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What is Domain Name and Hosting


As our blog is for Electronic money so in this blog we will guide you how to earn Electronic Money, To earn Electronic Money You must need a website or any other Electronic way,  like email & (email also make through website 🙂 so in this post we will try to explain you about the domain & hosting.


What is Domain Name ?

Domain Name is the identification of a website, domain name are actually show the result from ip address ( ip address of a server ) domain name used to identify a ip address to a name , for say a ip address are not easily remember able so we use domain for the ip to give easy name to users. is domain name , .com is extension of domain. There are  many website that provide you domain registration services to check domain availability & order for you visit this site (pakistan domain registration service provider)

What is gTLDs ?

gTLDs is the extension of domain name , like (.com , .net , .org ,, , .us) all of these are domain extensions. so when any body say that domain extension so you should keep in mind the gtlds. Every extension have their meaning for say.

.com stands for :  commercial
.net stands for : network
.org stands for : organization
.mobi stnads for : mobile site :  pakistani domain (pakistan domain gTLDS)
.br stnads for : Brazil
.ca stnads for : Canada
.cn stnads for : mainland China
.fr stnads for : France
.in stnads for : India
.jp stnads for : Japan
.ru stnads for : Russian Federation

What is Web Hosting?

For say  you have buy the domain name any one like , now you need hosting ,

Hosting is a space where you upload your website so that your user can see your website live anywhere. Simply you can say that a space given to you buy a web hosting service provide for uploading your website is called web hosting.

Without web hosting you can’t publish your website worldwide. Many companies provide you web hosting service & you must choose those web hosting company which provide you cheap price & reliable services. for web hosting in pakistan visit

We hope that our this article will be very helpful for beginners. if you have any question related to domain & hosting feel free to ask in comments below. Thanks 🙂