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Withdraw webmoney in Pakistan


WebMoney Transfer commonly known as WebMoney is a global settlement system and environment for online business activities, established in 1998.

Now you can cashout, sell your webmoney in Pakistan and receive instant cash into your any Pakistan Local Bank or in Mobile Accounts, EasyPaisa/Mobicash. You know Why our Cash out your WebMoney balance in PKR should be your first choice? Because we do offer good rate and not charge the random fees like conversation rate, banking charges etc, Whatever you earned online and received in your webmoney, you can sell to us and receive cash within same days, no delay, always instant.

How to Exchange Webmoney in Pakistan

If you want to exchange, cashout or sell your Webmoney you will be need to contact us through Skype or Email, As we need to check the source of your webmoney dollars, like we only buy if you have received the web money fund from any authentic source, so by following this, we do check and confirm through by checking with Skype Live Screen Share, or Team Viewer, it depends on you in which way you feel easy to share with us.
For instant communication for webmoney withdrawal please do add us on Skype.

Sell Webmoney in Pakistan

Let us define procedure in short lines

  1. You will add us on Skype
  2. You will share your WebMoney transaction record on Skype Screen share or Team Viewer
  3. We will do Generate Semi Automatic invoice for you, or we will do provide you our WebMoney ID to send us Dollars.
  4. You will send dollars to our given ID or through invoice.
  5. Once we will receive WebMoney and your bank/EasyPaisa details, we will do proceed your payment within an hour.

We Will Send You The Cash Through

1. WebMoney to Bank Deposit
2. WebMoney to Easypaisa
3. WebMoney to UBL Omni

Bank Charges for Cash out?

We do not charge any fee for bank transactions, our bank transfer is free for all the bank accounts of Pakistan.

Easypaisa Charges for Cashout?

Easypaisa charges depend on total amount that you are going to with draw from us through easypaisa. The table of charges on the amount is following.

Add us on Skype or Submit Withdrawal Request

Easypaisa Charges Table

Slab StartSlab EndTotal Charges
11000Rs. 60
10012500Rs. 120
25014000Rs. 180
40016000Rs. 240
60018000Rs. 300
800110000Rs. 360
1000113000Rs. 420
1300115000Rs. 480