypal Account with charges of 30$ but how do I pay for it. Also guide me for Payza account; is there any official setup for Payza in Peshawar. Want to make account in Payza as well. Thanks

        1. WS. Payment details sent to you through Email. Payza officially allowed in Pakistan. you can create account.

  44. i can if i pay for a full account then what would be my bank details in it? what will be my number in it?
    you will use international bank or a national bank

  45. One thing more admin ..i ve been working on a site and now its time for my cashout but the payment will come in dollars and i dont have a dollar account what if i ask them to send me a check in dollars how would i be able to cash it here in Pakistan if i dnt own a paypal account either?is there any way?

  46. Hi, I want to do eBay affliliate partner online selling and marketing. eBay is asking me to have Paypal account and I don’t have one in Pakistan as you know. So can you tell me either 60% account will work in this regard? They are asking me to provide Paypal email and password for verification. after this verification, I can start my work with them. so please help me out so that I can order for one paypal account from you guys.

    Thanks and Regards

  47. Assalam u alaikum
    i wanna work with a call center in philippines (Out Bounders) as a sales agent and they only pay through Paypal so i wanna ask that will you guys be able to make transactions for me like if i make a Paypal account with you guys so will you guys be able to send me the cash Via local banks or easypaisa?
    And how much will you be charging for each transaction?
    plz reply ASAP i will be waiting

    1. Wa.slaam, First get the payment into your account than we buy, We don’t buy direct from your clients.

  48. Asslamoalikum! sir ye jo 60% wala account ha is ma kia kami ha??? is account ma hum paymnt snd n receive kr skty kia??? aur 30$ phle dna parhe ge ya hmre accnt ma jo amount aye gi os ma sy detuct hn ge??

    1. Wa.slaam. You will pay Rs.3000 in advance for account. And than you will get your account after 3 days.

    1. Yes our PayPal accounts are merchant based (Business accounts) You can integrate into your website and billing systems like WHMCS and other.

  49. Hi,
    I have to pay $18 to Skype but they cant accept my card, so i want to pay it through pay-pal so can you pay it for me and if yes so what will be the total charges in PKR reply me as soon as possible through email.


    1. Hi, Yes we can pay for you. You can pay us PKR in our bank or through Easypaisa to us.

  50. hi,
    I want to do online shopping, so can you help me in that? and also send me it’s details.

    1. Yes we can do shopping for you through our Paypal account. you can pay us through Bank or Easypaisa, UBL Omni and MOBICASH.

      1. Sir want to add my visa card in paypal . i have MCB Pakistan, ASkari Bank Pakistan and UBL internet wiz card Pakistan please tell me about it … i have paypal account ..

        1. Kindly read the post. We already mentioned that there will no connection of your pakistan local bank with PayPal

  51. I am in dire need of paypal account in order to receive the money from an US website but unfortunately paypal service is not available in pakistan. any suggestions?

  52. Assalamoalaikum

    I have earned 6.25 $ from, which will be paid through paypal, how can i get it.

    1. Wa.alikum.slaam you can direct withdraw from this website into our paypal accuont.
      But minimum amount should be 20$.

  53. Hi

    I want to add 100$ in payonner account please tel me the charges
    And also want to open paypal account how much does it cost to me ?

    1. Hi, IF you have used more than 100$ in your payoneer card than you can buy dollars from us.
      If you have use than reply with yes I’ll send you the details.

  54. Dear Sir,
    Please let me know how much do u charge for verified Paypal Account??
    and how can i withdraw my balance which i received from my customer??
    how much your fee for withdrawal amount from paypal account?

    1. We have only business verified accounts now, that’s are costly.
      however you can withdraw your dollars if that are from any legit website.

  55. Admin i want paypal account i will give u 30$ To register my account reply me fast

  56. dear sir is paypal service available in pakistan please inform me .if there is not available in pakistan then tell issues of that?

  57. sent me an e-mail to show some procedures regarding withdraw my funds/money.. can u send us money through my home adress?? i will provide my adress to u..

    1. No we can’t send you money at your home. We can only send the payment through Easypaisa, UBL OMNI, Mobicash are at your bank account. You can collect these payments from local shops.

    1. Yes we can pay through Paypal, I have sent you the rates & details. Kindly check that.

  58. I want to send $54 to a paypal account. Please tell me your charges and procedure how the payment will be made.

    1. Hi yes we can send the dollars for you. Rates & details sent to you through email.

  59. Aoa.. I want to make payment of 80$ in the United States. Kindly tell me the details and the money that I have to pay in pkr via email..

    1. Wa.alikum.slaam yes we can make payment to united stats through our paypal account. You can pay us PKR through bank or easypaisa. I have sent you the complete detail. Kindly check your email.

  60. Hi there! Can i use paypal as seller account too to recieve payments from ebay? How about withdrawal how can i withdraw the money and secondly Paypal asks for document verification i.e. Photo ID and Utility Bill so what can you do about that? Because it is useless to buy one if they are not fully verified (Photo ID and Address Verified)


    1. If the payment are from direct website than we can provide your our paypal account , than we will pay you the amount in PKR to your bank or easypaisa.

  61. I need to make payment for something which only utilizes paypal. Please let me know detail how can you help. Regards Saim

    1. Hi, yes we can pay for you from our own paypal account. Our account is verified can pay anywhere.


  62. i have paypl balance i want to cash out .its genven paypal account created in usa verified in usa .each week i get 1000$ paypal balance i need to cash out .send me your rate .

    1. hi, if your dollars are from any website than we can buy every month these dollars.

      1. Wa.alikums.slaam do your hard work on freelancing you can earn even more than 1000 dollars per week 🙂

  63. respected sir
    hope you are enjoying good health
    sir my paypal account is 60% complete and is limited
    message is showing
    “What can’t I do while my account is limited?

    add money to your account”
    or when i click on add money i cant access they requiring information to confirm my account
    1.proof of address
    2.SSN or NTN
    3. Photo id
    while we pakistani use fake generator.
    what is solution

    1. If you have fund in that account we can restore. but fee will apply.
      Fund should be more than 500$

  64. I want to transfer US $ 85 in UK through Paypal. Can you send this for me and will it be OK if i pay you through my bank in Pakistan

    1. Yes we can do this for you. I have sent you the rates & details. Kindly check your email.

    1. HI, Please further you can talk through emails. We do talk on comments occasionally.

  65. So please kindly tell me how much I can send?
    I want to pay $ 75.00 for that person via paypal…
    waiting for you mail

  66. hello greetings..

    I want to send some money via paypal how could I ?
    you guy can provide the paypal account if I send you money via easy paisa?

  67. hello..
    Can you pay through paypal account , as i do not have such. need to shop online. Kindly let me know the details/procedure..etc..alongwith amount to be re-paid to you in pakistan..

    1. Yes we can buy the product for you through Paypal. You can pay us the PKR in our bank or through easypasia.

  68. As i do not have my paypal account, how i receive money through it sugges me please?

    1. If the dollars are from any website. than you can direct withdraw in our Paypal Account.

  69. i wan to buy some stuf from can u get me them using ua paypal and then i l pay u usin easypaisa? f u can pls teme the whol proces.. thankew

    1. Hi, Yes we can pay in that website for you. Rates & Details sent to you through email. Please check your Inbox.

  70. Hi
    Sir i would like to payment of $59 through paypal to buy some products online. can i send you money through easy paisa. please let me know the procedure how to do it?

  71. i want make a payment $57 through paypal if u can do it for me please email the process and total charges in RS. iam in a hurry.
    thank u

    1. Yes we can make this payment for you. You can pay us the PKR in bank or through Easypaisa.
      Email sent to you with rates & complete details.

  72. Hello. I need a paypal account. Can you guys get me a verified paypal? If not can you do a payment for me? Waiting for your reply.

  73. sir i have 170$ in paypal account but when i request it to upgrade my neobux account then it says verify your account now plz tell what i can do with it i am in loss so plz help me…

  74. Dear Sir,

    Can i buy paypal account for my self i am not 18 years old sir please guide me i shall be thankful to you.


  75. Many Thanks to admin for making payment of my order.
    My previous hosting provider refuses to pay amount for me with a lame excuse of audit as i know the problem that i was not purchasing VPS from them. I had another customer relationship with a person and he also deny to make payment by giving excuse of security concern. I worked with them for 2 years and in end they just left me unsupported. And thanks to emoneypk within only 10 minutes, yup in only 10 minutes they pay the invoice for me. unbelievable service. Really appreciated. I am admin of

      1. Really you deserve more than thanks. My UBL wiz card was also not working, you just save me from going offline. Many many thanks

  76. hi, i have made more than $200 by working online but can’t access to the payment because it needs paypal account & it’s not available in country… so what should i do?? how can i get this amount?? please help me on this..

    1. Kindly mention the name of website here also tell that is they allow you to withdraw the fund using paypal account if you have address of Pakistan in their account.

    1. Hi yes you can buy paypal dollars in faisalabad by paying us through Bank or Easypaisa.

  77. Sir
    I really need paypal acount plz tell me how can i get it tell me the what should i do.i’ll pay 30usd but how?

  78. salam,, i want to know that ,,is there any fee of this verified paypal account ?? and how can i transact my amount through it ?

  79. Hello , can u purchase me a product via ur paypal account and i will pay u the amount via easy paisa or ubl omni

      1. I want to buy something online can u help me pay from ur paypal account than I will pay u through easy paisa can I have ur number please

  80. I have a limited paypal account having 450$, do you think you can get it verified?
    Its under my name but country is turkey :l

    1. transfer you paypal money to my paypal (unverified) i will use it online and pay you the amount

      1. Hi, You mean you need the dollars in paypal account?
        Minimum you can buy 20$, I have sent you the email with rates & detail.

  81. i need help please send me i have account in bank alfalah how can add money to my paypal please send me all detail thanx agar urdu me bta de ya roman English me

  82. need my pay pal account verified, i emailed you yesterday please reply to that email asap

  83. Hi,

    I have $100 in my paypal account. I want to withdraw in pakistan. Do you provide paypal withdrawal service as well. If yes what is your rate?


  84. Hi,
    I add our us bank account information in our paypal account for verification then click continue…..Show error
    We were unable to process your bank account registration at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again at a later date.
    Please help me…

    1. Assalam u alaikum bro,
      Please tell anawers.
      Saudi Arabia mein mere czns hein mein paypal card bnwana chahta ho
      Or yeh sahoolt waha hai pr adress ki ni pta kha jana hai pay paypal card bnwany k liye please app btao kisi bank mein sy bnta hai ya koi franchise hoti hai or saudi Arabia mein kha say bny ga or wo veryfide b kr k dyte hein kya

      1. Wa.alikum.slaam.
        Paypal allow you to create the account in Dubai. You can check the banks of Saudi that accept paypal transactions.
        Also you may confirm this from Paypal support.

      1. HI, thanks for your comment, Yes i need business Paypal, As I run a business. How much is charge? BTW, The prices for personal and business Paypal are different? IF so, Why? Explain please.

        Thanks, Regards:
        Rajnikant Khatri

  85. I need a verifed PAYPAL account in order to send and recieve international payments. How much do you charge for a fully functional verified PAYPAL account ?

    Also, how should i pay you in return for this service ?

  86. This is Muhammad Arshad from Lahore
    Sir, I want verified PayPal account.
    Please tell me its price
    I am waiting your reply

  87. Hi, My name is umer i need a verified paypal account to pay for ads on facebook. Can you help me with that! Ill be waiting for your response.

  88. can u call me in my number. i need a verified paypal account.and also can i take payments??
    call me +91

    1. Hello , there is no call back service available here sir,
      you can contact only through email for the account.

  89. He didn’t need any help just wanted to troll the blog.

    Anyways, what is the price for this?

          1. Assalam o Alaikum …!
            Dear we are giving you 150$ for Complete Verification
            kiya Ap Humain Shikayat ka moqa tu nahi dain gain k account nahi chal rha ya koi aur problem…?

          2. Wa.alikum.slaam , We provide account verification & using guide.
            If you will account by our guide than there will be no issue.

      1. Hello .. i just want to know .. how do i transfer money from visa card to paypal or load paypal account ?

      2. I need to make online purchase, and supplier in China is accepting payment through PayPal.
        Why its necessary or more feasible to use PayPal why not simple bank transfer?

        1. We can pay for you through our Paypal account. However you can get your own account.
          You can buy the dollars direct from us for your account.

          1. I would like to pay the fees of an international certification (Schneider Electric, Energy University). However they ask to pay through Paypal. In this scenario can you pay the fees on my behalf?
            How will I pay you and how much will you charge for it?
            The amount is $250.

          2. Yes we can pay with our Paypal account. I have sent you the email with all details. Kindly check that.

        2. What benefit do I get..what is verified account?
          What if I don’t get required product from supplier,with this PayPal account my payment will remain secure and can be returned/hold?

          1. Details of verified account is given. You can read.
            However if you have very first deal with that vender than don’t do. Because if refused to send you the product/item than you will not be able to get your money back from him. you can do transaction through paypal if you already have good business relation with that company.

          2. Thanks for your guidance..
            Yes I am going to do it for the first time and got the supplier through Alibaba.. I hope supplier/vendors on this site are genuine..

          3. You welcome. Site is Genuine no doubt but not sure about the supplier so make it sure before doing any transaction.

      3. I’m a seller can I able to use this account for my product selling. Is my buyers able to send me funds to this account.

      4. I need Paypal account on my name
        i need only 60% account kindly send your procedure and ex pence

    1. Asalamualikum 🙂
      dear i have to pay digital ocean for vps hosting
      you price is to high
      is there any discount?

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